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  1. Just pointing out that if the Isle of Man Government is planning for a second wave (which it is) in October in seems highly unlikely and illogical that they will ease restrictions in September
  2. The second wave that the Isle of Man Government is already planning for
  3. There seems little point easing restrictions now when there is an expectation of a second wave in October which could prove to be worse than the first wave
  4. I witnessed neighbours receiving various visitors yesterday morning, including their daughter and grandkids, without displaying social distancing. In fact one of their visitors I know to be a social worker who also works on the 111 help line and really should know better.
  5. Has been done in Carlisle with the covered Lanes so why not Strand St
  6. Trueblood

    Keith Flint

    Saw them at Milton Keynes when they were touring the album, absolutely brilliant gig
  7. Most of those people have got nothing to do with the conflict. Assad is responsible for a significant part of the mess.
  8. Half the population of the country have been forced from their homes, most of those people just want to live in a civilised democracy.
  9. An estimated 465,000 killed, 1 million injured, 12 million displaced. Assad has to take some responsibility for that, he's the country's leader. ISIL are just one, decreasing, part of the problem.
  10. And many of them have chosen to leave, hence the refugee crisis.
  11. It's not news, it's history. The elections in 2000 and 2007 were uncontested. The protests in March 2011 in Damascus had very little, if anything, to do with ISIL. The Free Syrian Army are not ISIL.
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