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  1. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=60598&headline=New Covid alert&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021&cat=Health
  2. this is a subject about which Paul Moulton has been banging his drum for a while
  3. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/another-steam-packet-crew-member-tests-positive-for-covid-19/
  4. it's a park. not a car park. the place has been destroyed down the years. too much concrete.
  5. Ashford said a month or two ago in a press briefing that May would be the next Comin border review
  6. I wonder how many empty promises will be made ahead of the forthcoming elections
  7. A few arseholes on there and here having a go at the people involved. They don't know the facts.
  8. Another new one on the way...from Sky Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine is 66% effective overall with one dose for moderate to severe disease It is 85% effective against most serious symptoms The vaccine worked better in the US 72% effective against moderate to severe Covid-19 57% effective in South Africa against the new variant there The above is from a single dose regime The UK has pre-ordered 30 m doses of the vaccine. A major trial is underway in the UK where two doses of the Janssen (J&J’s vaccine division) jab
  9. The problem with Patient Access is your shared record will be available for 24 hours via a unique link and secured using an access code. So if you want to share information with an airline or specifically at a border check its not really practical. Much easier to have a piece of paper that can either be uploaded to an airline website or waved at the appropriate people during travel. That said, you can generate a PDF of the immunisation record but it's not signed and doesnt have any reference of who the gp is. It simply shows your name, DOB and NHS number, and vaccinatio
  10. The above is now on the vaccination stats page https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/covid-19-vaccination-statistics/
  11. Why dont people just get a signed letter given to them at the time of the vaccination? Surely its easier than any other method retrospectively ? Not everyone will have online aceess to Patient Access and requests to GP's to provide confirmation will only cause delay as soon as everyone want to begin travelling (probably all at the same time)
  12. 60m Novavax on the way... EDIT to add: If approved, the vaccine would start to be rolled out in the second half of 2021. The UK has already ordered 60 million doses, which are going to be manufactured in Stockton-on-Tees.
  13. Imagine a grassed area with matting with a bunch of pensioners on it / turning into a mud bath...great idea in Feb, March, April
  14. Scotland to start publishing 'expected supply of vaccine' data from next week - despite UK government ordering it not to These figure were published - and then swiftly deleted - a few weeks ago but Ms Sturgeon says they have separately been released through "spin" to the media (presumably she means by the UK government). "I have told my officials, regardless of what they (UK government) say, we'll go back to publishing the supply figures from next week." Her own MSPs applaud when she says this. Why should we care? Well, the figures tell us when everyone in the UK might expe
  15. if you have an appointment, why queue outside ?
  16. In some places, planning have caused the problem by approving estates with insufficient parking spaces (example - no driveway or driveways only for one car when people have two) I'm not saying that it's right to park on pavements - but the government have partly created the problem The pavements are bad enough for pushing prams due to being in a poor state of repair without having to deal with parked vehicles
  17. 2nd day running where i can applaud the openess and transparency. Big thanks and well done to those involved. Very positive
  18. this must be the singularly most transparent thing they have ever done well done to those involved https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/covid-19-vaccination-statistics/
  19. He is repeating the next review date as stated by Ashford
  20. I wonder if Tesco will issue a permanent ban for people who don't wear the masks they deem compliant with stores policy ?
  21. https://covid19.gov.im/outbreak-management-plan/outbreak-plan/
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