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  1. On a lighter note, Costain has got a more voteable sound than Beecroft.
  2. After the farmers were getting extra cash thrown at them last year after the dry summer, this years looked to me a good one 3/4+ cuts at least so will the farmers be paying anything back ? NOPE. Employing these Barristers to basically scare people into not objecting or feel intimidated is disgusting.
  3. Went past Sunday, two workers on there hands and knees scraping of the newly put down cycleway markings, so we have the cost and man hours to put it down then the cost of removal( most likely at double time ) so a simple job costs way above what it should've. Mistakes do happen but times that by the endless mistakes across the D.O.I and these mistakes are costing us a fortune. That Black fellow at-the top couldn’t run a bath he needs to go.
  4. Maybe this so called traditional bit of scrounging would stop if we did indeed just gave the little blighters a PENNY.
  5. Max, Would there be any merits in shoving them down to Billown till they grow the number of entries and also they’d get a few laps in for any interested spectators.
  6. Rushen might throw up a surprise or two yet and what about someone like Castletowns own Jimmy Cubbon who if he stood would probably get in as he’s popular with the towners.
  7. Phil Gawne on again today a full hours worth on the Mannin line, oh so much air time, why don’t they just rebrand to Manx radio featuring Phil Gawne.
  8. The trouble is she’s not alone in being ineffective in government. I predict that at least half the house won’t be re-elected as long as some reasonable candidates come forward for the next election plus 2/3 may not decide to stand.
  9. Seen on the wee road down to Fleshwick bay
  10. To many years ago to remember I saw a fox run straight across the road in front of me couldn’t believe it, then I heard about 2 to 3 weeks later a guy shot one down towards the sound.
  11. Gave it a few days but my thoughts on the new scheduling are Chris Williams okay, the new look 7:30 to 9.30 total rubbish which is a shame because the Wotton girl seems a good presenter for current affairs, won’t be tuning in again. Never listened to any morning shows always defected to Jason at 3fm sometimes Energy till mannin line, Wint does a reasonable job. Switch of after that late lunch is dire listening (really need 3 presenters on one show think not) always try to get news at 5 then off. Have to admit Stu’s late spot is surprisingly good listening and he’ll probably grow his audience over time so good luck to him. Manx radio daytime looks to me like a cosy club for a few mates. Re listening figures, over the years be it in a shop, warehouse, building site etc I never hear manx it’s always. 3fm energy or radio 1 or 2 . Some will like it some won’t but we pay a lot of money for a mediocre service.
  12. It’s a shame Stu is moving, talking heads is about the only slot on manx radio i can listen to for more than 5 mins and in all fairness he does it very well, I can understand some people’s view of Winty but at least he broadcasts in a strong clear voice unlike a lot of there broadcasters who just mumble incoherently also a couple of the weather forecasters are poor speakers I hardly get a word in. Anyway good luck on your new show Stu am sure it’ll be a success are you modelling yourself on Gary Cole who was the midnight caller a programme than ran 1988/1991 ?
  13. Mmm I got one and even that was a guess but I never spent much time at school anyway.
  14. Greta said months ago her views on climate change, excellent well done, good for her but that should have been it, not turning it into a worldwide roadshow ( not unlike that poor girl shot by the Talaban for daring to go to school) to be manipulated by others let’s face it they still kids and yes they have every right to an opinion just as anyone else. I would fear for these kids long term mental health being pushed around like some guru’s . As before well done great points now fade back into being a teenager grow stronger and regroup and return when older if needed.
  15. GreyWolf

    TT 2018

    Max wouldn’t that urgency be for a fire engine to speed not a course car? I think the course car was probably driving to fast to get to the scene, maybe I’d have a different opinion if it contained paramedics/doctors also how many times have people crossed a closed road or dropped things into the road then gone to collect including Marshall’s when circuit is not racing, not sure if it has but should the course car not be fitted with sirens, In the interest of complete clarity the findings of any report into the incident should be made public.
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