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  1. Wearing a mask in wind is better than not, they keep you warm. Wearing one in a car saves struggling to find one when you get out and realise its in your other coat pocket etc. Not everyone wearing a mask is a covid sheep and every maskless person isn't a covidiot either.
  2. Time for surge testing before sending kids back to schools, I would bet money on this lockdown ending and another starting in May because we still don't have the fundamentals correct with testing and border controls. If cases remain low: Send construction back next Monday or after easter Test all kids school age children and teachers wait 2 weeks. Send them in May. Open pubs 2 weeks later at same time as relaxing social distancing
  3. Enjoy https://evergiven-everywhere.glitch.me/
  4. So the mitigation approach is actually phase 2 after vaccination is complete. What you have described above is the realistic 'new normal' we will have once the population is fully vaccinated. Those who are low risk will clearly move on and start travelling etc. High risk groups will naturally be more cautious to the point of self imposed isolation, sadly.
  5. How would “living with the virus” actually work? It seems that one of the cornerstones would have to be testing and limiting mixing of groups. Schools would be incredibly difficult to keep open. As would core services. The hospital would be overwhelmed by anyone who has a more serious symptoms. We would be looking at 1000s of active cases? Prison officers, power station workers etc would have to be cut off from society or there would have to be bi weekly testing of all key workers. Seems like a ridiculously risky strategy when we could have bubbles and social distancing f
  6. Definitely I would knock half of douglas seafront down and replace with green and multi use pedestrian areas.
  7. Re-wilding is good for farmland and public spaces but not as a replacement for empty lots and rundown buildings, its the gaps in the promenade, old prison site, former warehouses and just generally dumpery of Douglas that needs fixing.
  8. Don’t give planning permission to developers on green field sites unless they address brown field sites.
  9. Totally agree, testing, 111 etc works very well, daily calls etc. Kudos to the guys running this from my experience. They must be at their limits of capacity now.
  10. The alternative is today’s situation though? Living with covid would put us in a constant state of rigorous social distancing and with our core services at risk. we either continue to pursue elimination or we have to take realistic action like closing all schools until the vaccine is fully administered. “No one is safe until everyone is safe” should be the mantra.
  11. Kent Variant becomes dominant (Wikipedia) South East England in week 48, the last week of November 2020. England in week 51 of 2020. United Kingdom in week 52 of 2020. Scotland and Northern Ireland in week 1 of 2021. Wales in week 2 of 2021. Ireland in week 2 of 2021. If only we had had some warning... Now we need a vaccine in every arm before Brazilian variant is here or we will have 2 foes to fight and no working vaccine.
  12. I love getting pissed, cant be bothered doing it at home though.
  13. Plus strategy change at a time when we are first seeing cases with Kent Varient isn’t ideal as it’s supposed to be more transmissible. Elimination means more lockdowns because overreacting is the only way to be sure.
  14. I think id rather eat petri dish grown chicken breast than chicken breast that has spent its life in a cage surrounded by other chickens and their waste. I can see in the near future where fast food and cheap meals no longer contain actual animals. Once lab grown meat becomes viable commercially it will be McD's and the like that will pounce on it and if the customer cant tell i dont see whats wrong with it, maybe you could do it at home !
  15. Not sure many ladies fancy applying a full face of makeup in the office either
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