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  1. Manx Care and MDC are not the same
  2. Perhaps if the place wasn't a shithole it would encourage visitors
  3. That's pretty much where they should be. Or even right through all the sunken gardens. Anyway. Good luck to Rio's. Will be a bit odd if there's only that one but if there's many such outdoor dining settings it could be quite good - especially when there's no more petrol or diesel cars
  4. and inside a few people (alledgedly)
  5. whatever the rights or wrongs are of this specific proposal its symptomatic of how some people just want to live in the past and dont want anything, and i mean anything, to change. as i say, irrespective of this proposal.
  6. Tesco is dearer in isle of man. Use the Tesco grocery app, add stuff to basket, login and see the price change Will still use them ahead of Shoprite though
  7. One better than when I departed at the start of March. Hopefully Friday late afternoons going forward will have two open otherwise there will be an "unexpected number of passengers" (sic) causing queues. Friday's look particularly busy with both easyJet and Loganair (late afternoon / early evening). Unexpected item in the bagging area 😂
  8. Is it still one security scanner in use or is the second one operating now?
  9. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/government-effort-to-stimulate-new-interest-in-islands-air-routes/ "Flybe didn't approach the Isle of Man" Will be reaching out to new airlines and existing
  10. So as a result of people who want to use the gardens there's trams in the middle of a road and cracks in a new road that cost millions
  11. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2018/07/more-than-half-of-uk-airports-still-dont-have-free-water-fountains/
  12. Should have got rid of the trams entirely or removed the gardens and put a single tram line there.
  13. The trouble is they've got to do all these roadworks. Locals know where the potholes are. Bikers don't.
  14. snowman

    TT 2022 ??

    I'm expecting more accidents in open roads this year due to pent up frustrations and excitement. Edit to add. And dickheads unleashed
  15. Loganair have fixed this issue. No app update required
  16. The infect everyone mob are not as much of a concern now due to vaccination. It's now or never.
  17. https://twitter.com/JoshuaStokesITV/status/1507298938709233665?t=2-TW5IViRvVJEFxoHVNnog&s=19 NEW: All remaining Covid-19 restrictions in the Isle of Man will be removed at 00:01am on Friday 1st April. This will include removing the travel declaration and landing form on arrival.
  18. Someone here also reporting a problem https://www.facebook.com/1081154361914621/posts/5698064473556897/
  19. I am being positive. I am trying to book. The app doesn't have the destination. I know because I am trying to book. App was updated on 13/3 and is the latest version available in the app store
  20. Can't book IOM - London on the Loganair app. Given how much everyone has been demanding this route I thought it would have been mentioned by multiple posters on every page
  21. There was a thread already on this subject
  22. Correct. Thameslink combined with Travelcard is a great saving. At least there's rail options at Gatwick unlike Stansted
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