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    So Robihno was accused of rape this week on an 18 year old girl in a nightclub in Leeds Was it inappropriate that his mascott buddy on Wednesday night was (what looked like) a 13 year old girl who he was holding hands with? Made me laugh
  2. I constantly see 13:37 when i'm at work
  3. Nadine is the Irish one Aha, ty 2. The Fat one 4. Nadine
  4. My top 5 members of Girls Aloud 1. Cheryl 2. Nadine 3. The Ginger one 4. The Irish one 5. Sarah
  5. What annoys me about them is that when i used to actually shop there, some 10 years ago, every CD/DVD/PS game had a cracked or damaged case or ripped instructions etc Truly terrible quality goods, never in cellophane wrapping like HMV or similar stores Where were they storing these things?
  6. I few years back I used to regularly play to 1-2am for probably about the period of 3-4 months. My job wasn't very taxing but was pretty tired everyday. Fell alseep at work on more than one occasion. I was pretty addicted but once I stopped playing I didn't miss it at all. I would say it was more detrimental to my social life with my GF than my work. When she wants to cuddle and watch TV and you say: "It's Molten Core raid night and I'm after some more tier1, back in 4 hours" it doesn't go down to well Brilliant game tho........
  7. beejay103

    Fm 2009

    From playing the Demo the jury's still out on the new 3D match engine Great to see a well worked goal or a total screamer but when it sucks up the entire resources of your system and the graphics are that of Fifa 96 it's a bit infuriating My PC only just manages to play the thing but a new FM is the best thing ever so i'll play it regardless
  8. So...the new Mr Muscle ads have a totally ripped/buff (computer generated) super hero style character I thought the whole point of the skinny weed they had previously was that no matter how puny you were it's the product that does the hard work and you don't need lots of hard scrub Poor show almost as bad as the Strongbow ads for contradicting themselves Yes i'm bored, yes this is what I like to moan about
  9. I would blow a chunk of it on: Rent wembly stadium, invite 21 mates, hire sky sports to do the coverage Maybe rent a few pros/ex-pros, Phil Stamp a must Andy Gray on commentary would be outstanding, me on player cam, would be a great day out DVD for everyone to take home afterwards
  10. There was a period when I was about 18 when I got a call from either Luigi's Pizza Palace or the 'ginger police' at about 3am for weeks on end But then you can'y choose your mates
  11. No shit, this was a story line in neighbours many years ago Rick Alesi (i think it was him) was making prank calls to Debbie (bit sketchy on the details) and someone said they should blow a loud whistle down the phone if it happened again to see if they could harm the offenders ears and maybe catch the person. From what I can remember it worked a treat and Rick couldn't hear for a a whole episode GG
  12. beejay103


    The first 2 stages are SOOOOOOOO tedious I almost didn't want to play on, but 90mins later I got to the tribal stage which i thought was good and looks like its going in a good direction now. This game was touted as somthing highly original and innovative, not seen much of this so far. The creature/building/ship creator is what separates this from other C&C style games but I can't stand it, random everything FTW. I hope it proves me wrong and is more innovative the further I play it, so far looks quite similar to other games of the same genre what you think?
  13. I'd never ring one of these lines, would cost you a fortune and you know it's probably some woman sat at home in her jogging bottoms and probably butt ugly (no offence, i'm sure your sister is beautiful) I've never phoned one but used a friends phone to txt one once, was pretty funny
  14. Same happened to me, open case --> insert somthing to stop it (i put some folded up paper in) --> close case cha-ching
  15. So...you've probably all seen the strongbow adverts In one set of adverts they try and make a huge thirst then they drink some cider with the tag 'first pint refreshment' or something similar. These included men setting themselves on a raft in the baking hot sun for days and some other stuff i've forgotten. What I don't get is: Surely anything on earth would be satisfying after days on a raft, I would drink a man's pee after this length of time They should make them do stuff like drink 10 gallons of water, then they still want to keep drinking and are refreshed by the pint = it's actually refreshing The other set of adverts are when someone takes a sip and they go 'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' for 90mins cause it's so refreshing: Everytime this happens something bad happens to them, I wouldn't be pleased if I went to the pub to watch the football and missed the whole thing because I uncontrollably made a strange noise. And the other guy fucks up his GF's party cause he does the same thing They annoy me, maybe they have done their job as i'm talking about it It just seems the way they have marketed it makes no sense /end rant
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