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  1. Hi,please could I ask for some advice? My partner and I have sold our current business and are looking to open a small shop,ideally in Douglas. Obviously we are researching thoroughly all options open to us,however I would really appreciate your feedback as to what is really needed/wanted here. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  2. Had a really delicious lunch here today. Lovely,fresh,simple food done really well. Not pricey,either.Service very friendly,but I presume they will be making the place look a bit more welcoming after the MGP.Will definitely be back.
  3. The cafe is run by Scott and Jess Mackie,with help from Harry and Louise (Jess's parents).It is open every day,10 til 4 and everything is home made. They have an extensive menu of breakfast items,salads,jacket potatoes,baguettes etc plus a large daily specials board,always lots of good veggie stuff available! Really good children's food is available,too.They use local farmers produce wherever possible and keep the prices as low as they can.The emphasis is on simple but interesting fresh food, served by happy folk with smiles on their faces! Scott and Jess have been lucky enough to employ some of the staff who previously worked at The Viking for many years when Harry and Louise had it,so very much a 'family' business.And yes,I am related to them!!!!
  4. The cafe at the MSPCA in Foxdale does lovely home made stuff. Cakes,coffees and a full menu too,all fresh.Saw an ad in Courier and it's open every day except Christmas Day.Hope that helps.
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