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  1. I was under the impression it was a flat rate of 20% for earnings over the personal allowance (which is what £10-£11K ish now?). Unless you qualify for the tax cap in which case it's likely to be considerably less than 20%.
  2. The problem with your analogy Wrighty is this, the "spent accordingly" of the government high roller has been spent on him/herself, whereas the "spent accordingly" of the builder has been spent on the customer's kitchen. My old mate Wooley is completely correct (he's obviously developed some sense in my absence) If somebody earning enough to qualify for a £300K lump sum can't struggle by with £75K windfall and £25K pension till they drop, then what hope is there for the rest of us? I do have some sympathy for your predicament, but we live in times of austerity, and although it would be nice to honor a commitment to pay someone who's been in receipt of a 3 figure salary for many years previous their King's ransom lump sum, such largess is no longer affordable.
  3. Do you think we could consolidate this argument on the "demonstration" thread? No need to start it up on here as well, (you're wrong btw)
  4. Read the thread Notwell, you got me wrong, admittedly aided by my poor choice of words but you got me wrong. I know guys who do cash jobs, lets leave it at that - do I know whether they declare that cash, no I don't, we're both men of the world. Back on topic though - I could be Ken Dodd's accountant and that still wouldn't even come close to justifying why the IOM should stand by and watch people in dire need suffer or perish in the Mediterranean. Why we should fail to find the merest scrap of humanity between us. This is something I feel very strongly about and the way you've wrongly interpreted something I wrote six months ago doesn't begin to justify our shameful lack of action in this area.
  5. I do cash jobs myself, are you accusing me of tax evasion?
  6. I do know people who do cash jobs, I don't deny it, never have - I do them myself sometimes.
  7. OK and a few posts later, after you'd taken that differently to how it was intended I said "Poor choice of words, nothing more. I know people who prefer to be paid in cash for some jobs - do I know whether they declare that cash? No. Do I have any way of knowing? No." Seems pretty clear to me. Do I know people who avoid taxes? Statistically I probably do (and just so you don't similarly take that the wrong way, no I don't know who they are specifically) I know a couple of guys serving time in the Jurby Hilton too, does that make me a criminal? I know a guy who got locked up for having indecent images of children on his computer, does that make me a pedophile? I used to work with a fella from Munich, does that make me German?
  8. Go on then, no excuse for not quoting now then have ye?
  9. It didn't happen and we both know it. You're refusing to quote it (as predicted) I also predict the "plenty" you mentioned that agreed won't show up and verify what you say, you don't have the intellect to embarrass anyone but yourself. You sir, are a liar.
  10. Pure fantasy, you're a liar - it doesn't matter how many times you say it, it doesn't make it true. Everything I've said on this forum is on the record, feel free to quote it.
  11. You're a liar, it's not the first time you've made stuff up. I think you need help.
  12. All I remember is you clumsily trying to make me admit that I knew people in my line of work who dodged taxes, you failed then and you've failed now. Please feel free to quote anything I've ever written on this forum (unless you conveniently can't be bothered.)
  13. You really are a fucking beauty, I think you even believe your own imagination sometimes.
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