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  1. Its not the grammar variety you need to worried about. It wouldnt suprise me if this isnt actually a joke but the local filth trying to clobber prospective buyers because they know they wont catch the actual criminals. too busy trying on their new uniforms lol
  2. i went on the job centre it course it turns out both there and at tech college they have to teach/unlearn the mac system to students and each them windows ie office etc as this is used in business/industry not mac lol
  3. i fear this will result/an excuse for even more big brother snoping on the citizens of the iom while other crimes flourishes hilter said as long as the population had something to fear they were happy our ch constible seems to follow that lead on manx raadio this weekend 90% of teenagers thought police had their trust.... more fool them and most drug related crime info came via neibour hood police info pssed on to them
  4. bendy buses not good for the walking disabled
  5. Different gov dept's are setting about it different ways dccl/bus vannin a frontal confict the dsc by farming out their home care and residental workers to the 3rd sector the other dept's have yet to show their hands but basically it's attack the terms and conditions of their workforce the probelm here is the policy has undermined the industrial relations system put in place by the government and sets an example th other businnes here they can do the same as many have already done so this is going to come back and bite the government and employers as the trust of the employer/ employe
  6. malpass was a lib van member when first stood for ramsey commisioners and had been a leading member of lib van until he left
  7. they are not the first gov dept to be given slap over the wrists by the data protection old dot/airport were pulled up a few years ago
  8. geoff corish has been a pr man for most of his carrer iomsp iom gov surely he can as he always has done put a good spin on anything or is he loosing his grip no wonder he's headed for mlc doom
  9. does not the iom look to be heading that way
  10. I agree. I have forgotten now why the CO-OP (CWS or CRS ?) called a halt to the project that is now the Tesco store, because being able to park close to the store is a boost for Tesco over the CO-OP. I must say too though that this "Manx produce" tag beats me. Who sells it ?. Most of what is sold (fruit &veg) by Tesco, Shoprite and the CO-OP is imported. it was a change from big store to corner shop mod by the coop
  11. there was a series of sketches on spitting image of the pope jp 2 and archbishop runcie were runcie asks how he could be as popular as jp2 the answer was.............. speak slowly
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-21485729#FBM197858
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