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  1. you stand a fighting chance if you served it all day starting at 9:20
  2. Tariffs on China and Europe was probably part of it. ‘Merica First policies some of which are still in place
  3. Tonights the night for this meeting will @Amadeus be covering it ?
  4. DEFA on one hand are saying hedges must be preserved and land should be allowed to rewild. This development is the last piece of farmland between Jonny Wattersons and the sea and will flatten many hedges, destroy habitats and fell healthy trees. DEFA will then of course be responsible for approving the planning application.
  5. Crogga mill farm shop seems to do ok and doesn’t have the attraction of the Glen. Similar market, similar location.
  6. https://gef.im/2021/10/11/we-wont-be-saving-waterfall/ Sad to see it go, great spot on the right day. No reason at all why it can't survive as cafe/dining location.
  7. in movies where miners are stuck underground and they are all sweating, thats the heat source. Once you get a few metres down you get to a point where the temp of the ground is equivalent to the average air temperature for the region. So probably about 12deg for us! i assume some bit of kit on the ground pumps fluid through the system and extracts this latent heat and multiplies the 12deg to a level that means you can have a bath without freezing. You need 100m of distance so zigzags, loops around your house or 100m up and down.
  8. Present issue is that UK houses are poorly insulated and the heating of them generates excessive C02. The solution of getting rid of gas boilers and replacing them with air source isn’t fixing the root cause of poor insulation. I think some people will be fooled into buying them as the industry gears up offering deals and affordable finance options!
  9. Air source heat pumps could be the next greenwashing money making scheme that eventually fails.
  10. They watch 3 prank calls a night on You Tube if you are looking for someone to blame try CollinsKey or DanTDM or some similar millionaire 'tuber. Don't forget to subscribe, smash the like button and hit the bell...........
  11. It’s what I would draw for Pictionary if the clue was the statue of the couple kissing at St Pancras 😀💋
  12. Drove through greeba now this is down, oh dear its not the prettiest and doesnt look very thick so all the existing banding on the road is still there plus more from the new surface. Its basically slurry and gravel !
  13. Marion Shimmin first female MHK ?
  14. Saw a DEFA bloke the other day with an orange spray can marking roadside trees. If rumours are to be believed there are 1000s of trees to be removed around the TT course.
  15. If it was the ACU rather than Honda then I would more concerned, the course and its road surface will need to be inspected before the event gets the go ahead.
  16. Final coat of white grip powder being applied to the roundalabout this morning. Ready for the villa section opening shortly. Whole area needs a proper clean too. 3 zebras in space of 200m is a good thing. Really not sure about the crossing on Broadway though it seems too close to the junction
  17. Villa top coat going on today, membrane down, the smell of bitumen in the morning - smells like victory :)
  18. Sam @ gef has produced a multpart breakdown. Easier reading: https://gef.im/2021/08/12/before-sht-hit-the-fan/
  19. Have we just totally forgotten about genomics now ? Delta is potentially worse for kids and the unvaccinated then there is Delta+, Lambda from Peru and Epsilon from California and Pakistan. Of our 888 active cases and our 4k closed which variant are we presently battling ? None of this I understand but its important stuff for public health to be aware and planning for. Or are we still waiting for the Kent variant to be sequenced in Liverpool
  20. It doesnt matter what they study and i wouldnt go for excellence (IoM never has) just aim to be a well run university that offers a USP over the rest of the UK namely price or bundled accomodation etc. Footfall is the key to generating revenue big numbers mean more air traffic which promotes GDP and investment which in turn would make the whole place a better place to live for everyone.
  21. Money ? Make it cheaper than UK with all of the advantages I dont know how much of the £9k on tuition fees is locked in at that price or what costs universities have above the normal rent, wages bills etc but in the scheme of things its an easier proposition than building airships or satelities etc. Would make the nightlife better and increase the pub count........
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