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  1. Sorry should have said, boys / unisex preferably with gears.
  2. I am looking for 1 or 2 20" wheeled kids bikes. Any condition but under £50 would be ideal.
  3. TomTucker

    BBQ Gas

    FWIW If you go to ACE hire behind Manx Gas on S Quay they will help. seems the local stock of gas bottles is out of circulation due to a certain local garden centre hoarding them! you may have to buy a different regulator for £6 from the MG stores opposite, its all very straight forward but took me 2hrs to get the bottom of !
  4. i was looking Azure today but when i try and spin up a desktop it says i need MSDN which i have with work but im after personal use. cheers for the replies.
  5. Any recommendations for this ? id like a VM windows machine i can install applications on and access remotely from anywhere get files on and off etc. Browserstack for desktop computing essentially preferrably for a few quid a month.
  6. Ryanair solely operate 737-800s they have 189 seat capacity and couldnt land full at IOM, you will never see Ryanair operate from here it would be poor utilisation of the aircraft
  7. My little one goes to school in douglas and has 1 polish child in the class, who is nice and her parents seem nice and she speaks both languages very well. cant say the same for all families with manx surnames.
  8. surveyor should chisel into the concrete panels and expose the bolts in one, if they are rusted through then its a good indication of the condition of the rest of the estate
  9. working for the 'Business Doctor' doing IT at least his website "works"! http://www.businessdoctor.im/ Im not entirely convinced this person is a real doctor!
  10. accelerating braking then accelerating again going past snugbororgh isnt normal! seemed to just whip the clutch in and run out of road, perhaps a mechanical
  11. will the narrow part of the existing walkway (broadway onwards) be extended? There is no need for the kerbing in this area so that could assist in removal. really the opinion should be sunken gardens v horsetrams we really dont need so many sunken gardens, and single track horse tram track with a siding "station" at candy store, villa and sea terminal. coffee booth at each one and you'd see a nice atmos about the whole prom. i only read the indi in a petrol station, i take it its no purchase necessary! all in all get on with it!
  12. if theres money kicking around why not get manx boys on decent bikes, Conor is a class act he his awesome round the TT course as last year proved. Dan is right up there at 130mph so its not as if he doesnt deserve the bike, im sure there has been some input from the DED but they have to develop the sport and part of that is having a local talent. Bradley Smith, Toseland, Cal Crutchlow all pretty much had the Tech3 rides because the of the UK market, same thing im my eyes. cant believe i just defended DED...........off for a shower.............shudder
  13. i was annoyed by the lack of offline play, but a great work around is to create play list of all the songs you want on your phone, then sync this playlist. Works as wifi sync !
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