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  1. Uk likely to abolish Day 2 arrivals tests for those fully-jabbed by end of January. This should pave the way for all fully jabbed inbound IOM arrivals to no longer be tested (both CTA and International). Watch this space
  2. If easyjet didnt fly to Jersey you might have been right. But the problem isnt easyjet or open skies. The problem is smaller population, landing fees, lack of tourism outside of TT, lower quality hotel and hospitality offering, and tatty town centres.
  3. That's a joke, right ?
  4. Advertising that you've missed the point isn't a good look
  5. Perfectly illustrates why the island needs party politics. 8 minute video of "I think" or "I" did this or that.
  6. People already pay for healthcare. The NHS isn't free and "we" don't pay enough for it to operate properly
  7. https://www.gov.im/news/2022/jan/10/change-to-covid-19-testing-for-international-arrivals/ From 00:01 on Tuesday 11 January 2022 any arriving international travellers, who are fully vaccinated and eligible for entry to the Isle of Man, will no longer have to have a PCR test after arrival. Instead, international travellers will be required to take a lateral flow test within 12 hours of arrival and avoid public indoor spaces until the test is taken and the result submitted online. This change reflects the simplified rules for international arrivals into England, announced this week by the UK Government, which will end the requirement for pre-departure tests and self-isolation for fully vaccinated travellers. International arrivals to the Island must complete a landing form and sign a declaration that they will take a lateral flow test within 12 hours of arrival, and avoid public indoor settings until a negative result is received and submitted online. This will mean that the entry requirements for fully vaccinated international travellers and travellers within the Common Travel Area (CTA) will be the same, making border arrangements simpler whilst continuing to screen arrivals for COVID-19.
  8. International travellers arriving in England now only need to take a Lateral Flow Test and do not need to isolate. The current rule in Isle of Man states the Fully vaccinated traveller will need to undertake a PCR test within 48 hours of arrival – isolating until a negative result is confirmed. Surely this should be changed to align with England.
  9. It might be changed when someone dies....until then......
  10. As I posted on 30 December Changes to testing. Now confirmed: international travellers into England will only require a lateral flow test on arrival. No more ore departure tests and no more PCR. It would be sensible for the IOM to follow
  11. Expect an announcement this afternoon
  12. So @Billy kettlefishis the bad boy for starting a new thread, when one already exists
  13. Security at the airport has got alot slower and the new staff are doing secondary searching on almost everything
  14. Menzies will have to explain the delay. My guess is they can't handle 3 easyJet flights and a Loganair all at the same time
  15. One assumes he is either on unpaid leave or annual leave. So therefore I dont give a fuck what he does outside of work
  16. Finally the Westminster government are moving on this matter. Inadequate and late. When will the IOM begin installing air conn in schools ? http://twitter.com/educationgovuk/status/1477536433921576960
  17. easyJet have expanded their partner airlines to offer connections when booked here. Also have an agreement with DBahn rail https://worldwide.easyjet.com/
  18. I want an island were people aren't anxious A word thrown around with abandonment - even in the first post
  19. The real waste of money is the very, many local authorities duplicating everything they do
  20. The long term solution is a remote ATC
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