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  1. Please remember: Delete cookies so that your password isn't left on a shared computer
  2. Feel free to e-mail me abuse
  3. I'll pass that on to Billy when he's next online.
  4. I have excellent manners i'll have you know!! The bad boy look ain't really my thing i was going for the annoying tosser angle. Kind Regards The Messiah
  5. Prison sex was rather rough & that was just from the Prison wardens!!
  6. Ahh come on pretty much everyone does it! They should have a better queuing system!! The bouncers did see me pushing in but did jack about it.
  7. The Messiah


    Everyones been in one but does anyone have any special way of jumping them? Call me impatient or a knob but i don't like queues especially if it's outside Colours on a cold December night. Take for example this weekend. Got to Colours early in my book but there was still a large queue so i just walked to the front & pushed in. Didn't make a lot of friends but if they had a problem they should have done something about it. Tip. If you can't be arsed queuing for a drink at a bar. Push to the front, ask the person (Preferably a woman) about to get served what they're wanting to drink (Order what drinks you want as well) & pay for their drink(s). Might not be cheap but it's also a good ice breaker with the ladies haha
  8. You would have thought he would use Ghost Man. http://www.kelkoo.co.uk/b/a/sbs/133501/10350818.html
  9. I like to alternate between Bvlgari Aqua & Emporio Armani Night. Both of which make the ladies moist!! Anyone recommend any others?
  10. Can't picture you looking good in black womens underwear.
  11. Anyone else remember "Whose line is it anyway?" ?
  12. I'll second that!! I thought Mr Kipling was gay?
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