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  1. That I believe is Ted Cruz positioning himself up to fill Trumps shoes and get some of his large following, another dangerous politician.
  2. As long as none of them attended the alleged big party of one of there students at mount Murray we should be fine?
  3. I lost my trust in manx radio a while back now am sorry to say, at least old Stu gave most people a voice on the moaning line Winty boy seems very selective, also any of there Journalists that did seem a little more proactive soon get hovered up and placed in the cabinet office on a nice wedge.
  4. After that scare on his jet ski I wonder if he’ll come by micro light next time? Or Marty’s Mcflys hoverboard.
  5. The picture of him at the sea terminal showed him carrying what seemed a very light rucksack compared to arrival plus if he was battling heavy seas his bobble hat would have been drenched wet, doesn’t look like that on photos entering Ramsey, also barehands in that weather for 4 hours I really don’t think so, never mind his Bear Grylls walk to Douglas who nobody witnessed yet.
  6. Wow was that not Chris Thomas 🤔 yeah that skit programme on at lunch time was very good.
  7. The posties I know are great, hard at it but speaking to one this week they still have problems with some militant ones and loads are of sick which you always seem get when your salary is guaranteed while some will be genuinely ill a lot will be playing the system.
  8. Well I have a very suspicious mind I just don’t believe his story at all and surely someone would have seen him walking with that big Bergen on his back. Greatest love story of all time or complete load of b%ll%oks.
  9. These plans has been floating about for a long time now, yet suddenly Rushen MHKs are looking to the horizon for votes, so obvious local electioneering going on after local pitchfork annoyance with the planned new build. The speaker isn’t the shoe horn in to get re elected as once was the case instead taking the easy option of speaker turned a lot of his traditional support away, I can’t say I like that new look of the Cozy folly but not against a better design more in keeping going ahead we can’t always remain in the past.
  10. Hey, why don’t the Iom gov issue there own credit card for the people ? let’s call it the Tynwald doi card where you can spend as much as you like and never pay it back.
  11. I’ve seen a big rise in the last few days of mask wearing so I guess there’s a fair few returnees of all ages so be careful folks, under that mistletoe.
  12. Rays the errmmm Harmer is probably a really nice bloke but being a politician isn’t his thing, though he’s not alone there methinks.
  13. The question the PSM ratepayers need to ask is why the majority of the sitting commissioners at the time seemed so intent to want to buy that old building and what was there real plan for it. If it is sold then good luck to new owners and it’ll be nice to see it as a working building again.
  14. Speaking to one fisherman the other day they were showing quite a bit of concern as they were catching there scallop quota in a handful of hours, yet some non Manx vessels with more fishing gear spread were still fishing late into the afternoon then sailing away to land ? unless they were towing around with there gear upside down this can only point to overfishing once again while those landing in IOM seem to be playing by the rules, where were the checks by our fisheries officers.
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