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  1. I hope you get it and then you'll find out if a vaccine would be preferable.
  2. A) how many are in as a direct result of covid? B) how amny are in for something else and then covid was detected ? A + B = 14
  3. yes, walk in and ask. they hand over without questions.
  4. It wont work until NHS Digital do their stuff
  5. If you havent got a smartphone (or you got jabbed in Wales) this is the website to prove covid 19 vaccination status for domestic events and travel purposes: https://covid-status.service.nhsx.nhs.uk/ For future referrence, once they get the functionality working
  6. How many countries have the IOM contacted and said "will you accept our piece of paper?" Which ones? I'd like to know
  7. It's not apparently. It's fact. Other than failing to state something obvious what is the point you are trying to make ?
  8. The airport website extraction from gov.im is the start of the corporatisation
  9. There's no gambling. It's a binary question and answer: Is the certificate printed by Manx Care / IOMG explicitly valid in the jurisdiction that the traveller seeks to enter ? I'd really like to know which countries have explicitly stated they will accept the Manx Care / IOMG piece of paper. Do Manx Care / IOMG have a list? Are there any countries that have agreed to accept it?
  10. I reckon when it's ready to go there will be a news release stating theres a deadline to opt out of the data transfer
  11. If there's any truth in this it will be the long-since-mothballed Car park 3 Nowadays, Car Park 1 and 2 are referred to as Short Stay and Long Stay
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