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  1. Well its not all doom and gloom in Ramsey ... we now have a new take-away (or eat outside) ... Bombay Street Food (where Magpie used to be next to Kerrmelly's) ... according to a few guys sat outside very tasty.
  2. Its called Pizzanista ... they also used to do absolutely superb steak wraps as well but they've stopped ... according to the owner its because meat prices have risen too much ... wtf is that about, has he never heard of increasing his prices if his ingredients go up, if they are good people will pay.
  3. I have to admit it was the best pizza place for me up until they opened the Douglas shop and then it went rapidly downhill and started to not bother opening. Its been closed now for months so its only a confirmation of what happened some time ago. Listened to the owner on Manx Radio and he seemed to be having a rant about Brexit, when your business model seems to revolve around bringing in cheap labour from Bulgaria and you can't anymore then its an easy target.
  4. Don't be silly .... poor single parent families can't be bothered to vote ... wealthy oldies can.
  5. I don't know as I would never ask a lady her age 🙂
  6. Don't be ridiculous ... they will just airlift a few casualties during the night to make the numbers right ... nothing will get in the way of running the holy TT races.
  7. Aye we had lots of things in them days They haven't got today Rickets, Diptheria, Hitler, and By we did look well going to school with no backsides in us trousers n All us little heads painted Purple cause we had Ringworm They Dunt Know theyre Born Today!!!!
  8. I'm just waiting for the usual NRA response .... what we need is more guns, arm the teachers and this wouldn't happen ... idiots.
  9. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde "To have one derailment may be regarded as misfortune to have two you need to be the director"
  10. Yes and I'm sure that the many hundreds of tourists who come over every week (yes really, proper tourists not anoraks) would quite happily pay to see them in a museum rather than ride them ... not. A far better solution would be to encourage more volunteers instead of paid staff, it works for all the other preservation railways across but not here as the Govt. likes to be a control freak.
  11. Absolute nonsense ... of the 14 only 3 have not been used for passenger service so far this year ... #16 (which Longworth tried to wreck and is due out soon), #20 (which is waiting for new wheels and also due out soon) and #33 (which is perfectly okay but normally used as a works car).
  12. Has this nonsense got anything to do with some people I've seen walking around in 'Justice For Jabbed' t-shirts ? I assume its some offshoot of Headcase's preachings ?
  13. I'm not in any way a supporter of Ashford but its a common complaint that Govt uses loaded questions to achieve their desired result. Unfortunately you have fallen into that trap as some people (however deluded) may want to vote for him not to go at question 1. Also describing him in Q1 as a fantasist (however true or not) is not a balanced view either.
  14. Technically you need an IDP to hire although you'll probably be okay with a Manx licence, however if you have an incident the police will probably be looking for an IDP. But is it really worth the risk for what little it costs to take the chance of some jobsworth in a car hire office wanting to adhere to the rules and refusing to let you drive away ?
  15. Isn't this because the UK contractors have better equipment so they can do the job quicker and cheaper (unless of course the DOI 'invests' long millions in equipment that it doesn't have enough work to justify). For once the DOI may actually be doing the right thing but I stand to be corrected.
  16. Granted, you are and as he would have completely screwed everything your life is ruined anyway I wish Vladimir Putin would see the error of his ways
  17. Sadly not ... the Ruskies seem to have blown her up a few weeks ago.
  18. Manannan just left Falmouth ...due here at 19:00
  19. or sisters if self-identifying
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