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  1. Just curious where the "stick" was mentioned or was that something the OP added to make the post more dramatic
  2. Wont be long before a bus ends up damaging a parked car trying to navigate around these obstructions or else simply gets stuck. It was hard enough for busses before this idiotic idea was put in place.
  3. He voted for Quayle .... show a lack of judgement imho
  4. It was set up to only allow one vote per person .... sounds like its doing its job perfectly to me. What makes you so special as to get two votes ?
  5. It's just a test of opinion not an election ... if anyone is sad enough to vote multiple times just to screw things up they should really go get a life
  6. There is an online poll to see who people want as next Chief Minister
  7. My brother went. His response to my text I just sent after reading this was "Boot was half credible, Harmer half credible but mumbled and read off a script most of the night, Hansen was an utter tit." I think that was a fair summary knowing my brother. I was there ... yes sadly your brother is spot on
  8. By voting for the least worst candidates you are allowing them to claim the support of, say 50% of the electorate when maybe only 20% actually support them. A spoilt vote says you cared enough to vote but could not support any candidate. I do agree though that everyone should turn up and use there vote, even if it is to spoil it. A low turn out says people don't care, a high turn out with a high number of spoilt votes says people do care but want change and are not willing to put up with second best.
  9. Less of a disaster than Harmer getting back in
  10. What utter bollocks, if you are really trying to suggest there is any connection between the number of arms a person has and their ability to use correct English then you truly are a very stupid person.
  11. Just taken a few minutes to read some of the posts on the Crowe page .... It really is shocking the level of English being written by this idiot. The constant "am / I'm", "there / their" errors along with all the others and the haphazard punctuation really does detract from any message he may be trying to get across. It's just lazy and careless and those are not promising attributes in a potential MHK.
  12. This is exactly what everyone should take the time to do ... to challenge incorrect or anomalous charges. So in this instance it was clarified that the "Churchyard Rate" should more correctly be called a "Burials act rate" ... presumably next years rate demands will be correctly worded (There may be grounds to challenge this too but probably not on the grounds of religion). Too many people, myself included, see these small charges and think, its too much hassle and not a lot of money so simply pay because its always been in the rates. Imagine the outcry if it were a new change, albeit small, to be added next year.
  13. It makes a good story but its simply not true. When I studied for my degree about 30 years ago most people studied hard, played hard and came out with a degree. These days students study hard and try to balance the playing hard with working to cover the costs and then come out with a degree and a huge millstone of debt. But do they have an option, the employment situation today is such that you need qualifications to get anywhere in life ... for example, I saw a job advertised recently looking for a receptionist ... "minimum 3 A levels" !!! Back in the day that would have been "no qualifications needed" .... since when do you need 3 A levels to answer a phone and make coffee for visitors.
  14. Same with me and with my children. I recall a number of occasions when they were very young simply paying the bill and leaving part way through a meal as I did not feel their standard of behaviour was acceptable and did not wish to spoil the meals of other diners.
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