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    Am assuming not everyone on here is a sad loner, so most of us will have a fair circle of friends or acquaintances ? now put yourself in the position of running say a business/or government offices with 20/30 maybe more people I bet they’d be a fair few who’d end up doing diddly squat sat at home, Working from home worked better during the covid lockdown with people being scared also you had nothing else to do or occupy yourself. Unless you are given a quota of work that’s expected to be done within in a certain time period how many will have extra coffee or fag breaks a trip to the shops walk the dog longer than normal, people calling round, catching the sun in there back garden being on Facebook all day or dare I say it on here posting when you really should be grafting.
  2. She’s a fine looking boat much better on the eye than her older hard working sister.
  3. Beat me to it Gladys, that was the exact analogy I was going to use.
  4. Come on Teapot, jolly bodies are part of Manx folklore but maybe Jacko shot them and now needs to shoot Partridges for sport instead if it’s the same chap who was once the isles finest D.J
  5. If our naive mhks take there collective buried heads out of the sand this rock has a bigger drug problem than they realise, some of us who have been around a lot longer cast you mind back 25/30/40 /50years ago how many druggies do you remember, outside the few smoking weed not many I’d bet on hard stuff now fast forward to today’s times it’s everywhere and I’d bet that most people know someone whose life has been ruined by drugs. So if I sat in Tinpotty land I’d be pushing to cut the C.S bloat and cut out deadwood ( indeed some working within the Gov predicted which skivers would come out of the woodwork during covid ) and replace some of that spend with sniffer dogs permanently based at the airport and ferry terminal with an extra one floating around for the post office and other ports checking incoming pleasure craft, fishing vessels, coasters also all fast ribs/ speedboats to be fitted with marine trackers so there’s no chance of moonlight drug drops around the quieter parts of our coast. It’s not going to stop completely but it’ll certainly cut supply chain drastically.
  6. He would I guess but aren’t Ali and Hoops pretty popular down that way and may be hard to shift also the quality of the Douglas field doesn’t strike me as very strong ( sorry candidates) if I lived there I’d probably vote Josem or give Quine a shot.
  7. Go on Derek throw your hat in the ring , I think you may have a shot unless a lot of those constituents you may have met in previous job, though those characters are unlikely to vote.
  8. Yep if the west doesn’t throw up some new interesting candidates T.C will stroll back in.
  9. Maybe to make way for 24 Andrew Gormley cast iron statues of our Mhks like Crosby beach now that’s an idea.
  10. As good as time to stand as any I think,( you may dislike your experience find it to far to frustrating to achieve anything) once in you can pander to and network your electorate so they think your worth a vote in the 5 year mhk payout scheme of the big election, that’s not in the far to distant future, that’s when others may join the race but being in should give you an advantage also you can ask all the right uncomfortable questions in tynwald before your brought in by the whips or the dark lords of the C.S. Seriously good luck to anyone that has the balls to stand in this age but I really do hope we can find some new inspired mhks with there heads out of the sand and who don’t really care or need the 10 grand uplift to keep to there principles and will call out other members or civil servants who don’t perform consistently.
  11. The problem is a department not fit for purpose, agree lot more cars on the road and many many more to come as population grows it’s only going to get worse folks.
  12. Many moons ago whilst on holiday I got talking to a english chap who worked within the formula 1 circus, he said that Hamilton walked around like Mr Billy big time always ignoring anyone who he thought was below him, yet Alonso who always looks grumpy and aloof would acknowledge or stop for a chat even have a drink if time dictated with anyone from the bottom to the top job. Needless to say he said everyone liked and respected Alonso.
  13. I but the Brits do like a rumble and don’t the European army tanks etc all have 5 gears, neutral and 4 in reverse?
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