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  1. frotteurism comes to mind on the bus from Governors Hill down into town early on a Saturday afternoon...
  2. what's gay about the way someone dresses? besides isn't the Railway a gay bar?
  3. is it that the new minister wants MR to pay for the live feed which makes their site look more interesting and they don't want to have to because they don't have any money?
  4. It was Christmas and the wife was waiting as the bin waggon pulled up...one by one she took the operatives round behing the shed and gave them a good shagging..finally it was the turn of the driver..he got out of the cab but the wife just gave him £20 instead..he couldn't belive he wasn't getting a shag..what's this for he asked? for Christmas she replied, my hubby said give thedriver £20 and fuck the rest....
  5. maybe the attention of granny Elizabeth by way of a letter drawing attention to the sitaution would cause her to invoke the Lord Chamberlain to do something for fear of being dragged into disrepute...
  6. but custard goes off easily whereas Bovril or Marmite last a long time and are better spread on toast..
  7. invoking supply and demand curve correlation surely tickets for the Sydney fixture won't now be that hard to come by...
  8. suppose it had been a jar of Marmite or Bovril??
  9. no only a chilled Stella...to get a clean sweep...better than the English cricket team...
  10. so if one of the judiciary is incompetent how are they removed? surely public opinion and or a vote of no confidence must have some bearing??
  11. and with the UK's largest wind farm getting the go-ahead why can't the MEA get a windfarm up and running above Rushen Mine??
  12. why don't they use buses to bring people in from the aircraft particularly when its raining...If I was a first time visitor i wouldn't be impressed at having to walk along some twisty path to come in through a side door after getting a drenching...
  13. whose the chappie whose picture is on the wall? is a he a former Speaker? did he get his own robe made??
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