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  1. I'd thought of that thanks but I couldn't find it.
  2. Go to WWW.GOV.IM/REGISTRIES/COURTS/ENTBOOKS.XML Anyone have any idea where this list is now please ?
  3. why ?, are you not affected by force 10 storms ? are the MEA embarrassed at using cheap overhead lines and have trees fall on them rather than use underground cables which are not affected by the weather ? I think it's disgraceful No I think he means that the bow thruster should have been fixed long before the situation got to this stage and he is absolutely right. Had it been fixed I and hundreds of others would not have had to spend 6 hours (and counting) on the BMC today. The staff on board have been great and the company has been giving away free food and drinks but it shouldn't have happened in the first place. The situation today is not due to the weather but to a faulty boat that any competent company should have fixed months ago or if it couldn't be fixed should have made sure in plenty of time that another vessel was available.
  4. Any idea if the Ben docked today. Its just that AIS is showing that it is circling the bay. No still here ... hopefully we are only waiting for the Mannanan to leave and release the berth.
  5. You couldn't make it up couldya....probably find she cant get in to dry dock for the same reason! It gets better ... Captain says that he was about to make another attempt but the Mannanan beat him to it and has now stolen the berth for the next hour ... which hopefully will give them enough time at Heysham to repair the tug which has developed a technical fault ... thats the one needed for the Ben to dock due to bow thruster problem. Seriously ... you couldn't make this up.
  6. And has now overtaken the Ben and is heading into Heysham while the Ben is unable to enter the harbour due to high winds.
  7. Another vote for the 3 pepper pie & mash and Mrs V thought the daily special (Beef Paprika) was awesome. Apparently this place has been open since August and everything is home made with nothing frozen. He deserves our support ... pass it on.
  8. The 17:30 flight actually got away at 22:16 and arrived at Ronaldsway at 22:50 so I assume your friend was on the 19:55 with us. This flight was due to leave at about 21:30 and then cancelled at about 20:30. I assume the earlier flight was full (perhaps someone could confirm) otherwise why were we not all put on it (about 20-30 of us I gather). I can only surmise that with that flight leaving so late our flight would have been ridiculously late so I think on balance it was a logical move, however, I have a nagging suspicion that they didn't want an aircraft out of position on the island for the next day so they decided it was cheaper to do what they did. I really think 2 hours chaos was a bit of an exaggeration, we were in the bar at the hotel by 21:22 (I know exactly as they stopped serving food in there at 21:30 and we just made it). I'm no great fan of Flybe but I have to admit that they did very well, they offered and arranged a choice of flights for the next day, paid for a reasonable hotel with breakfast, gave us £18 each for an evening meal and said they would refund the taxi costs. Compare that with Ryanair who had cancelled lots of flights with the announcement that passengers should reclaim their baggage then rebook their own flight at www.ryanair.com or ring 0871 something or other to speak to the call centre ... in other words you're on your own mate. Can't comment on how Easyjet would act in similar circumstances but one thing is for certain, after seeing how Ryanair treated their customers, I will NEVER fly with them EVER. So to all those people who dream that Ryanair will come to the island ... don't.
  9. Personally I'm all in favour of the current elected officials spending as much time as possible off the island whatever it costs so the civil servants can get on with running things properly without interference from the amateurs we put into power.
  10. NO. 6 May 2010 – Considered to be good luck in the Far East, Sky (Chinese) lanterns, are causing problems for the Coastguard. When lit they can soar to over a mile in the sky and are visible for up to 20 minutes on a clear night, the lanterns are increasingly being mistaken for marine distress signals.
  11. There's a whole heap of these, search under "AFLAC Commercials", it's the colonist's equivalent of Alexandr the meerkat.
  12. You're joking? What a rubbishy competition. Cross the Øresund Bridge and cheer for Denmark? You jest of course ... for a Swede that would be tantamount to treason.
  13. Go to Clickie There are currently 2 webcams showing Parliament Square in Ramsey. If thats open so is everything before it on the course. The mountain road opens one hour later. But the section after the mountain road to the finish opens just after Ramsey does.
  14. Would anyone care to recommend someone I could use to do some fibreglass roofing. Alternatively please feel free to tell me who to avoid. Thank you.
  15. The ice cream parlour at the Town Hall end of Parliament Street opposite Barista.
  16. Yup ... and very nice it is to.
  17. Prediction ... Easyjet will eventually force FlyBe off the route then we will end up with one or two badly timed flights per day instead of the existing 4 ... progress ? I think not. And what about the Patient Transfer contract due for renewal soon ? It will all end in tears.
  18. Conversation overheard yesterday between 2 Arriva officials in Liverpool that they had 'offloaded' 4 of the bendy buses they had acquired from London to us ... wouldn't surprise me in the least if it was actually true.
  19. Might it have something to do with the fact that Boris made an election pledge to remove them from London's streets ... there will therefore be a lot of second hand ones going cheap. But no matter how cheap they are they are a ludicrous idea over here.
  20. Alternatively find a McDonalds, I think they all have free 30m wi-fi, a lot work from outside but if not their coffee is drinkable.
  21. Webcam now added for Ramsey : Clicky thing. Cue offensive comments from southerners .....
  22. Thanks to both of you ... unfortunately they are full (which must be a good sign as they've only been open 6 weeks). Has anyone got any other suggestions please ?
  23. I need to find some B&B accomodation for next month ... can anyone please recommend anywhere reasonable in Ramsey or the north ?
  24. Current idiots should be out on their arses in a month or so, or so local rumour has it. Hurrah for The Commie being a decent pub again! I've heard that rumour so many times in the last 12 months that it ceases to be believable anymore.
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