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  1. No but Corpy housing is. It's funny how an idea (as I recall with your full support) can be applied to our bus drivers with impunity, but at the slightest mention of applying the same principle to Government employees on over £100K it suddenly becomes "fucking daft. And illegal"! Are you suggesting that even with all these brilliant and very costly legal minds we employ we've still managed to sign legally binding contracts that will see us swallowed by a black hole of debt within a decade?
  2. I know nothing of this fella other than he's been done for drunk driving and (I think it's him) isn't going to be here on polling day? I was talking to someone who went to the req meeting recently not thinking much of him and came away thinking he was the best candidate! And before you ask, yes the lady in question does have more mainstream political views than myself.
  3. Yeah right - that's why they all answered it so comprehensively eh? Yeah, well they are politicians - ask them which way is up and only a few of them would answer. (although to be fair to Alfie Cannan I'm not sure he knows)
  4. The Lake district across the way gets over 17 Million visitors per year, who go for a variety of reasons,scenery, hill walking, watersports, tat shops. A tiny proportion of that number would have a significant impact on our economy, we have all the raw materials (with the exception of lakes but we do have a few under used resevoirs). All we need is a Government who gives a flying fuck and an alternative to Escobar Seaways.
  5. I fear you maybe several years too late with that advice in MTP's case.
  6. When it is on C4 I think the adverts will be the best bit.
  7. If having to reapply for your own job is not scrutiny then I'm not sure what is! How do we know that Consultants/ Surgeons are being paid what market forces dictate if we don't scrutinise their earnings? Are you really naive enough to believe that the IOM Government has gone out of its way to make sure it's not paying more than your market forces dictate, because if they have it will be the one and only area of Government that have any commitment to getting value for money. It may be concluded that they need to be paid that much, doesn't hurt to look at it - and I wouldn't mind betting tha
  8. Seems harsh. Very rare I see issues with broadband, sometimes there are DNS issues but just use Google Or opendns. Sometimes people have internal issues or wifi issues but confuse them with broadband issues. Sometimes people have genuine broadband issues and in my experience they are always dealt with quickly. Sometimes you struggle for mobile reception in certain areas but that's life. What to people want them to do if the can't spend millions on a booster in every home (or get planning for the additional masts they have identified that would help) I can't remember the la
  9. I don't know, asking a politician a very straight forward, quantifiable question is a good way to stand a chance of getting an answer. Asking it your way would have enabled them to fob it off with waffle and bollocks. There was nothing to stop them elaborating on their answer.
  10. I do. Everything is better on BBC. Because there are no adverts you see. Here's an idea, watch it on C4 but don't watch the adverts, fucktard.
  11. If you think more people will result in cheaper ferry prices or airfares you are very naive.
  12. But Singapore is an extreme example (third out of 244 acording to Wikipedia) The list below shows we are more densely populated than places like China, Kenya (land full of people) and the United States. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_and_territories_by_population_density I think the mistake that's often made when discussing population density on the IOM is a comparison with the UK, usually more specifically England which, far from being typical is about the most densely populated country in Europe. My own personal view is that the IOM itself is a finite resource. F
  13. Ha ha, I was more suggesting that making so much money from such a small place might suggest that they are more interested in making shit loads of money than providing good and resilient service.
  14. What they actually are is a piss poor technology company with a world leading ego. If they didn't have their Government imposed monopoly and lucrative Government contracts they'd have gone bust years ago.
  15. Soft throughout as far as I'm aware.
  16. They've just announced half yearly revenues of circa £40 million - I wonder if the two are related in anyway?
  17. Drawing attention to 252 people who have died in the races may not be the most positive publicity the island could obtain. saving private ryan won Oscars and more people died in WW2 Probably fewer than 252 of them were on motorcycles however. Oh that's alright then.You missed the point - try again.Nope, no idea, you'll have to explain it to me.
  18. Can someone keep an eye on casting calls for this for me - it could be the big break I've been looking for ............and follow in your daughter's footsteps.? Edited to add that I assume she is still doing well. I assume since she hit puberty, the middle aged Japanese businessmen would have gone off the boil. I know this is MF and I lay the boot in with the best of them, but come on, it's the guy's daughter.
  19. 8 O'clock, 10 o'clock, dinner time, 3 o'clock, quarter to five. Never touch the stuff in my own time.
  20. Nice cuppa tea. Ahhh. What those imperialist bastards have done to you!Cuppa!? No I roll it up in a rizzla paper and smoke it.
  21. That's what I thought. Maybe it's a bit like the squirrel food they sell in B&Q
  22. True - but not as shite as Strictly Come Dancing.Yeah that's shite too, but at least there are some fit women on it an you can amuse yourself by guessing which of the couples are banging each other.
  23. Many of the paths are dangerously overgrown because some walkers prefer to walk exclusive on the public roads known as greenways and complain about the bikes.
  24. Are you morphing into Mr Crowe ? Someone else putting words in his mouth, if he's as bad as so many people think he is, why do you have to make up policies to attribute to him.
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