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  1. Does this mean if you land in Heathrow, you can travel onwards to IOM on same day or following day, without having to undergo the UK testing regime ?






    3B.[F2(1) This regulation applies to a person (“P”) specified in regulation 3AA(1) who—

    (a)intends to remain in England for two days or more after the day of their arrival; or

    (b)intended to remain in England for less than two days after the day of their arrival but in fact remains in England for two days or more.]

  2. 8 minutes ago, pongo said:

    Has anyone got any idea how the practicalities are likely to shape out if people from here try to travel abroad (and return) via the UK?

    The UK rules require people to be tested and to isolate, to varying degrees, on their return to the UK. But there is no through transit at UK airports for people travelling on to the IOM.

    And how is the IOM going to know where someone arriving here has come from - whether only from the UK or from some red zone country via the UK?

    Will people have to isolate and be tested on UK before returning here?



    if ever there was a good business case for easyjet doing direct flights to the sun, surely now is that time !

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Banker said:

    FFS are you wanting more of a police state than Russia!!

    Howie said this yesterday 

    Simon: Australia and New Zealand have bubbled. Are we considering new air bridges with Guernsey, Malta and Gibraltar?

    HQ: I’d like to see Guernsey introduced as our thinking is similar. The UK has said there will be little international travel, with fines in place. We need to respect the UK rules as we go through their territory. 

    Once we get on top of the virus, I’ll work on the airbridge with Guernsey. 

    So if airbridge is being established we either need to have similar borders rules and Guernsey will be allowing uk visitors from 26/04 with no isolation from various area with low rates. If we don’t have similar rules we will have to accept the great Manx public mixing with non isolating UK visitors.

    We need to get a move on not introducing more draconian police state rules!!!



    We need to respect UK rules as we go through their territory.'

    I'll work on the airbridge with Guernsey.



    Do more air bridges !!



  4. Have any MHK's or wannabe MHK's made any comments as a result of today's hearing ? 


    It's not like its important or anything....


    Or are they more bothered about dog shit, moving bank holidays and similar bollocks

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  5. Ashford and co had better pull their fingers out and get a vaccine passport app working pdq. Telegraph and Mail reporting that the UK will be trialling a version of the NHS app which will allow you to prove vaccination and therefore be permitted to go to various events and venues.

  6. 37 minutes ago, slinkydevil said:

    My sources are saying someone threatened to drive a car down Strand Street and kill as many people as possible.

    Expensive bollard salesmen will be sending out the brochures tonight I'm sure.

    Saturday non lockdown will be busier

  7. 49 minutes ago, The Phantom said:

    I was speaking to someone with pretty high reaching contacts in the UK Govt a few weeks ago and he was saying this has been quite the coup for the Brexited UK and it had swayed many remainers to agree that maybe Brexit was actually a good thing. 

    Procurement of vaccine is nothing to do with Brexit. Any EU member has and had the ability to procure or invest in whichever vaccine they wished 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Nom de plume said:

    Yes ... today & from the 1st death recorded.

    Every death (life) is important but this whole thing has been about perspective which the public have never EVER been given.

    Daily statistics about cases, deaths, hospital capacity, etc.


    I'd say the public have been given perspective

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  9. 1 minute ago, Andy Onchan said:

    Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate...... that's all that needs to be said.

    Then what.

    Either let us travel without restriction or tell us: isolation will be in place until the pandemic ends

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  10. 1 minute ago, TerryFuchwit said:

    It's an interesting question.

    It's also a bit catch 22.  Airlines are not going to return unless they can fill planes.

    People are unlikely to travel in sufficient numbers (be that for business or pleasure) with restrictions in place.  With restrictions in place there simply isn't the volume to have proper travel options.

    The government need to provide certainty on this.  To allow airlines and people to make plans.

    Personally, I'd prefer them to set a date of the 30th June.

    Life is going to need to go on.  


    It's difficult to justify anything beyond July given that the UK is removing social distancing and reopening nightclubs for example.  Perhaps the IOM will wait and see what the infection rates are in the UK following the removal of all social distancing measures. 

  11. 11 minutes ago, Nom de plume said:

    We’ve been asking this question for months mate.

    The flakes are driving the agenda.

    I don't believe it was an appropriate time to ask in the past months. But the vaccination programme has progressed

  12. Given the thread title is: IOM Covid removing restrictions


    Any guesses when IOM residents will be able to travel without having to do isolation upon return?


    Seems very unnecessary if so many people in the UK and on island have been vaccinated.


    Whenever Ashford's asked this question the response is all about the vaccine not being 100% effective against preventing transmission and doesn't stop you getting ill. 


    Well, we know that and it's doesn't answer the question.  I'm broadly in favour of the measures up to now but we really do need to start opening up. 


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  13. 31 minutes ago, Cambon said:

    I do not see! What is the point? 

    Like Gib, if everyone (ish) is vaccinated, why? 


    Imagine going to a pub in England...or border control in France...


    Let me in I'm from the Isle ofsn. We have all been vaccinated...


    I can't prove it...but please believe me. Let me in

  14. If the population was 100,000 plus, things would be more feasible. But with 84,000 this stuff is just pie in the sky. 

  15. what was in the budget for the airport ?


    edit - refurbish the cross runway, taxiway A and stands 7 and 8 at IOM Airport

  16. 49 minutes ago, Billy kettlefish said:

    Just been talking to the chap at the end of the Ronaldsway airport abd he said that they are going to widen the runways and expand the airport abd all done by November. 

    Planning application?

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