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  1. Serious question, having watched some doi road works resurfacing (a patchwork quilt of a job done to) why do they start with a big gang then do a few days, then disappear then come back to go again so on and so on, then friday always seems an early bath and of bit of noise Saturday morning presumably for double bubble, Spanish practices or bad management organisation what am trying to say why don’t they just start and finish the bloody job in one hit.
  2. Out of all our illustrious Mhk’s and members, lazy,council I would only vote for 9 of them by choice but Stu at present would be one.
  3. Roxy, could it be a chip on there shoulder.
  4. Disgusting, should have got triple that sentence.
  5. Am not surprised it’s empty, most people are just fed up of these talking bollocks roadshows.
  6. Asthehills. Sorry I disagree, irrespective of the money manx radio receives, that shouldn’t be to buy the silence or criticism of any government shortfalls. Presenters of that program should be highlighting and encouraging debate about what shit we are really in.
  7. Hooper needs to go, just another Mhk with an over inflated opinion of there own intelligence.
  8. One thing that’s obvious to me is Beth and Alex are so superior when doing a shift on the Mannin line to that Wint fella.
  9. Maybe if one does appear it can reduce some of those pesky seals, Basking sharks come and go, some years there’s loads other years there’s hardly any always been the way also if the plankton is slightly lower in the water you’d never see any anyway.
  10. When I was a nipper we never had such a luxury as central heating just a coal fire to heat up the back water boiler with a small electric heater in the bathroom, slept sometimes with jumper and bobble hat in winter when frost was inside the windows, that just how it was but gave me a good work ethic to never go back to those days.
  11. Had a amble along the prom yesterday, god it’s looking tired in places and could do with some money spending on it, seriously it’s a mish mash of a clusterf**k of great proportions to add the the rest of our premier league failures but can someone tell me if those blue rusting seafront railings that are cracking everywhere part of the original budget to be replaced or is that an inevitable extra cost. Apologies in advance if already discussed but it’s a long thread and I dip in and out.
  12. I know someone who attended that climate change group meetings they had / forum/ talking shop and if you looked around the room you could literally smell the wealth the majority had in the venue no one seemed to be living in the real world yet they were preaching everyone must have an electric car and solar panels, air source pumps and the like with absolutely no idea how the average person in the street who some live day to day could afford such. I was told the only person to speak rationally was Tim Johnston (before he was elected). Ralph Peake spoke also but came across as having a head full of magic . We all need to do our little bit for climate change but it seems to me the rallying cry has been hijacked by the middle classes and above.
  13. Wanna-burger just gone up a bit in my estimation with that statement.
  14. Let’s have some transparency for once, disclose the whole sorry saga I say, or we’ll never trust this government.
  15. What a complete waste of OUR tax payers feckin money, hey why not have some morals and say we are not going and what it would have cost us is now going towards the cost of someone’s health or a needy charity.
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