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  1. Highlight for me was George on his Shuttleworth Snap ... Jurby Festival 26-08-12_0356 Shuttleworth by Northline, on Flickr
  2. Great image ... voted
  3. Quality Rab ... hope you didn't suffer too much for your art ... Brrr!
  4. Its been a busy sporting weekend ... here's a little action from the start of the youth enduro MX event at Jurby on Saturday morning.
  5. Northline


    Agree with Rab Very creative. Love the lighting and post processing and the vignetting and mono conversion works really well. The elastic bands thing gives me some ideas for further torturing the kids. In the creative pursuit of art obviously.
  6. Same Shitpipe ... different day
  7. Agreed ... congrats on the brilliant thread title
  8. OK I'll play ... One of my dogs ... taken on a walk a couple of evenings ago
  9. Price dropped to £350 and will include a spare battery
  10. Northline

    Print Labs

    I've been using Colab and have always been pleased with the results and prices seem entirely reasonable.
  11. My Nikon D50 is now surplus to requirements (I have it on good authority that Santa is providing a replacement). Its had very little use (less than 4k actuations), has been well cared for and is in perfect condition. It comes with the Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX lens which is an ideal everyday walk-about lens. It has a spare battery and all cables, cd etc. Its a practical combination that would make a great 1st DSLR £375 ovno Happy to sell separately if necessary ... please PM for further details
  12. ...and some sort of poo catching device strung around their rear (dayglo of course)
  13. Hmm . . . i like the idea of a regular 3 day weekend. Not so sure about the 20% drop in earnings
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