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  1. Today's most stupid question is 3FM asking about easyJet flights
  2. Well, here's my answer...updated website https://covid19.gov.im/vaccination/vaccination-schedule-priority-groups/ Isle of Man Phase 1 Vaccination Rollout Schedule Priority Group Description Contact Status Vaccination Progress When can you book an appointment? Priority 1 Care home residents, staff in care homes for older adults All letters sent
  3. Easyjet flights have been pencilled in to resume in May for many weeks. Nothing new.
  4. 12 scares people into be-fucking-having themselves and obeying the current rules. the sooner that happens the sooner the hounds are released at least if they are saying 21+ days, it means more and more people will have been vaccinated by the time the lockdown is lifted
  5. how many have died from the vaccine or been hospitalised ? compared to how many have died from the illness or been hospitalised ? in fact dont answer it. now when is my jab happening .........?
  6. they just commented on this Full ward at Noble's Hospital for Covid patients. 12 people are in hospital. Hospital still has capacity says Health Minister. A mix of people in hospital - people aren't necessarily in hospital as a direct result of Covid-19. Health Minister says he is not concerned about capacity at this time.
  7. forms are also in the hubs and can be completed whilst there
  8. i want to be able to leave and return without 21 days locked inside. surely they can vacinate enough people on island by July or August so that the risk is low and the infection rate plumets. September is just a joke.
  9. https://www.itv.com/news/granada/2021-03-09/covid-19-isle-of-man-publishes-exit-strategy The Isle of Man Government has published the Island's long-term exit strategy from Covid-19.There are currently 419 active cases of coronavirus in the Isle of Man as islanders experience their third wave of the virus - the highest number recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. While the Island remains in a 'circuit-break' lockdown, it is estimated the peak number of cases will be reached this week while school remains closed. The new plans involve moving from an 'elimination str
  10. 10 or lower is a bit of a surprise. I thought they might have said 20
  11. the situation is not helped by people who cannot read
  12. If you’re from a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and you can prove you’ve been vaccinated, you will be exempt from testing and quarantine requirements on arrival into Iceland. You must be able to provide a proper vaccination certificate showing where, when and which vaccines were given. This must include the manufacturer and batch lot. (Will Tesco do the same?) Will the island do the same for visitors or residents who have travelled ?
  13. Why wasn't Amadeus staying at home ?
  14. That actually says just as much about what the private sector get away with charging government for materials and labour as it does about the government's propensity to pay stupid amounts of money
  15. 81 new cases of coronavirus in the Isle of Man today taking the total number of active cases to 315. Six people are now being treated in hospital.
  16. Priority group 6 letters going out this week
  17. The biggest negative effect on anyones mental health is coming on this forum reading you two
  18. Haven't you got anything better to do like watch grass grow?
  19. Bollocks Its due to the UK supply increasing - of which we get a proportion
  20. The point is that it isn't correct and the following needs to be updated https://covid19.gov.im/vaccination/vaccination-schedule-priority-groups/ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-56282557 Quote: All adults on the Isle of Man will be able to get a first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine months earlier than previously planned, the health minister has said. David Ashford said the number of people vaccinated each day would rise to 1,000 due to an "uptick" in deliveries. The increased pace would mean all adults who wanted one would get their fir
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