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  1. No need for overhead cables the potential (no doubt poorly sourced) electric tram will have a battery pack on the roof to power it. Charging for 3hrs whilst filling up with unhappy faces before embarking on its return journey

  2. no queues on broadway as no traffic lights is the biggest benefit, i noticed the pinkcrete has almost entirely broken off where it meets the tram rails.

    When you drive the full length its kinda OK, sh*t finish but at least its not a suspension workout like it used to be. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Max Power said:

    I would highly recommend anyone to watch 'Clarkson's Farm' on Amazon Prime. 


    Better than Our Yorkshire Farm?

    With 4year old watching her dad skin a lamb and pointing at it saying "Not Happy Daddy" :)

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  4. Tidy beaches and countryside are something we should always aspire to.

    But litter is totally divorce of climate change. Bill Dale is tidying the planet not saving it. Good work but not to be confused. 

    Building anything new build or the renovation of existing is always going to generate enormous amounts of CO2 as concrete and it’s ballast is one of the most footprint heavy products in existence. 

  5. Any changes to the road layout could be fixed for TT with a few barriers and trackside protection. The whole area on offer is huge to once you utilize the QB car park pub and the old shop. 

    Time for a one way system using Kirby woods or nsc as the centre 


  6. 5 hours ago, Omobono said:

    Has anyone else heard anything ?


    This bit makes me think you know more than you have said! 

    Streaming sounds plausible, North West 200 first did it more than 10 years ago. Red Button and BBC Sport Streams etc. 

    TT 2022 programme has already been announced with more changes to come in 23 as already announced to some dismay. 

    The other road races on the island will see bigger changes to their organization structure and formats in the coming months. None of it welcome. 

  7. 13 hours ago, immortalpuppet said:

    Is the course that bad?

    Its a genuine question by the way, I have no idea what standard the roads have to be in to run the event.

    Bray Hill to Quarterbridge is perfect :)

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  8. 1 hour ago, Blackajah said:

    Don't let the Twitter Doom coven hear any of this - they'll be after you with pitchforks!  They're still on there screaming for masks and other mitigations.  

    IOM Twitter is practically non existant. There are ~3 covid obsessed accounts all retweeting the same thing and mainly trolling Lawrie Hooper, its hardly a large online movement!

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  9. Less bikes on the course is the future of the TT course, hopefully not diminishing grids but certainly smaller. Remember there has been a 'root and branch' review of road racing on the island.

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  10. 15 hours ago, James Blonde said:

    The scoreboard is on everyone's phone app.


    Does Silverstone have a scoreboard?

    Scoreboard wont be needed as next years grid will be so small you will be able to hold all the info your head

  11. 4 hours ago, TheTeapot said:

    "Road racing capital of the world"

    Ride to the conditions. 

    Ride to the conditions generally means the weather not the track conditions. 

    I noticed the high profile newcomer doing laps of the TT course in his fancy transit van yesterday

  12. Ralumac surface has been applied from just after hairpin to waterworks now, its again very poor and in no way fitting for a race track. White lines will be painted soon and then its off to ellerslie for tea and medals.

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  13. 27 minutes ago, Ramseyboi said:

    If you think you can do a starter, main and pint for £12 over here and be a viable business then crack on and set one up.

    I guarantee you will be closed after three months despite being packed.  In fact the busier you are the quicker you will go bust from giving stuff away with no margin or understanding of how a business works.

    you stand a fighting chance if you served it all day starting at 9:20 :)

  14. DEFA on one hand are saying hedges must be preserved and land should be allowed to rewild. This development is the last piece of farmland between Jonny Wattersons and the sea and will flatten many hedges, destroy habitats and fell healthy trees.

    DEFA will then of course be responsible for approving the planning application. 


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  15. in movies where miners are stuck underground and they are all sweating, thats the heat source.

    Once you get a few metres down you get to a point where the temp of the ground is equivalent to the average air temperature for the region. So probably about 12deg for us! 

    i assume some bit of kit on the ground pumps fluid through the system and extracts this latent heat and multiplies the 12deg to a level that means you can have a bath without freezing.

    You need 100m of distance so zigzags, loops around your house or 100m up and down. 

  16. Present issue is that UK houses are poorly insulated and the heating of them generates excessive C02.

    The solution of getting rid of gas boilers and replacing them with air source isn’t fixing the root cause of poor insulation. 

    I think some people will be fooled into buying them as the industry gears up offering deals and affordable finance options! 

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  17. They watch 3 prank calls a night on You Tube if you are looking for someone to blame try CollinsKey or DanTDM or some similar millionaire 'tuber.

    Don't forget to subscribe, smash the like button and hit the bell........... 

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