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  1. SJ I heard it one dinner time and am sure it was repeated again on wintys 5:30/6 slot.
  2. I been told and have no doubt in believing it but Tesco/M@S/ Sport Direct has some of the best turnover per square foot here than any of there uk stores so I do believe there’s room for different brands to come but steer clear of Strand Street with its pull your pants down exorbitant rents. The islands population in general has a lot of disposable income. Bring on Lidl,Aldi Amongst many other brands someone also to give B@B and the like etc a run for there money.
  3. Listened to Beth tearing into Tim in a interview earlier seems some candidates get a heavier grilling than others especially ones who have any criticism of government and seek change, like Zarley said in his post, I am also warming to Crookall a much better alternative to Booty and Hammy. Personally although Mrs Davies is by far to best political interviewer manx radio has bar none I don’t think she should be doing them considering her hubby is up towards the top of the tree in government. Kate and Tim would be my pick.
  4. Thats out of order and a little worrying, it might just be some dickhead who thinks it funny but I find that disturbing no matter what you think of any person standing at least they have the guts to stand and be counted. It’s know wonder many people who might have thought about standing think it’s just not worth the hassle. Also behind every candidate is a real person who has feelings.
  5. This literally smells of sweeping it under the carpet once again unless the report is released, I know a little but enough to say kevin was one of the decent guys at defa a clever guy who just got on with his job, hopefully someone like Cowin can pick into it. I don’t suppose it would be to hard to work out who the civil servant was, as am assuming they’d have to be in same department to sanction the order. Cleverer people than me will know but if the report was of little evidential value then why not release it.
  6. What a real breath of fresh air this girl is I hope she goes on to win it.
  7. I think Allinson is a bit like Watty with a big vote last time (miles ahead) I think both will top the poll but with a considerable drop in there vote, The Mann chap could well give Hooper a close run though, good luck to him.
  8. Overheard two sets of well travelled tourists (all over 60) the other day who have never been here before, both were surprised by the variety of things to do and the beauty of the place and we’re really enjoying there visit but felt the lack of good modern accommodation and pubs let the place down. Also very disappointed by Douglas.
  9. Top five ins, Lord Brennan Poole Wilson Johnston Christian kemp the outs Boot Hamer Cregeen Baker Fowler could name many more if I had a choice who I wouldn't vote for . Of all the previous sitting members I’d only put 8 back in.
  10. Yep pretty sure she’ll get back in.
  11. Comes across very well if I lived in that area I’d vote for him, good luck to him.
  12. The sound quality was very poor so I just switched off.
  13. Watching that, I thought Glover won it but Crowther could be a dark horse the two sitting members defo not shoe ins.
  14. Roger M or JW have a question for you may be able to answer for me, with manx radio doing the rounds in the hustings to a limited ticketed fairly small audience, does that mean they’ll be no larger ie School hall or town hall gatherings to just turn up on the night of the husting Cheers.
  15. JPW is obviously fairly bright and articulate a Pam Crowe type of politician who just thinks she’s better than everyone else but let’s hope am wrong about that if she’s elected.
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