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  1. But it's shitehawks you get on cliffs not ducks If you say so Cliff.....I do remember nearly joining a band called Shy Talk but the taste of oestrogen put me off.
  2. don't you just hate it when a duck wont leave? sorry I do agree with you Cliff and it's even more annoying when ducks wear smocks.....................
  3. Went there on the 23 October. Started with smocked duck and asiatic veg - approx £10. Portion size was very very small. The duck was unexiting, lacked flavour and the asiatic veg were cold beansprouts - not properly flavoured or seasoned. My score, a generous 2/10. My main was rack of lamb - £20. I removed 50% of the portion which was fat. This left about five small pieces of lamb. The lamb was nicely cooked. Any accompaniment was overshadowed by the bad feeling this dish generated in our party. My score 2/10. At this point a decision was made to drink up and abandon the night. We felt completely "ripped off" and I'm sure other diners will only try this restaurant once. I'm off to Delias at Norwich city football club tonight and I really wish the owners of Chapters would look at her website and fixed price menu which is excellent value at £32. The house wine at Delias is only £16 a bottle. I am saddened by a new business which will I think have to learn the hard way that people expect better value and quality. Overall score 2/10......sorry.
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