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    Máire Ní Bhraonáin - the most beautiful voice on the planet. Climbing, swimming in saltwater, Bradda Head mines, Manx beaches, quality Sci Fi, Elgar.

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  1. No *** Just fed up of annonymous little non event turds Hence the invite for a RT discusion But it won't happen
  2. Well as you pointed out, I meant cliche. Why the edit? Yeah, I gathered the point you were making. And I was making the additional point that you are as bad, if not worse than them. Hardly a post goes by with you trotting out one of your stupid little nicknames - Arkwright, Broon, Daily Wail etc. Gosh it's getting old hat. Wow Criticism To quote the local phrase 'Cock' Ps Try using the seach engine before you apprortion credit for certain tems But you won't you inadequate little wanker PS Feel free to theaten all sorts of action - legal or otherwise WANKER ETA Feel free to tell me your view and debate the point face to face But you won't COWARD ETA Sorry Should have said GUTLESS LITTLE COWARD
  3. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/Teacher-numbers-fall-by-4.6563743.jp
  4. Seems to be doing rather well http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-11458409
  5. - Paul -


    Any attempt to make voting compulsory as well as having the exceptions/exclusions identified above by manxy must also have the 'none of the above' clearly visible on the form. This for the compelled who are confronted with a selection of the usual faces - none of whom they would wish to vote for - and should not be compelled to vote for as a result of not having a 'none' option.
  6. Thanks for that explanation John As regards Was it not mentioned some time ago in respect of a completely different matter not involving MF that IOM police 'monitor' or 'keep an eye' on websites. If I'm not mistaken, perhaps someone can recall the specifics. As regards this incident, as the forum is open to the casual visitor to read most of the content, possibly word of mouth came into play? (only speculating here) Having said that, if police do monitor websites as a matter of course then possibly questions might be asked on what basis and what cost and resorce implications arise. As regards the commercial local media - what else can we honestly expect?
  7. Immaterial in your opinion. Leaving it up might and I say might, have ameliorated the situation to some small degree. However I agree the damage has been done.
  8. Why was the refutation by the individual at whom the allegation was directed subsequently removed?
  9. And that to my mind is the current strategy from our trough feeders, pretend that thing aren't really as bad, get elected again - allowing access for another few years of trough feeding then 'reluctantly step aside for the new generation' who will have to clear the mess up. In the meantime other external forces may well also come into play. I'll wager a decision on them actually contributing to their own pensions is delayed as long as they can as well. Loot the piggy bank as long as possible then walk away with a nice pocketful.
  10. - Paul -


    http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=47777 Given current events, I'd hope for a very high turnout and the removal of quite a few.
  11. Bit of a theme developing these days Believe in Allah or get blown up Believe in God or burn forever in the fires of eternal damnation Reduce your Carbon Footprint or get blown up Merry Christmas
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11458726 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx4yr0FFhMQ NB Probably not suitable for children to watch or those of a nervous disposition. IMPO Totally over the top, ill judged and tasteless Opinions?
  13. I find it rather interesting that on Tuesday 28th September, the front page of the Examiner proclaimed including at the bottom a report of someone having their neck broken after a fight outside Moby Dicks Yet no local online news site has chosen to feature that particular news item rather than treat a threatened legal action as more worthy news It also states Really? Didn't seem like it last night. The usual foul mouthed screaming and breaking bottles.
  14. The Great Steve Bell - Gruniard
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