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  1. True. More evidence of why iomg should do what it can to get easyJet to expand, not buy into Aurigny, get Ryanair and Jet2 to operate
  2. Listen to the audio. Changes coming for drop off and pick up? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/further-improvements-considered-on-airport-vehicle-security/
  3. LPL will sell alcohol in WDF to those travelling to IOM. Just select an item which has a shelf edge label "available to all passengers"
  4. ATC currently closed. It closed at 1730 and opens at 1800. Loganair holding overhead. Two easyJet flights ready to depart but can't
  5. New owners now and many restructures since. Unlikely to happen though. Due to the same factors on island that will stop Asda or Sainsbury's
  6. If Aldi did open you just know the stock would be gone as soon as it was filled up. Asda and a better Tesco would do the trick. Or perhaps Morrisons. Current options are dreadful
  7. Jersey has got Waitrose and Morrisons
  8. If the rich are getting a M&S, then it's only fair the poor get Aldi
  9. Here's some info about the new scanners. https://www.headforpoints.com/2023/01/13/new-airport-security-scanners-teesside/
  10. He sounds like he is in the wrong job
  11. Better than in the past. In the past there would be admission of any problems whatsoever. The public need to be made aware of the issues & truth rather than being fed BS from the propaganda machine
  12. Don't use shit bespoke designs
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