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  1. Now that the Chilly Nook is protected, how many years is that going to lay there empty, or are all those against any change maybe form a cooperative or crowdfund and buy it if they love it that much and get a dividend out of it if it ever turned a profit??????? Personally I’d like to see some positive movement done either way and not become another rundown crap building blighting this island.
  2. Jabbed the other day at the airport hub, a very slick operation indeed well done to everyone involved down there, certainly needed those paracetamols as 12 hours later had a pretty decent (alcohol free ) hangover type headache lasting 24 hours.
  3. The old Mannin dredger I believe is still working well down at Padstow she’s been a fine old workhorse that ship has paid for herself many times over,( if only we’d kept her we could have done the clearing of all harbours of silt and as a bonus could have gathered up all the seaweed on Douglas beach to dump it at sea amongst many other uses. Also could have leased her out to cut costs down. I can’t remember the recent one that’s obviously another crap buy along with that kesh Varrey diving boat the Fuel guzzling see her a mile of Barrule and that custom boat we gave away, I guess the Tarroo u
  4. I’ve noticed especially in song lyrics it’s never ( with you) its Witt choo.
  5. I think Moorhouse genuinely try’s and is probably a good person but not really made for politics but saying that he’d always get my vote if I lived in the town before Cregeen or Gawne, that’s if I ever decide to vote again.
  6. I like it neat when having lagavulin or laphroaig but for some reason I like small cube of ice with a Talisker , I’ve tried many but settled for these three when I fancy a wee dram.
  7. Went to the Heron once, in and out fairly quickly had a very swift pint (seemed to be a local pub for local people) just to tick it of as we were trying to get a beer in all Iom pubs before some disappeared forever, the strangest one and you could have heard a pin dropped when four of us arrived one Sunday night was the Jurby hotel.
  8. Completely agree with all Marco said, it’s a complete and utter bollocks of a job and those mhks who try to put spin on it plus the ones with there heads in the sand should hang there heads in shame.
  9. Oh my, is Henny trying to flirt or wind up Paul M , that made me chuckle.
  10. The prom will never be finished , continuous maintenance they’ll call it.
  11. Maybe some of the Cregneash money is to refurb that rusting shitty white van that’s been parked by the entrance to the village for as long as I can remember ( not a good advert) MNH have wasted endless cash down the years it’s time they had a refurbishment of management to, less spent on those horse trams the better.
  12. If only those old boys doing the Ramsey pier were doing the prom they’d have been finished yonks ago.
  13. No way they all have been self isolating after shifts, come on Henny earn that pay check.
  14. They’ll only ever be one definitive love line and it’ll always be 219 with Stu Lowe, I always thought as a DJ he was as good as anything the uk had at the time.
  15. Unfortunately I think they do need some officers to be trained for firearms to cover all bases, if one day a crazed gunman is running down strand street taking pop shots I’d be much happier if I knew some bobbies would be turning up with guns instead of a truncheon and a tazer. After the rise of groups like isis and more homemade terrorism I actually do feel that bit more secure when in uk airports If i see police armed with machine guns otherwise these places become soft targets.
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