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  1. Serious question. Haven't you got anything else to do ?
  2. That is correct I will rewrite what I posted. IOM residents who travel to the UK have to isolate upon returning to the island for 14+ days. In May visitors to IOM from UK will likely have their isolation / quarantine reduced to 5 or 7 days. If so, will IOM residents who travel from UK to IOM also have the duration of isolation / quarantine reduced ?
  3. if visitors to IOM are going to have a reduced quarantine from May, will that reduction also apply to island residents who travel to the UK ? why not intorduce a reduction for both at the same time ?
  4. Doesn't the legislation say you can leave England with 2 days and not require the tests. This is a complete shambles which the IOM Government should be addressing
  5. https://twitter.com/BBCNWT/status/1382751366284730377?s=19
  6. Do the vaccination hubs have epipens etc on site in case of anaphylaxis? Did this death occur within 15 minutes of vaccination?
  7. Was this death due to a first or second dose ?
  8. If only there was a journalist who could research or ask such questions to IOM and UK government
  9. Does this mean if you land in Heathrow, you can travel onwards to IOM on same day or following day, without having to undergo the UK testing regime ? https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/568/regulation/5 3B.—[F2(1) This regulation applies to a person (“P”) specified in regulation 3AA(1) who— (a)intends to remain in England for two days or more after the day of their arrival; or (b)intended to remain in England for less than two days after the day of their arrival but in fact remains in England for two days or more.]
  10. if ever there was a good business case for easyjet doing direct flights to the sun, surely now is that time !
  11. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-quarantine-when-you-arrive-in-england#circumstances-not-covered-by-this-guidance If you’re intending to travel to the UK in the next 7 days and facing a set of circumstances that are not covered by this guidance, please email your enquiry to dhsctesttrace.customerfeedbackteam@nhs.net.
  12. Quote: We need to respect UK rules as we go through their territory.' I'll work on the airbridge with Guernsey. Do more air bridges !!
  13. Have any MHK's or wannabe MHK's made any comments as a result of today's hearing ? It's not like its important or anything.... Or are they more bothered about dog shit, moving bank holidays and similar bollocks
  14. Ashford and co had better pull their fingers out and get a vaccine passport app working pdq. Telegraph and Mail reporting that the UK will be trialling a version of the NHS app which will allow you to prove vaccination and therefore be permitted to go to various events and venues.
  15. snowman

    Town Raid

    Saturday non lockdown will be busier
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