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  1. I have absolutely nothing against comeovers, apart from the fact there are far too many of them from the one place. I've even seen some of them complain about comeovers from elsewhere!
  2. Not necessarily stupid. Most driving is automatic and people need specific signs if things change. Have you been to the Creg during TT week?
  3. What it means is that anyone who's too stupid to realise that the mountain Road is one way while approaching the Creg during TT fortnight simply shouldn't be on the road, as this fellas ban has proved. And no amount of your thinly veiled anti TT rhetoric is going to change that, you stupid cunt.
  4. I think you can safely start omit the "clueless" label on anyone who disagrees with you now, you've been on this forum long enough for it to be assumed. I'm not comparing anywhere. I'm simply trying to understand why two remarkably similar places are so far removed from each other that one gets less than one percent of the visitors of the other and what if anything could be done about it. Oh and I don't work in a sector where it would be advantageous for the answer to be "nothing"
  5. But speed limits "allow for stupidity" even less. If your journey has started within the speed limit then the chances are you've had no signage whatsoever to inform you of the limit. Does that sound like a system that's designed to allow for stupidity to you?
  6. Handbook for implementing tourist tax, page one, chapter one; 1. First of all you need some tourists.
  7. But surely they don't "allow for stupidity" in so far as most streets and roads are two way?
  8. But it would genuinely never happen , our Government would have to grow a pair first, is there any single candidate in next week's election that has had the balls to even suggest it? Also, as Woolley has rightly pointed out, a majority of the population are not Manx and are predominantly from the country that we would be breaking away from so don't expect much support there. Add to that the fact many comeovers believe that they are more worldly and wise than the Manx (usually based on nothing but the fact they've lived in the UK as well as the IOM) and rarely miss an opportunity to belittl
  9. He considers himself too posh. He's a business man you know.
  10. There is no excuse but it is happening. People are stupid and systems should be designed to allow for that stupidity. Especially when the potential for disaster is so great. Otherwise the system is equally stupid. So you think we should ban one way streets entirely?
  11. Is it not the case that at the Creg there's only a single lane of traffic because of the cones. So going up the hill you'd be forced to be on the wrong side of the road for a good distance, you'd think quite apart from all the no entry signage, that would be enough to alert someone to the fact they were doing something wrong. Is it really too much to ask that somebody in control of a ton of high speed metal has some awareness of the rules of the road. People are always on here banging on about how we should have a yearly mechanical test on vehicles. I think a yearly test of drivers would
  12. You're not turning into Notwell are you? Making stuff up and writing off anyone who disagrees as a lunatic. Agreed on the public services.
  13. Perhaps if they'd taken the same approach in "Saving Private Ryan" we'd all still be watching it now, continuously from when it was released.
  14. Careful now, you'll get Woolley's imperialist heckles up . I've never understood why the suggestion that we base taxation on what it costs to provide public services always seems to be treated as a ridiculous idea. Greed is a wonderful thing!
  15. Who's talking about day trippers? I don't know who's original point you've made up there but it certainly isn't mine. Providing a figure that doesn't really tell any kind of in depth story - what would you like to know about the 10 million foreign visitors to Cumbria and the Lakes in the first four months of last year, their inside leg measurements? Providing any kind of figure is preferable to the wild conjecture you rely on for your blinkered view of the world. We can't have another sector competing with your tax dodging now can we, they may decide to remove your heavily subsidised corp
  16. He's half blind or thick. If you think that's bad, there's people who hate road racing and unwittingly move to road racing capital of the world. Hence yet another thread by the same thick whinging tosser.
  17. No BV have had to shell out over £300 of taxpayers money entirely due to their own arrogance and incompetence.
  18. Well either nationalise the racket or fuck them off and start a new one.
  19. And yet you probably pay a higher tax rate than some multimillionaires because they may spend £50 here.
  20. You think the taxpayer should subsidise the tourist's boat fare. Why not, the boat's going anyway and is rarely full. If it was nationalised the millions in profit that go of island at the moment would more than pay for the subsidy.
  21. But that's the whole point, the £300+ ferry, there's your problem.
  22. Nothing, but a majority of their business is on island.
  23. Well there you go, you don't make over 8 million pure profit in six months on an island with just 85,000 people by providing a good service at a reasonable price now do you.
  24. Most of those 17m are travelling a short distance by car and visiting for the day or a few hours. 13m go to Blackpool and the place is a shit hole. The Island has a decent enough level of tourism but we need to accept people's holiday habits have changed. Those that can afford it go abroad. Those that can't go to Pontins, Blackpool, Caravan parks etc not to far from home. The islands tourism needs to centre around motorsport, cycling and those that want to walk and enjoy the scenery. There is no reason for a family (or mass family tourism) to come here as there was 60 years ago
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