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  1. The schedules on the government website need updating. Still says end of September for all in phase 2
  2. Has anyone apologised for this fiasco ?
  3. My experience does not match this at all
  4. Wealth before health ? Or health before wealth ?
  5. Until Xmas 2020 they handled it well / Got lucky so people ambivalent. Peolle will pick their version of events. Jan 2021 people mainly thought lockdown was a bit late but it was over quick, so let's move on Now it transpires that we are in the current situation due to the steam packet issue. Dudley Butt on twitter recently said the matter was reported last year and that authorities were aware for a long time. Therefore it would appear that the root cause of the current lockdown was a foreseeable & mitigation could have been put in place. It
  6. let's not complicate matters ! ffs
  7. They'll need them to accelerate the vaccination programme 1,000 per day next week and a 10,000 delivery at the end of March
  8. Construction closing from the end of today for two weeks Tradespeople working alone or with one other person outdoors are allowed to continue with masks and social distancing in place. These include window cleaners, outdoor painters, gardeners etc. Emergency work and repairs will also continue.
  9. There was a photo of him boarding the ferry and it was in his possession iirc It was iomtoday http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=59782&headline='You may not return', jet ski Romeo is told&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2021
  10. It refers to % for "at least one dose". Not quite what I was interested in but I take the point. I was interested in % for the 2 doses, but didn't state the question clearly
  11. What are the percentages of the age ranges or groups vaccinated So, of 100% of over 60's are vaccinated it's no issue. If it's only 10% then it's a problem. Are these figures available to us plebs?
  12. Finance sector = key workers That's a disgrace the should be called out
  13. Has anyone actually apologised yet ?
  14. If someone does 4 tests per week. On that basis, if positive one of them may actually work. So they have a place - and could usefully be deployed.
  15. Education Minister Dr Alex Allinson said: ‘Our island is facing another assault from Covid-19 but this time a mutation has made it spread faster than before.’ Instead of: Our island is facing another assault from Government ineptitude
  16. The CEO of the Steam Packet has seemingly avoided alot of criticsm. He too should be vilified - the same as people are with government
  17. The shit is getting deeper But lessons will be learnt
  18. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/covid-vaccine-results-public-health-england-b921793.html
  19. Have any of you booked a jab? Archaic process.... 20 minutes on the phone to respond to the letter inviting you to call. Inform them of contact details. [You wrote the letter]. Add mobile and email [which isn't clear if they already hold]. Finally get told, we'll contact you with an appointment. Why not just give the appointment slot there and then....? Or allow it to be booked online ?
  20. your mum contributed to the problem of lengthy queues. sorry.
  21. So the Steam Packet bring more than just freight and passengers to the island. Who could have guessed
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