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  1. Dead easy to measure, lobsters gauges are easily bought another real problem is the unscrupulous fisherman scrubbing the berried hens. One possible way to tackle problem is when the berried hens are at there height, throw some of those twiddling there thumbs scientists that defa has in spades aboard a few boats and notch all the hens giving the future stock protection. Then anyone caught trying to sell them, through the book at them or take there license away to fish.
  2. What I find the most frustrating thing about the whole embarrassing saga of the prom is that the vast majority of us expected it to fail with shoddy workmanship and budgets spiralling out of control, the real cost we will never know lots will be hidden by creative accounting yet our politicians say beggar all, keeping there heads down nodding dogs to our thick headed CS heads of departments and there Waylon Smithers like lieutenants who can’t see the wood for the trees. Alf and his fellow mhk’s need to get a grip (open you eyes) we are becoming a laughing stock and a soft touch to all the Arthur Daleys out there with every large project you do.
  3. She just waffles on and on, reading from notes if Wint lets her go on and on we may only get a couple of callers, a middle class politico we no connection with the less fortunate in society.
  4. Listening to his voice probably won’t fit in with what you imagine him to look like.
  5. To quote Boris, Hooper is just a human bollard.
  6. Time to get rid of the lot of them, a lot just walk in due to public apathy that it’ll just be the same old crap what’s the point of voting, the system needs shaking up, its past its sell by date.
  7. Gladys, those herring girls made a lot of govag lads happy.
  8. Were they designed by a couple of 5 year olds from Gawnies bun school.
  9. We’re they designed by a couple of 5 year olds from Gawnies bun school.
  10. A fair few mhk’s strutting around like egotistical peacocks.
  11. Have to say Alex Brindley when he’s hosting the mannin line is very very good he asks some good probing questions much better than Winty (I think am cleverer than my listeners chap) Beth is also very good. Kate Brennan on today who I thought would be a good Mhk came across as poor fair play to the Sharon women who called her out.
  12. My interpretation is (I maybe wrong ) Kennington highlights the dumping of toxic waste, told to keep quiet, (doesn’t) but nobody within Defa or doi wants to know so let’s just brush it under the carpet. Also major silence from Peel mhk’s. Kennington carry’s on his crusade to which those above him close ranks and either gaslight him or bully him take your pick and get the best legal advice paid for by the taxpayer to shut him down. It’s just another disgusting episode within the system that got far to many bad apples.
  13. The new ship looks fantastic, no doubt Calmac will be looking on enviously but to let this ship perform at its maximum potential let’s hope they get Heysham and Douglas harbours regularly dredged as movability with windage considerations at low water she’ll be a handful to control or sailings will be continually disrupted.
  14. GreyWolf

    TT 2022 ??

    Stupid question maybe but why don’t they survey the road and level it of a bit, ( I know Ago’s leap is sacred to some but would that not make it safer?) or someone like say Moly could give input into the state of the extra tricky surfaces. Not a biker so I could be talking b#llo#ks.
  15. TT COVID has bit me only tested after a real brute of a headache and got the two red lines for the first time, headache gone after 8/9 hours, not overly bothered just got to get on with life though I am people avoiding ( not that hard for me) keeping away from shops pubs etc. It’s ripping through the island let’s hope it disappears as quick and builds up further immunity. The worlds got to keep turning and much worse things are happening in Ukraine.
  16. Fair play to the chap for putting on all the bands, I really do hope it works out for him and it’s not a one off.
  17. I think you right Derek I don’t think he really wants to go but for the good of the force moving forward he really needs to go soon.
  18. Declan, The group with Trevor Baines wife in it was I think called Brazil ( could be wrong) they had a single called slip away or slipping away had plenty of airplay on Manx radio and a bit on radio 2 at the time, a really good song but can never find it when I’ve looked for it.
  19. GreyWolf

    Firm closing

    Cherry awful, that old tired place in Port Heroin.
  20. He a good lad and a clever marine scientist Kevin, been shit on by those above him for whistleblowing from what I’ve heard, unless the rotten apples within the system are held to account god help this island going forward.
  21. I like to give most Mhks a chance for a good while. I know odd mistakes and decisions do happen that’s life but I have no trust in anything that comes out of Ashfords mouth anymore he simply has to go full stop. If the big chief Alf doesn’t give him the boot then what hold has Ash got over him?
  22. GreyWolf

    Poor MHKs

    Am sure there’s a few commissioners around the island get a fair few emails or calls at the weekend and they do it for buggar all. I remember arranging a meeting with Donald Gelling long long years ago he said come to house at 8:30, I said are you sure that’s not to late to bother you at home his very words to me were, no boy I answer calls, or reply to letters till at least 11pm every night that’s my job.
  23. Numbnuts you raise an interesting question, are these the full amounts or can you double dip even triple dip ? ie partner, husband, wife, family etc claim, which then sheds a whole different light on things.
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