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  1. Went up to Currys today with the Mrs for a skeet. Crap, tbh! Staff forever interrupting me asking if i wanted help, then lingering just next to us, ready to pounce. Dont mind being asked once if i would like help, but 4 times in about a minute is just a bit over the top. Then got to the till to be told i had to go to a different till elsewhere in the store if i wanted to pay by card!! Wont be going back in a hurry.
  2. Just been looking at http://www.reportaproblem.im/ and they now have apps available for android and iphone.
  3. Saw a wonderful bit of driving from a taxi today. Black skoda, no roof sign, no taxi markings other than the plate on the back, in a queue of traffic for the temporary lights on Glencrutchery Road. Traffic was backed up almost to the crematorium, and this taxi decided to pull out, go up the wrong side of the road, through the red light, then turn down towards the police station! Sadly, didnt get the plate no or reg no or i would have reported it.
  4. Hover your mouse over the persons user name and a pop up window appears, with a send message button.
  5. Will and Kate - Alternative proposal..... Warning - NOT SAFE FOR WORK
  6. Went there last night and it was shut, only this sign on the door......
  7. Cheese

    Sexism In Football

    If a woman leaves the kitchen before dinner is served, is she offside? Yes, unless there are at least two domestic appliances between her and the table.
  8. Normally Coronation Park is only used if its a matter of life or death. Non life or death is normally taken by ambulance to the cottage hospital and airlifted from there, but at the moment due to the roadworks on bowring road, they are using the rugby pitch instead.
  9. How did they get Pastie the alarm?
  10. Cheese


    More webcams from Ramsey Here
  11. Cheese


    What was a frozen goods supermarket doing with a volcano in the first place?
  12. Cheese

    Missing Cat

    Hi, Heard something on Manx Radio before about a cat stuck in a house being renovated. They gave a mobile number but i cant remember what it was. May be worth contacting MR to follow it up. May not be your cat but worth a try.
  13. What about..... Topshop http://arcadia.peoplebank.com/pb3/corporat...tstm/index.html (go to page 2)
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