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  1. according to easyjet the de-icer is broke
  2. The thread is resurrected after 3 months, with that comment. Sounds like a taunt of some sort. Given the length of time matters take to come to court and the trial process I thought it was a legitimate question. It's certainly not taunting anyone. It's a genuine question. Have there been any convictions ?
  3. AAIB have tweeted that they're on their way to the island and according to Pprune it may be G - RAMY from Humberside
  4. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/helicopter-crash-near-the-tt-course-1-7296842
  5. i suppose there's the fallback of the disability discrimanation act oh, hang on...
  6. A desperate attempt to drum up business. I would suggest improving the food offering and improving the service for a start.
  7. "it will allow residents and visitors alike to have more choices." no, it won't. any restaurant or pub with a dog in it won't be getting my business when I eat on site
  8. He cut out the micro chip in an attempt to conceal the act. I genuinely cannot comprehend how an admission of loss of sanity can result in him remaining a pilot https://www.change.org/p/flybe-dismiss-captain-woodhouse
  9. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/birmingham-flybe-pilot-drowned-neighbours-9296651 If he operates your flight be hopeful that he remains sane
  10. The Chief Minister says what the island has most to fear from a returning Conservative government is the future UK position in Europe. Allan Bell says any vote on Europe - something which Mr Cameron has promised - would put the Manx in a difficult position and perhaps damage the Island's Finance sector
  11. The West Midlands Quality Review Service (WMQRS) found that, for some patients, the current practice was delaying diagnosis "by up to a year". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-31943042 Not only in relation to this latest report. But in general... How is improvement being measured? Why isn't statistical data publicy available on a website? How will improvement be enforced? What are the timescales for improving. How many more people have to die?
  12. is may be news to him / the newspaper but it isnt news to the populace
  13. Why is the airport policeman or woman chasing cars. What a waste of public money. Go and catch some burglars. I saw one hi viz "look at me im important" go over to a car dropping off within 5 seconds of it pulling up. If they want to 'force' people into the car parks - fine. But STOP using the police as a method of harassing drivers and passengers. Use G4S. It really DOESN'T require a police man or woman. And if they REALLY wanted to stop cars pulling up outside put up a barrier. BUT dear cop....please go and do something useful. Get a proper job.
  14. Another option is to go to flybe.com and put in IOM-GLA. Also aerlingus.com and select multi-city for IOM-DUB-GLA but likely to be more expensive
  15. By how much? Initially, enough to cover staff shortages.
  16. Make health, education and social care priorities. Increase income tax to pay for it.
  17. The answer is obvious and simple. Ring fence increases in income tax to pay for both health and social care.
  18. If only airports had websites to tel you everything you needed to know... cheepest would appear to be £2 to central london http://www.stanstedairport.com/transport-and-directions/buses-and-coaches#CoachestoLondon and shouldnt this thread either be closed or renamed since flybe are not pulling off the liverpool route ?
  19. Wind farm extension requires 'no shipping re-routing' A proposed extension to an offshore wind farm near the Cumbrian coast will not require any re-routing of Isle of Man shipping lanes, say the developers. A spokesman from Dong Energy said the 200-turbine development would not, in isolation, present any problems. The extension is being proposed to a 102-turbine wind farm off Walney Island which opened earlier this year. Emily Marshall, from Dong Energy, said: "We can confirm that re-routing shipping lanes will not be an issue." She added: "However, the Irish Sea is getting busie
  20. http://www.tpsconsult.co.uk/tps/news/2011/01_iom.asp
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