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  1. Half a million quid! Someone’s taking the piss there!
  2. Bet they can’t wait for Moulton’s questions tomorrow
  3. I downloaded it from the bbc iplayer app on my ipad, keeps for 30 days it said....
  4. Jacka$$

    Manx Gas

    Rob has a pic of the new tariffs - will try and attach
  5. Jacka$$

    Oven help

    Well that was easy! thanks to those who gave advice. New element cost me £29.49 and took 10mins to replace, don't know what I made such a fuss about :-)
  6. Jacka$$

    Oven help

    Thanks Butters, you make it sound easy :-) Albert, like the poem, feel honoured from such a veteran poster! Burt, just got in from watching a marvelous England game so will look at your link once more sober :-) Monkey Boy & The Sick Moon, I'll be honest I work in an office, numbers is my game not electicity/oven elements. I appreciate the replies thank you all!
  7. Jacka$$

    Oven help

    They cheap and easy to replace? Not meaning to sound rude, but safer to get a man in with that level of question. I think you could be looking at around £60 to £100, and need to get a couple of quotes. No worries, thanks for the replies, will make some calls in the morning .
  8. Jacka$$

    Oven help

    They cheap and easy to replace?
  9. Jacka$$

    Oven help

    Hi folks, Anyone know anything about fixing ovens? The bottom (main) oven of our zanussi won't heat up, fan runs still and top oven is fine....
  10. Jacka$$

    Anpr Is Here

    Lovely bit of comedy in the iomtoday news story on this - "The government’s Department of Infrastructure today announced that it had developed an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system" - The IOM Govt "developed" it? More like paid a stupid amount of money for it!
  11. I'm sure i've seen a Porsche in Douglas with MAN 8008, ha silly sod....
  12. Jacka$$

    Dog Hair

    I should point out that it's dumped over their fence into the back lane not directly into my garden. It does blow through the gaps in the fence into my garden or straight out of their hand into my garden when being thrown over their fence. We've started nothing, never done anything to them. They are a pain in the arse with the dog hair and the dog itself barking loud (and deep as it's a huge dog) at stupid times and for long periods of time. Then there's the kids on the trampoline at say 11pm sometimes screaming. I'm not a killjoy just think it's inconsiderate behaviour! Also we don't have a dog to return the favour :-) Moving is tempting as the neighbours the other side are annoying in other ways. Why can people not just be considerate for others and their neighbourhood?
  13. Jacka$$

    Dog Hair

    Ha love it! Tempting...will have to wait a day or so till we have enough rubbish, big bin got emptied.. Who should this sort of thing be reported to? Would it not be better to just talk to them? I appreciate you may hav already tried this, and that the sort of tool who does that might not understand what you are saying, but as a first response I would be avoiding reporting anything No point in engaging this pillock in conversation, one of those that looks down their nose at you! Tried to help them once with no thanks what so ever.
  14. Jacka$$

    Dog Hair

    Tempting...will have to wait a day or so till we have enough rubbish, big bin got emptied..Who should this sort of thing be reported to? Your local authority I would imagine. Thanks
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