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  1. I don't know if they planned to do swimming lessons but if they did it would have helped with waiting lists for the nsc. If they don't plan to do swimming lessons it would have allowed those who use the nsc for more serious swimming to go kwc and therefore create capacity at the nsc for more lessons
  2. Have wheelie bins for recycling rather than tubs
  3. snowman

    smart meters

    The real reason for smart meters is outlined in this article. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/smart-meter-energy-customer-warning-25483221 Get in debt and they'll switch you to pre payment remotely without you asking or paying you a visit
  4. Summerland site won't get developed until the flood risk is resolved. Walls and rocks anyone
  5. The point is, any fool can cut things. The clever people solve the income issue
  6. none of this spending should be scrapped. it's the income thats the real problem.
  7. You failed to observe this: "These children would have been likely to have needed this specialist support regardless of the lockdown"
  8. Might look nice until it gets flooded. While they're at it the trams should not be in the middle of the road. It's an accident waiting to happen. Edit to add. Isn't there already a thread on the Douglas prom subject
  9. Some of you need to get out more and turn your phones off
  10. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/government-to-meet-credit-card-provider-572209
  11. stop fucking moaning and get on with it
  12. I've been there when there's been 20 people queuing at the bar. Friday early evening
  13. Over 8 hours flying for less than £26. You'd be lucky to get a 30 minute Loganair or easyJet flight for that form IOM. The Isle of Man....where you can. Not.
  14. The man who was telling everyone earlier this week that there was nothing he could do about the credit card situaution.
  15. sounds like you haven't left the island for 20 years plus
  16. Looks like you saved £10 https://www.gov.uk/passport-fees https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/passports/application-forms-and-fees/fees/ I was under the impression that if you lived in IOM, but were born in UK, you still had to apply via the IOM Government. Sounds like this isnt the case.
  17. Costco - when i go there its the only way to pay
  18. If you want to forgego Section 75 protection or points that's up to you. Credit cards are preferred for car hire
  19. It's all very well people thinking 'there's one card from HSBC - that's fine, that will do'. BUT - just wait until you are abroad on holiday and HSBC flags up potential fraud. Imagine, you haven't got a backup option and trying to sort that out with a time difference and lengthy phone calls. Having only one credit card is always a BAD idea. People should carry at least two - ideally three.....and carry one of each option - Mastercard / Visa / Amex. Only being able to obtain ONE HSBC credit card because you live on the Isle of Man is disastrous
  20. Good point. It's not just personal credit cards, it's also business credit cards. Will Next close their store cards? That will piss alot of people off
  21. This thread, along with the COVID one, is just great for identifying people to block. This one is just full of jealousy and people who want a race to the bottom
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