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  1. No easyJet don't. Nothing on the 25th By the way, I wrote the every weekend late June, July onwards the prices have doubled or tripled. Nothing to do with a few seat being sold Logan air have done a UK network wide revision today of routes and fairs. IOM has just been given its dollop of shit from them by preparing to gouge the hard working people who want to travel to see friends and family
  2. IOM - BHX removed from sale by Logan air Manchester has revised times on Saturdays Liverpool Saturday flight removed
  3. Logan air want 290 return for Heathrow that weekend. Taking the piss. All their flights on all routes to and from IOM that weekend have doubled in price today. Some trippled eg LPL Edit. They've trippled prices from end of June onwards for the weekend away market...into July etc
  4. Looking at the foot passenger fare for 28th June on the Heysham - IOM, the IOMSP still expect the grand opening to be that date
  5. snowman

    Manx Care

    do they still send sms reminders ? https://www.gov.im/news/2016/oct/07/text-message-reminders-now-in-place-at-nobles-hospital/ https://www.gov.im/news/2017/mar/31/outpatient-appointment-reminders-go-digital/ Patients can opt in to the free text messaging service in the following ways: • Call the dedicated number 651651 or email NoblesSMSRegistration@gov.im providing their name, date of birth and mobile phone number, and confirming that they wish to sign up to text alerts • Sign up at the main reception areas in Noble’s Hospital and Ramsey and District
  6. BA launching flights from London City & Edinburgh to Guernsey. That's in addition to all their Jersey flights. Wonder why they aren't flying here ? Does the IOM have a tourism department ?
  7. Are easyjet going to reinstate my cancelled flights next month
  8. A true man would have booked to travel early July.
  9. In my view, the time has come to look forward rather than back
  10. This is what Jersey is up to....if you're vaccinated.... https://www.headforpoints.com/2021/05/10/jersey-moves-england-to-coronavirus-green-list/
  11. What about the number of people who fly to Jersey or Newquay... ....the point is, if the island had a decent tourist offering the economy would be bouncing due to the inbound visitors and it would also encourage people to move to the island having visited.
  12. Information for anyone transmitting in the UK https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-air-travel-guidance-for-passengers#transiting-through-the-uk
  13. If ever there was a time easyJet could operate flights to Portugal from the island and fill it....
  14. Just think of all the tourists queuing up to visit if the island had something like this... Or even staycation would be good https://www.adventureparcsnowdonia.com/ https://www.adventureparcsnowdonia.com/stay/ A brand new Hilton which at weekends can command rate of £200 per night
  15. snowman

    Manx Care

    More staff would help. There's a shortage in the hundreds
  16. They've just removed IOM-SOU from sale
  17. What travel have trmpton and banker got booked ?
  18. Usual suspects posting on here instead of travelling to the UK or indeed welcoming their visitors
  19. Story on GEF: https://gef.im/2021/04/30/packet-told-gov-crews-werent-isolating/ Steam Packet Chief Executive Mark Woodward has refuted several statements made this week by the Director of Public Health Dr Henrietta Ewart. On Wednesday Dr Ewart appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to give evidence on a number of issues around genomics testing and the border regulations enforced on Steam Packet crew members, she then later appeared alongside the Chief Minister and Health Minister David Ashford at Thursday’s Covid briefing. In his statement
  20. 2,433 posts from you in this thread !
  21. LGW is available to purchase for departures on 28 June or later
  22. Easyjet have cancelled all London - IOM flights prior to 28 June. Easyjet Manchester - IOM has been removed from sale entirely
  23. no. its one of growing number of 3rd party providers who have agreements to access EMIS. they make money by adding in prescriptions, pharmacy stuff and other heath care matters. full list is here https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/gps/online-health-and-prescription-services/
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