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  1. Why do arrivals into the IOM need to isolate ? Those people are arriving from a less infected area. They are arriving into an area with a higher infection rate
  2. One of the swimmers in court tomorrow
  3. thankfully the voice of reason is here !
  4. Similar situation here. Albeit not palliative So don't dictate to me
  5. It's only been 22 days. The sooner people stop breaking the rules the sooner we get back to normal
  6. It would seem you are both in the clinically extremely vulnerable category therefore advice would likely be for you both to shield - notwithstanding lockdowns. If, when not in a lockdown, you wish to put yourself at an increased risk of getting coronavirus that's up to you.
  7. These swimmers are well out of order At least one has been arrested. Hopefully goes to court
  8. Who is the female asking about the length of elective surgery waiting lists? Ashford gave no answer and at the end of his response she said "thank you". Abysmal 'journalism'
  9. Go and have a look on the website
  10. The email stated which jab was going to be given, so you know which consent form to complete
  11. ’As someone who is - shall we say - "needle shy", I can happily report that I genuinely did not feel a thing as the vaccination was given to me,’ he said. Surely he felt a prick
  12. 24 hours since the jab. absolutely zero side effects
  13. BA cabin crew are delivering vaccines in Westminster Abbey for example. I bet the UK didn't spend hundreds of thousands refurbishing it. Not a partition in site. Why do you need partitions or booths other than to waste money
  14. given the delivery delays, perhaps dhsc were correct after all to ring fence the in hand stocks to 2nd jabs already booked
  15. There's always something to moan about on this thread
  16. this is the last place i would come for such 'information'
  17. the best thing about this thread is finding out who to add to the ignore list
  18. If only there was an official website with all this info 😲
  19. The 75 year olds will have been vaccinated
  20. What's the company? Might have some work
  21. you would have to come on here to know what a "Closed Case" is
  22. The UK has 60m of this on order: https://ir.novavax.com/news-releases/news-release-details/novavax-confirms-high-levels-efficacy-against-original-and?sf140129199=1 Novavax vaccine 96% effective against original coronavirus, 86% vs British variant in UK trial
  23. Would you prefer those two categories to be split into two ?
  24. What would you prefer? Lies ! Obsufcation ?
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