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  1. I read the CC report as Manx Radio have been cleared of complaints against them not the presenter. That MR did not by broacasting the show incite racial tensions. The report does not read as an exoneration as the headlines state.
  2. its fair comment
  3. He shouldnt be reinstated. He posted racist comments on this forum then backed up his racist comment using his radio show and showed no respect to the caller. He is an embarrassment. I am amazed that there is so little negative feeling towards him.
  4. Another victim of police brutality in Atlanta this time. He was sleeping in his car while drunk at a drive thru Wendy’s https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-s-death-after-police-shooting-outside-wendy-s-atlanta-n1231006
  5. No one said there was a forum meet up today in London !
  6. Numbers dont tell the truth. incarceration is big business https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5895028/
  7. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/derek-chauvin-nightclub-george-floyd-security-shifts-el-nuevo-rodeo-minneapolis/
  8. He knew the police officer they had worked together so said on US news. Makes murder 1 more likely
  9. I attended, stood at the front past war memorial trying decide where to go, walked to the back past broadway, ended up half way. Saw no money collect at all, got a free mask and free gloves. There were speeches that were good, MLK quotes etc. very respectful. Very glad i went.
  10. You were all correct. 10 school teachers and a social worker and their 2000 friends turned up
  11. I’ve looked not seen much at all. Where is the events page it’s not on here and I don’t use Facebook
  12. Where is the IOM BLM movement to be found online ? I’ve not see much aside from the news articles
  13. looks like the village idot turned up though
  14. This is what I was replying to, which is the most ironic post today. nothing to do with covid deaths at all. Sorry for the confusion
  15. I was defining gammon
  16. It’s not their race is it, it’s their socio economic standing....
  17. You should be ashamed you wrote that.
  18. I’m embarrassed to be manx at present
  19. You have missed the point. Black lives matter as much as all lives not less. It’s about leveling the playing field. a lot of awful attempts to diminish the validity of the movement here from some gammon that should know better.
  20. Well done to the chaps on manx radio, hope Stu Peters never gets a mic infront of him again. Utter ignorance and as with so many people cant see his own prejudices. is there a hashtag or group for the protest ? i might go now.
  21. After discussing contact tracing proceedures when CM asked by Paul Moulton "How did you get it ? Who have you passed it on to?" the answer several times was ""I dont know, just one of those things...."
  22. However it unnecessarily increases the risk of further deaths. Noone wants a permanent lockdown but sticking to your guns and holding out a week or so after testing and the projected peak date has past seems very reasonable.
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