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  1. They added an extra man-bfs rotation instead of coming here because they weren't wanted
  2. crew rosters had IOM-MAN listed, but it was pulled at the last minute (about 4 months ago)
  3. Belfast to Glasgow is a short hop that Ryanair and Easyjet either do operate or have operated in the past. As is Belfast / Dublin to Liverpool / Manchester. It's not true to say Ryanair and Easyjet arent interested in short hops.
  4. eastern and loganair will also end up going bust - combination of over-stretching themselves and coronavirus. that will leave easyjet, ba, ryanair, jet2, aer lingus
  5. But not twice the population So, if as you infer the demand isn't there, clearly government policy is not creating economic activity inward to the island or generating sufficient wealth for its citizens to be able to travel more frequently Small planes with limited seats numbers do not accommodate the numbers of tourists or business travellers
  6. What about Jersey More routes and ba jets...
  7. I've made more trips in recent years to London with easyjet than in the previous 20 years when compared with the more expensive alternatives Cheap flights encourages travel
  8. If the seats were cheap the airport would be overflowing
  9. Neither did liverpool before they turned up on the scene
  10. Just priced it up, out 27th and back 28th 160 quid ! 20th - 22nd for a couple of nights 251 quid !! 1 adult
  11. How many seats likely to be ring fenced for patients? Given that it's goingto be those attending appointments in both Liverpool and Manchester, it might be only 15 or so seats available per flight to purchase in the website
  12. Operated by Saab 340 (produced until 1998) 34 seats each way Havent got the IOM departure times, but from LPL....as follows: Depart LPL 0900 and 1800 Mon - Sat Sunday depart LPL 1515 and 1800
  13. https://www.gov.im/media/239757/iom-egns-airport-feescharges-from-april-2019-v10.pdf
  14. From Thursday Loganair will operate twice a day to Liverpool Departures morning & evening Daily service Patients pre booked Remaining tickets available on the website Government hope to announce news of Manchester in the "next week or so"
  15. Doesnt help tourism if they are charged 75% more
  16. London City https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39960993
  17. I wonder what the competition authorities in the UK would make of that
  18. So if this is accurate, Loganair want an assurance that easyjet won't offer cheaper fares
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