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  1. Does this mean if you land in Heathrow, you can travel onwards to IOM on same day or following day, without having to undergo the UK testing regime ? https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/568/regulation/5 3B.—[F2(1) This regulation applies to a person (“P”) specified in regulation 3AA(1) who— (a)intends to remain in England for two days or more after the day of their arrival; or (b)intended to remain in England for less than two days after the day of their arrival but in fact remains in England for two days or more.]
  2. if ever there was a good business case for easyjet doing direct flights to the sun, surely now is that time !
  3. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-quarantine-when-you-arrive-in-england#circumstances-not-covered-by-this-guidance If you’re intending to travel to the UK in the next 7 days and facing a set of circumstances that are not covered by this guidance, please email your enquiry to dhsctesttrace.customerfeedbackteam@nhs.net.
  4. Quote: We need to respect UK rules as we go through their territory.' I'll work on the airbridge with Guernsey. Do more air bridges !!
  5. Have any MHK's or wannabe MHK's made any comments as a result of today's hearing ? It's not like its important or anything.... Or are they more bothered about dog shit, moving bank holidays and similar bollocks
  6. Ashford and co had better pull their fingers out and get a vaccine passport app working pdq. Telegraph and Mail reporting that the UK will be trialling a version of the NHS app which will allow you to prove vaccination and therefore be permitted to go to various events and venues.
  7. snowman

    Town Raid

    Saturday non lockdown will be busier
  8. Most of the hotels on island are rubbish. Compare them to Jersey. That's just one problem for tourists
  9. Procurement of vaccine is nothing to do with Brexit. Any EU member has and had the ability to procure or invest in whichever vaccine they wished
  10. Daily statistics about cases, deaths, hospital capacity, etc. I'd say the public have been given perspective
  11. Then what. Either let us travel without restriction or tell us: isolation will be in place until the pandemic ends
  12. It's difficult to justify anything beyond July given that the UK is removing social distancing and reopening nightclubs for example. Perhaps the IOM will wait and see what the infection rates are in the UK following the removal of all social distancing measures.
  13. I don't believe it was an appropriate time to ask in the past months. But the vaccination programme has progressed
  14. Given the thread title is: IOM Covid removing restrictions Any guesses when IOM residents will be able to travel without having to do isolation upon return? Seems very unnecessary if so many people in the UK and on island have been vaccinated. Whenever Ashford's asked this question the response is all about the vaccine not being 100% effective against preventing transmission and doesn't stop you getting ill. Well, we know that and it's doesn't answer the question. I'm broadly in favour of the measures up to now but we really do need to start op
  15. Imagine going to a pub in England...or border control in France... Let me in I'm from the Isle ofsn. We have all been vaccinated... I can't prove it...but please believe me. Let me in
  16. https://gef.im/2021/03/26/exclusive-plans-to-roll-out-automated-vaccine-bookings/
  17. If the population was 100,000 plus, things would be more feasible. But with 84,000 this stuff is just pie in the sky.
  18. easyJet have used the cross runway very rarely
  19. what was in the budget for the airport ? edit - refurbish the cross runway, taxiway A and stands 7 and 8 at IOM Airport
  20. Planning application?
  21. whether the individual concerned is guilty of breaking the law or not - time will tell they were taking the piss
  22. The issue I have got with the borders framework is that it prioritises visitors from the UK (and by extension worldwide) over the IOM residents travelling outbound
  23. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/holiday-uk-vaccination-certificate-passport-b1822805.html Where's our vaccine passports ?
  24. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-vaccinated-people-should-be-able-to-meet-up-and-go-on-holidays-says-scientist-12257033
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