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  1. andrew

    Premier Inn

    Drove down through the U.K. last year and hadn’t booked anywhere for a nights stopover. I basically drove until I was feeling tired, pulled in, opened the Premier Inn app on my phone and with several clicks found my nearest Premier Inn (10 min drive away), that it was £42 for the night and booked/paid for it there and then. As others have said, you know exactly what you are getting.
  2. andrew

    MEA or now Manx Utilities

    They are normally pretty good at keeping their social media up to date out of hours for faults but it seems there is no mention of this fault...... I believe they only have one or two staff working at Pulrose Power Station out of hours/overnight and if you ring then to report a fault, they will deal with it. However once half of Onchan are all ringing up, they are probably concentrating on getting people called out to fix the fault than answering the phone to the public. It seems a shame that they didn’t use Social Media this time for some reason but they are normally pretty good at publishing something as it then stops the phone calls.
  3. andrew

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    I’d like to see a second driving test being done after 1 year which you need to pass to get rid of your R plates. It’s always said that your “learning” continues after passing your test, so let’s see how it’s gone!
  4. andrew

    Posties Driving Allowance

    But you don't have a choice as to when the parcel is delivered? If Saturday is the only day you can receive it, do you make sure that whoever posts it out does so on Thursday or Friday? If the post is delayed or doesn't make it, then on Monday you get a "missed call" card and have to go and get it. By not delivering to businesses, I mean that I don't believe all the PO Box mail which is dropped off to companies is delivered. Does the postman still walk down Athol Street posting mail through doors on Saturdays? Guernsey stopped Saturday deliveries years ago and I'm not aware it causes any major issues. Surely the Business Development Managers can only deal with sending post out from the island?? Are they really speaking to the likes of Amazon saying "give us your business for anything sent to the IOM"? Unless Amazon uses Royal Mail for their collection, it will never be passed onto IOM Post Office?
  5. andrew

    Posties Driving Allowance

    So if they get rid of the Saturday letter delivery which I can’t see any benefit in (apart from maybe once a year if your birthday falls at a weekend and you are expecting lots of cards), then at weekends they would just need postmen to do the parcel deliveries on Saturday to residential properties (as most offices are closed on Saturdays). Based on retirement, I wonder what the headcount loss will be over the next few years. Just stop recruiting them??
  6. andrew

    Posties Driving Allowance

    Right. That explains it. Thanks! And I presume that as they want to reduce to a 5 day week, they will only need to work for the 35 hours a week, so won't get their lieu week every 6 weeks? Am I right in thinking though, that there are more postmen than are needed to cover for those who are on leave? If they get rid of the week off every 6 weeks, and just have to cover normal "annual leave", then can they do with fewer postmen?
  7. andrew

    Posties Driving Allowance

    Unless you are a postman or have in depth knowledge, then there is little information out there about what a Postman currently earns/benefits/hours/overtime/hours worked etc, verses under the new proposals.
  8. andrew

    Posties Driving Allowance

    So if the postpeople are contracted for a 35 hour week, then presumably the Post Office Management are well within their right not to require them for the additional 8.5 hours??? You can't guarantee overtime???
  9. andrew

    Win a house competition!

    From my view of the events, and having bought a ticket: The T&C’s were quite clear that if all the tickets weren’t sold, then the prize would be a cash prize instead consisting of the total amount raised from the tickets minus costs etc which would be audited. The T&C’s also clearly stated the process for the draw to take place in that it would be witnessed by those with no vested interested (I.e those who hadn’t bought a ticket) and an accountant and lawyer. What the organiser seems to be saying is that all those conditions were ONLY if the house was the prize. As it’s money then she has done something completely different. Earlier on this year she stated that nearly 15,000 tickets had been sold. Come to the draw and it’s gone down to 6,500 - she alleges that the rest were not paid for (it was weird that you got the ticket but then had to pay separately into a bank account). The draw then took place, seemingly not with an accountant or lawyer, but some friends of hers or a few other ticket holders. The winning ticket was picked by her sister who was in the U.K. who used a random number generator - the process being done via a Skype link! Who was watching her sister making sure all was above board. And finally, despite the T&C’s making perfectly clear that by entering the competition it allowed them to give your full name and town etc if you won, the winner was simply announced as “Sarah from the Isle of Man” who wants to remain anonymous. So whilst it maybe appears that we are all “sore losers”, personally all I want clarifying is: Was the draw done in accordance with the T&C’s, and if not, was it a valid draw? As per the T&C’s, someone (an accountant or lawyer) confirming they have audited the entries and that there was only 6,500 paid ticket holders, plus what “expenses” were kept by the organiser thus working out what the prize total was? The winners full name and town to ensure that they are a real person and not someone “made up” who doesn’t exist or a friend of the organiser. If that is all OK then I don’t have a problem. Yes the T&C’s were very woolly and yes when entering something like this you have to take a risk, but it still has to be run and drawn above board - and at th moment it doesn’t look like it has been.
  10. andrew

    Another 3 youngsters criminalised for no reason

    As long as someone declares a conviction to the employers before getting a CRB check, there isn't an issue. Most employers would probably accept an error of judgement etc such as this depending on the job role.
  11. andrew

    Bold Gull strikes

    I've got a friend who was unable to hang their washing outside or use their garden for 2 months due to a Seagull having laid her eggs in a nest on their flat roof and being over-protective of them. Everytime they went out into the garden, the mother and presumably father would swoop down around them until they left the garden. Once the babies were born, they said the noise from them was horrendous. They spoke to the local commissioners and DEFA who basically said there was nothing that could be done! Finally the birds left the roof, and the nest was promptly removed and some netting strung over the flat roof so that birds can no longer get onto it and lay any new nests.
  12. andrew

    Death in Police custody

    The Police may have issued a press release to the media explaining what had happened, but put a time embargo on it allowing them to ensure that all relatives of those involved had been told about the fatalities before hearing it on the news. Maybe BBC and then MR broke the embargo which is why they then removed it until the embargo had passed? Equally someone in the media may have been tipped off by any of the witnesses, emergency services, others who went to the scene, hospital staff etc etc that there had been three deaths. Is it really in the "public interest" to have a race between the local media as to who can have "breaking news" first about possible deaths??? Let them wait until the Police have all the details, families have all been told and then the details can be released to the media?
  13. andrew

    More police on patrol

    I'm sure that if a terrorist wanted to blow up the Airport, then they would simply ignore the list of who can go down the inner lane, and drive down it anyway, stopping their vehicle right outside the door, getting out and walking away. What is going to happen to it? Will the Airport police give it a parking ticket in the 30 seconds before it explodes????? Madness!
  14. andrew

    Bullying official letters?

    But I have a Manx NI number, I pay tax by ITIP, I have a residents parking permit for outside where I live in Douglas, Ive had hospital appointments over the last 30 years, my dentist is an NHS dentist, I'm registered with my GP, and I was on a Jury 15 years ago. Why do they need to threaten me to give them information they should already have? The reason is due to the namby pambys who won't allow the Govt to share data between the different Govt departments. Why don't we come up with a "unique individual identity number" which could be used across all the different Govt departments such as driving licences, health records, criminal records, benefits, pensions, tax, as well as elections and jury service! Great idea! But no, as some people seem to think that their dentist will be able to find out how much they are paid, or that they have a criminal record!