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  1. Coming up tomorrow morning https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-critical-point-in-pandemic-as-uk-infection-rate-heading-in-wrong-direction-says-chief-medical-officer-12077482
  2. Merseyside, W Midlands and N Yorkshire added. Relaxation of travel between IOM and UK is a long way off.
  3. Lancashire next They'll slowly add more and more places purely to avoid the "UK lockdown 2" headlines. But it's coming. Key agencies and people have been briefed. Forget unrestricted travel
  4. UK lockdown 2 on the way Starting with North East and rolling out across the country So forget any notion of IOM travel restrictions easing to the UK
  5. All change in Jersey https://www.gov.je/Health/Coronavirus/Travel/Pages/DeclaringTravelHistory.aspx
  6. 6 full Q400's of flybe passengers plus the pilot = MHK
  7. I suggest a new thread is created for easyjet since the new route has nothing to do with the original topic
  8. Q) EGTT/QFAAH/IV/NBO/A/000/999/5405N00437W005 B) FROM: 20/06/14 06:00C) TO: 20/09/12 19:45 E) THE AD WILL BE OPEN TO AIRCRAFT MOVEMENTS DURING THE FOLLOWING PERIODS MON-FRI 0515-1945 SAT - CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC SUN - 1000-1945 Q) EGTT/QAECA/IV/NBO/AE/000/105/5401N00438W021 B) FROM: 20/08/11 13:15C) TO: 20/09/20 19:45 E) ISLE OF MAN CTA/CTR/ATZ ACTIVE DURING THE FOLLOWING PERIODS MON-FRI 0500-1945 SAT - NOT ACTIVE SUN 0945-1945 Handling agents and Aurigny pilots can't read or write flight plans !
  9. What did you do about it ?
  10. Wrong Loganair is doing London City in its own name, book directly with them
  11. The hotel part of the project may end up being rebranded.... Here is a summary of the current situation with Travelodge. The (hedge fund) owners of Travelodge had put the business through a Company Voluntary Arrangement to allow it to restructure its debts. The complex way that CVAs are structured meant that the landlords of the hotels could not block it even though their rent was being cut without their consent. The landlords did, however, force a break clause into their lease contracts. The owners of 400 hotels formed the Travelodge Owners Action Group in an attempt to negot
  12. Some thoughts from someone who has been to Jersey https://www.headforpoints.com/2020/07/27/jersey-holidays-coronavirus/
  13. 186 people land at the airport. let's say 8.30pm. how long would it take to process 186 people ? how many people to undertake the tests? what happens with tests done at that time of night / storage / processing. all questions that need to be answered if the regime is to test arrivals you could also apply the above to the boat arrivals. 600 people on a sunday night at 10pm. imagine people moaning they dont get to their destination until midnight !
  14. An airline run by IOM Government would I am sure endeavour to hand out refunds as expected. It would politically be a difficult issue. The point is that airlines are running at huge losses and a government run airline would run at a huge loss. There's better things to spend the money on like health.
  15. imagine that the government owned an airline. then imagine all the millions that would be lost supporting a grounded airline and issuing refunds during the next pandemic.
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