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  1. I think a lot of the issue is more the debris (sand and stones) that the overtopping brings. Down by Summerland it’s just water on the road and as soon as the tide goes down a bit, the water is gone. However down by Castle Mona and the Palace, when the beach was basically level with the road, an immense amount of sand and stones were washed onto the road (and over the vehicles parked there) which then needed clearing up before the road could be reopened again. I think it was earlier this year when a digger spend a good few weeks lowering the beach level in that area to try and prevent it from happening.
  2. The cyclists prohibited sign is only valid during TT fortnight. Like the other one way signs, it should be covered up until the legislation comes into force. Just because a sign goes up, doesn’t make it a legally binding sign.
  3. Even someone with a criminal record is still allowed to visit the IOM - there is no law to stop them!!! Equally, when you get on the ferry, there is no requirement for you to prove that you have some money, or somewhere to stay when on the island. This isn’t the first person who is homeless to turn up on the island hoping for better things, and won’t be the last. I think an “exclusion order” needs to have a higher level of offence to be issued, so he’s simply been advised to return home. I suspect a Govt Dept will have paid for his ferry ticket back to the U.K. just to help with that.
  4. The old Ericsson ones? Try searching in Google for “ericsson vintage phone” and look at the image results.
  5. I'm pretty sure they said that you will still be able to top up at shops. Also it means that other people can top your electricity up, such as carers or relatives of those unable to get to shops.
  6. The IOM Airport NOTAM listed with the opening hours of Sunday 11:00 to 20:45 is for a wide period of time (14 June 2020 to 12 Sept 2020). Aurigny had apparently "agreed" with IOM Airport to open early especially for this flight, so the NOTAM may not necessarily be updated to reflect a single change in date. Equally as its a 90 minute flight (it was an ATR rather than the Jet which does it in 60 minutes), then ATC wouldn't have been open before the flight took off in Guernsey. As such I can see why the pilot ignored the NOTAM as they were told something different was happening. I understand that it was only when the flight was around Liverpool area that they realised it was still shut. As such they diverted to Manchester airport (where Aurigny also fly to pre covid and so have handling agents etc) and sat there on the apron (to avoid Covid issues). I assume once they sorted the issues then a new flight plan had to be filed, a take off slot at Manchester sorted and then they could fly from there to the IOM. So it seems that Aurigny had "agreed" with someone at IOM Airport that it would open early. Aurigny took that as definitely happening, whereas IOM Airport seemed to be awaiting something else which they never got and so didn't arrange for ATC, Fire Service and Airport staff to be there early, however never went back to Aurigny. As such a communications error on both parts (but more so IOM Airport!).
  7. It will be a bit like airports run. At checkin (or security at an airport) you are scanned and marked on the computer as arrived. Once you are scanned at the boarding ramp (the airport gate), the company can see exactly who is on board and who is missing. At the moment if missing a car or passengers, the SP have to manually check all the boarding cards handed in to see who is missing. Now they can see the name of whoever is missing and tannoy them.
  8. There may be people still in Custody, with the Police still making enquiries, maybe more people could be arrested, so telling everyone what has happened may not be in the best interest at the moment.
  9. If you were in the area at the time and saw something, then you wouldn’t need your memory jogging as it would be blatantly obvious it was this matter. If nothing is coming to mind then you obviously didn’t see anything and so don’t need to know what happened.
  10. Drove down through the U.K. last year and hadn’t booked anywhere for a nights stopover. I basically drove until I was feeling tired, pulled in, opened the Premier Inn app on my phone and with several clicks found my nearest Premier Inn (10 min drive away), that it was £42 for the night and booked/paid for it there and then. As others have said, you know exactly what you are getting.
  11. They are normally pretty good at keeping their social media up to date out of hours for faults but it seems there is no mention of this fault...... I believe they only have one or two staff working at Pulrose Power Station out of hours/overnight and if you ring then to report a fault, they will deal with it. However once half of Onchan are all ringing up, they are probably concentrating on getting people called out to fix the fault than answering the phone to the public. It seems a shame that they didn’t use Social Media this time for some reason but they are normally pretty good at publishing something as it then stops the phone calls.
  12. I’d like to see a second driving test being done after 1 year which you need to pass to get rid of your R plates. It’s always said that your “learning” continues after passing your test, so let’s see how it’s gone!
  13. But you don't have a choice as to when the parcel is delivered? If Saturday is the only day you can receive it, do you make sure that whoever posts it out does so on Thursday or Friday? If the post is delayed or doesn't make it, then on Monday you get a "missed call" card and have to go and get it. By not delivering to businesses, I mean that I don't believe all the PO Box mail which is dropped off to companies is delivered. Does the postman still walk down Athol Street posting mail through doors on Saturdays? Guernsey stopped Saturday deliveries years ago and I'm not aware it causes any major issues. Surely the Business Development Managers can only deal with sending post out from the island?? Are they really speaking to the likes of Amazon saying "give us your business for anything sent to the IOM"? Unless Amazon uses Royal Mail for their collection, it will never be passed onto IOM Post Office?
  14. So if they get rid of the Saturday letter delivery which I can’t see any benefit in (apart from maybe once a year if your birthday falls at a weekend and you are expecting lots of cards), then at weekends they would just need postmen to do the parcel deliveries on Saturday to residential properties (as most offices are closed on Saturdays). Based on retirement, I wonder what the headcount loss will be over the next few years. Just stop recruiting them??
  15. Right. That explains it. Thanks! And I presume that as they want to reduce to a 5 day week, they will only need to work for the 35 hours a week, so won't get their lieu week every 6 weeks? Am I right in thinking though, that there are more postmen than are needed to cover for those who are on leave? If they get rid of the week off every 6 weeks, and just have to cover normal "annual leave", then can they do with fewer postmen?
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