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  1. https://www.gov.im/media/239757/iom-egns-airport-feescharges-from-april-2019-v10.pdf
  2. From Thursday Loganair will operate twice a day to Liverpool Departures morning & evening Daily service Patients pre booked Remaining tickets available on the website Government hope to announce news of Manchester in the "next week or so"
  3. Doesnt help tourism if they are charged 75% more
  4. London City https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39960993
  5. I wonder what the competition authorities in the UK would make of that
  6. So if this is accurate, Loganair want an assurance that easyjet won't offer cheaper fares
  7. Oh Jesus The most expensive electricity The most expensive ferry crossings The most expensive airline
  8. The government of Guernsey has confirmed the island's first case of the coronavirus. The patient returned from the Spanish island of Tenerife and showed symptoms on their return. Dr Nicola Brink, director of public health for Guernsey and Alderney, said: "The patient has a clear travel history, indicating the likely source of infection. "This underlines our consistent messaging to the community that if you return from a Group B country and show symptoms, however mild, you should contact the coronavirus helpline for advice and to get tested."
  9. 12 daily flight slots returned from flybe to ba at heathrow
  10. Increase population = more flights = more destinations = more money to be made = more urgency from operators to step in = LHR Heathrow service = better BA service
  11. Saab that is about to be binned off and is only there whilst they transition the London service. Who will crew it? Fairies?
  12. The 830 flight is actually 825 and was flybe So nothing new
  13. By increasing the price for unsold easyjet seats it supresses demand and effectively holds seats for those flybe customer who phone up to use the rescue fare If the seats were cheap there would be no seats for the rescue fare
  14. Thank goodness for easyjet or there would be nothing And thank goodness for their wonderful cabin baggage allowance which means so many of us fly cheaper and don't need to pay to check a bag
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