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  1. Well if Government puts through the landlords bill ( legislation is already in place now but rarely used, excuse after excuse) and if it does grow balls in environmental health and shuts down some of the shitty grotty houses/flats they keep talking about, do they honestly think smaller private landlords will take up the slack ? No chance, is it not a caring Governments job to make sure the vulnerable in society also those with mental health or addictions to be looked after by gov. This is when they’ll find out a shortfall of housing to accommodate those evictions There is a lack of social hous
  2. Next time am in the big smoke I’ll give the Woody a go, ( I actually thought it was a free house) have to admit not been in Woody since the year of the big spud to many years to remember it was always slightly of the Barbary coast stroke promenade then club track.
  3. I’ve not drank in a managed H&B pub for years most were crap back then and I’d assume they haven’t got any better except maybe for a coffee.
  4. Well am willing to give her time to see how she gets on with the boys club first, good luck to her if she speaks her mind and doesn’t just roll along she’ll be a shoe in at the next election.
  5. Cregeen and Moorhouse have finally awaken for a sound bite re banks closure but methinks most would have kept quite only but for big Dons piece on the Mannin line the other day. I thought Donald was quite right to and is still a better politician years after retirement than some of numties in at the moment.
  6. Everything in moderation I say, now am of for a couple of pints.
  7. Remember it well, had all packed and was due to fly out to USA for a 3 week holiday the following day, when a neighbour stopped at my work and told me about the first plane, went straight home and watched it on the news channels in total disbelief. Watching the footage and hearing the planes engines pitch just before they hit the towers is a memory I couldn’t shift for years especially hearing easyJet’s planes engine whine which sounded similar that really spooked me. Never been to USA since.
  8. Crikey the yoof of today spend more than that on a night out in the big smoke already.
  9. Scrap the president post it’s just for people who believe they are very important ( when most of the general public don’t give a s%%t about this ceremonial nonsense fancy dress gig) or make it a part time £25k salary max. It’s just a cop out if standing politicos rush for that gravy train carriage.
  10. 21 months is still to lenient I’d have given him 21 years.
  11. I don’t know Boot but when I hear or read about him he strikes me as aloof,arrogant,colonial,out of touch, am better than you pleb, don’t you know who I am syndrome, only in this for myself type of chap who pretends to be much brighter than he really is, ( I know I know a lot of you will say am describing a number of our mhks) but let’s really hope he’s a one term mhk , like i said don’t know him or ever met him so someone may come on here and tell me he’s ace?
  12. I don’t really have a problem with what some call double dipping if the candidate is heads and tails above everyone else but quite often that’s not really the case.
  13. Slightly of topic but I remember Government harping on about how do we encourage some of our top graduates/ university young to return to work here? well it’s quite simple stop giving jobs via the old boy/ girls network/club. I know of one returnee with excellent qualifications whose had interviews, the last being once again overlooked for someone whose just retired from government. Needless to say this individual has now secured a good position back in the uk our loss am sure this must be happening all the time?
  14. Tuning into Wints mannin line the other day it seems the covid team is doing very little in the way of proper checks and balances according to most of the listeners. I’ve heard the covid team is run by ex high ranking pension takers being one retired police officer and one retired fire officer, ( I stand to be corrected) well to me it doesn’t seem well managed at all ( be interesting to know whats there salary) but isn’t that the norm in good old IOM. Let it be said I’ve no problem with gov re employing retired personnel if they cut the mustard but on past history very few are up to it.
  15. All very poor I thought with Christian possible shading it from the rest bring on the next ones , things can only get better surely?
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