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  1. Glad it’s flown home again, that should stop Defa employing more peeps in none jobs sitting in deckchairs looking for this magnificent bird.
  2. Can we get his paw print on the voters list and get him to stand for mhk (I’d vote for him) at least he showed initiative by escaping again and am positive he couldn’t do any worse than some of the incumbents in the big whitehouse.
  3. Estate agents are up to there old tricks leaving property that sold ages ago on there sites to try and create a wee frenzy that everything is selling fast. Also there are ones that have just sat for year after year at unrealistic prices and with no return for money at any banks, buy to let seems a better option or spend all your cash and get a commie house.
  4. Not to worry we’ve got masses of sea grass growing around our coast maybe our fishermen can claim for a countrysea side care grant to get on the old bandwagon. Fishing has always has its good bad years but there’s to much interference from our government over the last 4/5 years, really makes you wonder if they just want to kill the industry completely or are they that incompetent ? The iom fleet is shrinking if it goes much more it won’t be sustainable for processing factories continue. The Barrule was never fit for purpose it sort of reminded more of the horse trams with full blinkers on.
  5. Conveyancing is on the whole is a slow and dire expensive experience on the iom not much to chose between most of them but the guy Barrie mentions Neil Quilliam is much better than most.
  6. I’d bet a fair few on here would turn into a snowflake instantly if some IT hacker suddenly spilled out everyone’s names behind the masks. never judge a man till you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.
  7. Come on give the guys a break, it’s obvious to me once the string across the front is attached it’s a one person viewing platform. Seriously it must get embarrassing for the workers who have to carry out the plans of the stupid.
  8. I don’t doubt for one minute that’s there is real genuine people suffering from stress within the government payroll but everyone on here will know of or have heard stories of individuals just playing the system it’s far to easy for some to use that route, also the miraculous recovery some make after leaving with a generous payout or with a enhanced sickness pension. Is it a different kind of stress when you run your own business or you employ people maybe your single trading plumber, joiner, spark, bricky etc etc or just on zero hours contract is it not the fact that you just have to get out of bed and work or go hungry or fall into debt. No safety net out in the real world just have to get on with it.
  9. I like to see a equivalent costing for a similar road in the uk, why oh why didn’t they just get rid of one of the pavements and ( let’s use a gov word) that Biosphere of grass, the cats eyes are really effective but they really narrow the road also Lycra cyclists will be pushed out further from the curb to avoid bumping over them, once again causing backlogs which in turn cause more road rage and accidents. The cyclist path will be used only by a the few but won’t be any safer as impatient drivers will race between the gaps when overtaking cyclists. That road should flow if done correctly, next time put all mhks / D.O.I road dept officers on bikes to cycle up and down for an hour or two to show them the obvious faults and let’s hope they all come back safe.
  10. The Mannin line is now far to watered down for my liking from the few that I’ve listened to it has no real bite or debate and by the time Winty boy stops yapping that’s a good chunk gone, then we’re on to an afternoon of Bindles mates,(straight to the off button) but that would suit there paymasters. Now looking at it from a different angle if I was sat up in the cabinet office and suddenly we have a journo be that at manx radio or Iom newspapers whose a bit more investigated in there work than others and he or she could embarrass are cosy island set up, nothing to see here, well we’ll just have to hire them to neutralise and put reverse spin out. My listening now consists of the news, a bit of mandate pm, some Kinners evening show ( which is surprisingly good) and till I nod off that grumpy old DJ who comes on at 10pm.
  11. Ralphie Peaky awakes, another one whose seems to have done nowt in government , election on horizon is there, must get me mug shot in the media and papers in case everyone’s forgot me, at least Moorhouse try’s his best, Peaky blunders picks the wrong subject as this is just a money making enterprise for the few hitting the pockets of the many on this rock who are just getting by. Okay for a wealthy dude like him he could claim for it on his expenses that us taxpayers pay for. Just police the excessive speed and driving whilst on the phone (see that most days) look at tyres etc etc and if they find some really unsafe vehicles straight to the crusher for them.
  12. On a lighter note, Costain has got a more voteable sound than Beecroft.
  13. After the farmers were getting extra cash thrown at them last year after the dry summer, this years looked to me a good one 3/4+ cuts at least so will the farmers be paying anything back ? NOPE. Employing these Barristers to basically scare people into not objecting or feel intimidated is disgusting.
  14. Went past Sunday, two workers on there hands and knees scraping of the newly put down cycleway markings, so we have the cost and man hours to put it down then the cost of removal( most likely at double time ) so a simple job costs way above what it should've. Mistakes do happen but times that by the endless mistakes across the D.O.I and these mistakes are costing us a fortune. That Black fellow at-the top couldn’t run a bath he needs to go.
  15. Maybe this so called traditional bit of scrounging would stop if we did indeed just gave the little blighters a PENNY.
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