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  1. Here's a seaside town moving forward - NOT Douglas. It's Morecambe https://www.edenproject.com/new-edens/eden-project-north-uk
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    New cars from 2022 will have speed limiters with GPS. Sooner or later it wil be against the law to turn them off
  3. it's for accurate statistical analysis i dont understand the outrage on this recount topic
  4. It's all here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-air-travel-guidance-for-passengers#transiting-through-england
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    https://twitter.com/BaldwinMatthew_/status/1432970664668012544?t=qmO-5dTX_7vDLEDVUncanA&s=19 25% reduction in deaths and serious injuries since January 2021 … and the introduction of the default 30 km/h speed limit in Brussels. https://t.co/QSZwh4ch6l
  6. You can use Tous Covid with the NHS qr code. Google it for instructions
  7. After manx2 I would suggest that people should care and be more aware
  8. Need more glass buildings. Nice and modern
  9. you should have your passport removed if you cant figure out how to register & login to the nhs website
  10. Same implementation as Wales I think
  11. 2 weeks away. But not via the app. Use the website
  12. just befriend them. Theyre an arsehole
  13. Are there any Turskish restaurants ?
  14. snowman


    You are now on my ignore list
  15. snowman


    What's the point in doing 10, 20, 30 over the speed limit in a road as short as the mountain or others. The difference in trip duration is minimal. The problem with no speed limit in places is that it breeds a mentality of where there are speed limit signs they are targets or minimums
  16. Every figure is a failure of government strategy
  17. dont suppose anyone has any updates about this?
  18. You missed this bit: And I post as someone that thinks the policies in place at this precise moment are absolutely as they should be Hardly doom from me
  19. Thick? He's asking what's going to be on the death certificate isn't he?
  20. @AlanShimmin I think you're about 18 months too soon to come on a forum and post about numbers being "Down" And I post as someone that thinks the policies in place at this precise moment are absolutely as they should be
  21. I wonder what their vaccination status was ?
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