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  1. Well I really enjoyed Tynwald day as I never went near the place nor ever will.
  2. I was told that the airport fireman with there add ons are one of the highest paid in Europe any truth in that or old wives tales? I kind of think they could be something in it as there seem to be a few ex cops down there and apparently lots of applicants when vacancies come up.
  3. Science is needed and is a very useful tool when conducted correctly but am afraid Bangor’s science and surveys never really reflected what is really within our waters, it would seem they certainly have got they feet under defas table at some expense to us the taxpayer. Stanleys comments on the radio were right on the money, queenies grow fast and die of quick to, good years bad years also they can be more mobile than the scallop and do move, in the early eighties they all but disappeared completely ( not due to overfishing ) and about 7/8 years ago appeared in numbers so vast it was hard to comprehend, probably once in a lifetime window of 2/3 years of colossal fishings never to be seen at that level again so science shouldn’t be assessed against those Klondike years. The best way to prove if the stock is there or not is to use one local commercial vessel from each of our four main ports and put independent observers aboard including Admiral Boot let them fish how they would to make a living and see what comes up, there’s a complete lack of trust between the scientists and fisherman. To use an analogy, you all know roughly when and where daffodils sprout up each year so if someone from not around here turned up at the wrong time of year and went looking for them up Snaefell or south Barrule local football pitches etc etc you wouldn’t find one so would you declare them extinct. ( not great example but hope you get my drift). What annoys me is people in government taking useful salaries all making decisions based on flawed scientific evidence that effects hard working fisherman who have to get out of bed and try to make a living in harsh conditions having invested significant amounts of money in boats. For balance any Fisherman who flouts the rules ( not minor infringements) should lose they fishing licence for good. How about putting Stan and Geoffrey in a small room together for an hour and lock the door.
  4. Ah if only Mr Field was about in the eighties he’d have made a good bouncer at the palace lido disco though not as rough as some employed during that era?
  5. This time it was a young lady dressed smart disrupting a meeting full of high profile persons, next time it’s a young lady dressed smart with a knife /gun/bomb in her handbag, the chap did the right thing in my opinion in a spur of the moment action, don’t you think some clean skin white terrorists will pick up on this. Next time it may be to late.
  6. Beyond belief, disgusting comments . Peter Hickman is a brilliant motorcycle racer whether that’s on roads or short circuits, a gentleman and a nice all round guy just doing what he loves. No rider or anybody in fact should have to put up with vile posts like that.
  7. They’ll be a whole cabinet office or heritage department formed soon within government to look after them? with worldwide roadshows possibilities while the queues get longer for healthcare. If only we had politicians who would concentrate on real issues instead of winding down the clock till election time. Or it may be a simple as they lose there uplift in pay if the big chief takes away there departmental roles so follow the leader at all times or take a pay cut. Happy Easter.
  8. Send Bill Dale down to give them all a litter picker to clean up the environment that surrounds them better use of there time me thinks, as the government will only pretend to listen as big corporations also have the last word would it not be better served to sit outside supermarkets takeaways etc to stop them using plastics and non biodegradable materials now that would hurt there profits then you’ll see change. Then they’ll put up prices to cover this and we will all moan again hey ho.
  9. Do those two geese still live there ? Will defa or the wildlife gang look after them, whose going to re home them, joking aside just get it built and bring some life back down south.
  10. Year of our island what’s all this about? Sic My learned fellow forum people am I right in thinking this scheme had a decent sized budget of which only 75k was spent and run by two servants probably costing at least that amount to do whatever they did, seems a complete waste of money to me why not just dole money out to local authorities who then can ask the public for ideas or already established groups instead of creating another two none jobs, I may have missed something but full of flu and haven’t the patience to read whole thread sorry guys n girls.
  11. Old Theresa after losing losing losing most things thrown at her could yet end up winning god loves a tryer, a bit like some mhks /MPs who stand at every election and by a dogged perseverance some eventually get over the line.
  12. Douglas golf club was okay though the chef seemed a tad territorial with the meat portions on the day but surroundings are good, the falcons nest in the big Hall is a bit soulless (try to get in the conservatory) but the carvery was excellent and at £12 for two courses is very hard to beat.
  13. In my experiences if a mhk won’t give a sound bite or spontaneous answer to a few questions, they either have no idea ( out of there depth) or they have lost the civil service script given to them.
  14. GreyWolf

    Cut & paste

    Totally disgusted by that bit of plagiarism and for once fair play to Watterson for highlighting it, otherwise carpet brush under are three words that comes to mind. I don’t doubt the Ashford lad is trying his best in a very difficult department but sticking up for her on mandate this morning lost any integrity I thought he had.
  15. How about having one southern board all paying the same rates, so let’s say Port Erin with 3 persons PSM 2 Rushen1 Arbory1 and join the Towners with Malew together.
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