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  1. Has been done in Carlisle with the covered Lanes so why not Strand St
  2. Trueblood

    Keith Flint

    Saw them at Milton Keynes when they were touring the album, absolutely brilliant gig
  3. Most of those people have got nothing to do with the conflict. Assad is responsible for a significant part of the mess.
  4. Half the population of the country have been forced from their homes, most of those people just want to live in a civilised democracy.
  5. An estimated 465,000 killed, 1 million injured, 12 million displaced. Assad has to take some responsibility for that, he's the country's leader. ISIL are just one, decreasing, part of the problem.
  6. And many of them have chosen to leave, hence the refugee crisis.
  7. It's not news, it's history. The elections in 2000 and 2007 were uncontested. The protests in March 2011 in Damascus had very little, if anything, to do with ISIL. The Free Syrian Army are not ISIL.
  8. Assad succeeded his father, his first two elections were uncontested, nobody gets 99% of the vote fairly. He has committed war crimes against his own people, including the use of sarin gas. By far the largest opposition to the Assad regime are the SDF which is mostly Kurds and who control 27% of the country, ISIL, by contrast, only control 2%. The uprising was started by the Free Syrian Army, formed by defected Syrian army officers, in July 2011. ISIL didn't become a significant player until two years later.
  9. It's pretty difficult to live anything like a normal life in places likes Aleppo and Gaza. I would suggest anywhere else would be preferable right now.
  10. I reported 3 of the comments on IOM Today which were all removed they were that bad
  11. I thought last nights episode was brilliant, getting the republican congressman to bare his arse shouting the N-word was hysterical, getting Dick Cheney to sign his waterboarding kit, brilliant! Satire at its best. The highlight though has to be the proposing of a huge mosque to townsfolk in Arizona, their reaction tells you alot about why Trump is president.
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