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  1. It picked up a second tech delay on the ground in LGW. LGW announced boarding at gate 569. Then it got cancelled
  2. Technical issue tonight: This is due to a technical issue with your aircraft which delayed your flight outside of the opening hours of your arrival airpo
  3. Opening hours for the Rendezvous Lounge have been removed from the door. In its place is a notice apologising for it being closed due to staff shortages
  4. I believe Brown Cow Hill is scheduled for late Summer
  5. That's bad. At least there's still seats on Loganair later: both IOM-Manchester and Manchester-IOM are available at the moment
  6. Make sure you opt out of the SMS if you don't want them
  7. From another forum: Just arrived back into T3 about an hour ago (Friday). Not a typical experience, as the Loganair flight from Ronaldsway arrived on a 'local standby' (precautionary turnout of the Airport Fire Service). It was therefore directed to remote-park on stand 69 from where a bus transferred passengers to Gate 150 for domestic access to T3. There was a short delay of about five minutes whilst the bus driver obtained approval to allow the passengers to access the building. Once inside, it was straight to the exit and out https://www.loganair.co.uk/login/flight-status/ Loganair have cancelled a flight tomorrow morning to and from Liverpool
  8. There's someone on the information desk already
  9. Won't somebody think of the kids
  10. I see what you mean. You're referring to the flight from IOM being cancelled rather than the flight back. I don't know what the situation is regarding getting a refund if your outbound flight is cancelled. It's certainly possible For example https://eastdevon.gov.uk/parking/ringgo-pay-by-phone-app/request-a-ringgo-parking-session-refund/
  11. Victoria Street to HSBC needs looking at such as installing a pedestrian crossing controlled with traffic lights. Government said "we will reconsider when someone is knocked over" Well, they actually said "no accidents have taken place so no need"
  12. Who mentioned pre bookings? Just turn up and park.
  13. Anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone can call +44 1624 825717 and use a pre-registered payment card. A further option is available by visiting the information desk inside the Isle of Man Airport building, providing your vehicle registration and using a payment card
  14. 'Across government we need to ensure we develop a culture where people feel free to challenge and speak up without fear.’ Lets start with: 1) don't have layers and layers aka gold, silver, bronze whereby you deliberately hide and then claim to be unaware 2) when mhks visit workplaces, managers tell staff they're not allowed to speak to them
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