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  1. GreyWolf

    Firm closing

    Cherry awful, that old tired place in Port Heroin.
  2. He a good lad and a clever marine scientist Kevin, been shit on by those above him for whistleblowing from what I’ve heard, unless the rotten apples within the system are held to account god help this island going forward.
  3. I like to give most Mhks a chance for a good while. I know odd mistakes and decisions do happen that’s life but I have no trust in anything that comes out of Ashfords mouth anymore he simply has to go full stop. If the big chief Alf doesn’t give him the boot then what hold has Ash got over him?
  4. GreyWolf

    Poor MHKs

    Am sure there’s a few commissioners around the island get a fair few emails or calls at the weekend and they do it for buggar all. I remember arranging a meeting with Donald Gelling long long years ago he said come to house at 8:30, I said are you sure that’s not to late to bother you at home his very words to me were, no boy I answer calls, or reply to letters till at least 11pm every night that’s my job.
  5. Numbnuts you raise an interesting question, are these the full amounts or can you double dip even triple dip ? ie partner, husband, wife, family etc claim, which then sheds a whole different light on things.
  6. The finest scotch whiskey.
  7. The pdms guy seems to be very green but I suppose you can when you have zero day to day money problems, we really shouldn’t have the cash rich businesses continually getting the ear of the government ( especially some of our more blinkered mhks ) to force green change on us all at any cost, they have little reality with most peoples day to day living costs.I believe we all try to be more green in this age but I still say if that gas is out there, then let’s have it. also the £42 million in the green pot can we have it properly audited to see whose is really benefiting.
  8. Please can we line up all the real idiots involved in this farce wasting our money (maybe on the prom) and let the public throw soft rotten tomatoes or stinky kippers at them, that’ll teach them. The numerous idiotic mistakes our gov/ cs makes it could catch on to be a weekly event. Surely a proper survey survey should have highlighted the voids.
  9. Plenty of us on here have no doubt may have sowed a few wild oats in the past.
  10. Crikey John, hope it wasn’t the return of jet ski man jumping the fence, was he carrying a box of milk tray under his arm.
  11. For once PSM at 1.5% seem to be the one of the lowest but I guess once they’ve spent or wasted the manxonia money recently received they’ll be back with some of the highest rises.
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