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  1. Not sure many ladies fancy applying a full face of makeup in the office either
  2. Yeah but built at business park / spring valley, move all retail to there. Flatten half the hotels on the Prom and create plazas with restaurants cafe and bars. Then you can cycle to work and go to the pub afterwards.
  3. Chris Boardman is the cycling czar for Manchester they have a 10yr £1.5B (yes billion) for cycling and walking. https://tfgm.com/made-to-move/publications To make it successful you need to reach a tipping point where driving is more expensive or more incoveinent than cycling / walking. Given the hilly nature of Douglas, our poor weather and an ageing / widening population that point is unlikely to ever be reached. Pedestrianising lower Douglas and having shuttle buses that actually work would be a bold move but the place would be much better off for it IMHO, either that or mono
  4. I think the cycling as a commute angle has been hugely exagerated. There are perhaps 3 new cyclists i spot during the school run and these are all riding old rusty bikes so most likely new to the form of transport. Granted there are a small number of simiar novice cyclists at the weekend around the heritage trail and most of these are ebike riders who are older. I have yet to see any new fully kitted out commuter cyclist, new bike, laptop rucksack, waterbottle etc. they just dont exist around Douglas each morning. The cycling boom has therefore been in the fitness / outdoor recreation se
  5. Broadband down again in Douglas from wi manx service page ***06:48 22/09/2020*** Manx telecom engineers en-route to Dalton Street Data Center to carry out investigations on the hardware which provides Wi-Manx with the DSL and FTTP connectivity. A further update will be provided at 08:00
  6. I read the CC report as Manx Radio have been cleared of complaints against them not the presenter. That MR did not by broacasting the show incite racial tensions. The report does not read as an exoneration as the headlines state.
  7. He shouldnt be reinstated. He posted racist comments on this forum then backed up his racist comment using his radio show and showed no respect to the caller. He is an embarrassment. I am amazed that there is so little negative feeling towards him.
  8. Another victim of police brutality in Atlanta this time. He was sleeping in his car while drunk at a drive thru Wendy’s https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-s-death-after-police-shooting-outside-wendy-s-atlanta-n1231006
  9. No one said there was a forum meet up today in London !
  10. Numbers dont tell the truth. incarceration is big business https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5895028/
  11. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/derek-chauvin-nightclub-george-floyd-security-shifts-el-nuevo-rodeo-minneapolis/
  12. He knew the police officer they had worked together so said on US news. Makes murder 1 more likely
  13. I attended, stood at the front past war memorial trying decide where to go, walked to the back past broadway, ended up half way. Saw no money collect at all, got a free mask and free gloves. There were speeches that were good, MLK quotes etc. very respectful. Very glad i went.
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