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  1. They might fit the profile, but they don't want to visit the shithole that is known as Douglas They can stay at home for fucked up roadworks, high prices and bad politicians / public sector
  2. It's totally relevant and necessary
  3. It's 2022 and they still don't have RTPI at bus stops or an app that does journey planner. There is the travel line website but it's shot on a mobile. Finally, the journey planner should be available on Google maps or moovit which are infinitely easier to us than pdf saved on a phone
  4. Do you know the lottery numbers as well?
  5. Over 5 hours delay on Birmingham flights today, along with Manchester and London City cancelled. Loganair are in a right mess
  6. This article in 2010 says he was 46 at the time. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-11913182
  7. If it isn't retirement, then they should be honest about it. It might restore public confidence (if it isn't a retirement)
  8. Loganair are having a torrid time recently
  9. he didnt imply it. he was very clear.
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/loganair-to-suspend-london-city-morning-flights-for-two-weeks/
  11. Delays already for tomorrow morning. You wouldn't think they're based here.
  12. It would help to elect people who will stand up to the civil service. Elect people who pledge to drain the swamp in their manifesto.
  13. Track record of politicians and civil service....
  14. In terms of pre pay parking solutions I think it's absolutely fine. I've used it. The problem is that auto pay would have been alot better for an airport where it's possible to be delayed in the air. But the auto-pay solution from Ringo required barriers and the publicly stated rationale for using Ringo is to remove barriers and cash. The issue I have with airport parking is that pre pay doesn't make sense. It will be possible to purchase additional time after the initial pre pay. That's an improvement on the current ticketed solution. You can add time whilst stuck in the UK. The problem is that pre pay for fixed durations is not sensible for airport users. That's applicable not just to IOM but to every airport. The benefit of pre pay works for car parks is that typically people use about 90% of their purchased time so in effect can be oversold.
  15. Returning to the parking...you can pay by app, at the airport information desk or on the phone.
  16. Sorry, not this Friday. Next week I meant
  17. Quote page 38 - Anyone who has read the report of Sir Jonathan Michael, which led to the separation of the DHSC and the creation of Manx Care can have no doubt that the Island’s Health Service was in substantial need of reform. Not least, in Noble’s Hospital, there was a culture of bullying, harassment and an atmosphere of toxicity among the staff. There was also distrust.
  18. What can govt do if the problem is no cabin crew or pilot ?
  19. when I had a delay at the weekend, Loganair are just said "sorry, it was unavoidable". No reason given Presumably these ongoing issues are due to staff abscess or shortages
  20. 1. "Working" for dhsc isn't what she wants. She was meant to go to Manx care. 2. The current CEO of dhsc was not the CEO at the time
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