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  1. Flybe have a main base at Birmingham, so they would never really drop that route. All routes are as before though and with a possibility of a new route too, well to them anyways,,,
  2. Agree, you get a certain percentage that dither under the higher speed limits plus much of that route at 60mph is a sensible speed without being ott
  3. Well similar mind-sets and an inability to accept a more rational answer or opinion to theirs, maybe they just togethhhhhherrr :-) and think as one too!
  4. Yep, Wind up, Drunk, Angry , Abuse, Bored LMAO those 2 must be So sorry that am happy to clarify bizarre assumptions and accusations with fact from research on here and the web, i'll try to resist in the future
  5. Except I simply stood up to you accusing me of shite and pointed out your assumptions were incorrect. Search on here and you'll even find one of the previous news paper stories about them thieving. Some seriously juvenile jumping to conclusions going on that's for sure,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, You asked one question, I gave the factual answer which can be found with a little effort, so grow up!
  6. Don't be an idiot in accusing me of anything when you don't have a clue what I stand for! You clearly missed the past 2 times they appeared in the papers, the charges were brought against them BEFORE redundancies. So sorry to disappoint you, but no one supports public sector thieving scumbags, so grow up!
  7. It was in the newspapers that the baggage handlers were made redundant. Those who took other employment or charged with thieving, don't get redundancy, the remaining would have. So no reward for public sector thieves.
  8. Lol I don't really care tbh! In short an incorrect statement was made at the start of this thread using assumption, it's been corrected now so hopefully alls good. Next time your up at 6am, pop on down to the airport and you will see the posties load and unload the plane themselves and even the handling agent does not have access to the cargo.
  9. NOPE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Just the posties now, erm cos the airport loaders are no longer perhaps,,,,,
  10. It does however clearly say 3 former airport workers, so from that it is very easy to ascertain it's the baggage handlers who were previously employed there and not "posties" who are employed by the post office. This also means they would NOT still be handling/stealing our mail as also suggested because we all know they were made redundant. Maxmann in no way suggests he supports thieving Government workers either, jeez! On the upside, as often the case when thieving of this value happens, there's likely more court time to be had for part 2 :-)
  11. Is that the pension he and his employer paid into for decades and is now receiving it back? if so, not sure the gripe as it's his own money eh?
  12. Yes I agree. Knew him many years back and yupp an a decent bloke too, he stops while on a mobility scooter to help a woman getting battered (who I hope never goes near her bloke again) He and his family definitely deserve some sort of recognition for his bravery and I hope they get it and he rests now in peace.
  13. So did you ask your horse who the DTI were? If your horse is a pilot, I guarantee the CAA who actually audit airports wouldn't tell an airline or it's staff what problems exist or don't exist within security.
  14. Who is the DTI? Over here that's the dept of trade and industry isn't it? Airports (UK and IOM) security regs are regulated/audited by the CAA.
  15. Security is handled by a private company from Ireland and have a minimum manning level regardless of time of day. The peak times at IOM airport are no real different to other airports. Mon morning, Fri + Sun late afternoon and early evening and a little on Sat mornings, being when leisure travel is at it's most and hence why airfares are cheaper Tuesday thru to Thursday morning. Travelling last Sunday it was clear people arrived around 25mins before take off time for easyjet and often see it too, so joe public doesn't always help themselves!
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