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  1. Finance sector = key workers That's a disgrace the should be called out
  2. Has anyone actually apologised yet ?
  3. If someone does 4 tests per week. On that basis, if positive one of them may actually work. So they have a place - and could usefully be deployed.
  4. Education Minister Dr Alex Allinson said: ‘Our island is facing another assault from Covid-19 but this time a mutation has made it spread faster than before.’ Instead of: Our island is facing another assault from Government ineptitude
  5. The CEO of the Steam Packet has seemingly avoided alot of criticsm. He too should be vilified - the same as people are with government
  6. The shit is getting deeper But lessons will be learnt
  7. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/covid-vaccine-results-public-health-england-b921793.html
  8. Have any of you booked a jab? Archaic process.... 20 minutes on the phone to respond to the letter inviting you to call. Inform them of contact details. [You wrote the letter]. Add mobile and email [which isn't clear if they already hold]. Finally get told, we'll contact you with an appointment. Why not just give the appointment slot there and then....? Or allow it to be booked online ?
  9. your mum contributed to the problem of lengthy queues. sorry.
  10. So the Steam Packet bring more than just freight and passengers to the island. Who could have guessed
  11. They themselves have caused this one with their Steam Packet oversight
  12. They started cooking an hour ago so might be somewhere about 6pm
  13. The reason why the pop up took place wont answer your question The cost of Chester st us unrelated to anything else
  14. Steam Packet, The easier way to get covid across
  15. By end of May Then By may Then 19 April
  16. you've either beeen there or you havent how hard can it be for you to read
  17. Wednesday 17 February 2021 Shoprite, Victoria Road, Douglas from 2:00m to 3:00pm Friday 19 February 2021 Bus Vannin service 21B (Pulrose to Lord Street) from 11:07am to 11:19am Superdrug, Strand Street, Douglas from 11:25am to 11:30am Boots, Strand Street, Douglas from 11:30am to 11:35am Coop, Duke Street, Douglas from 11:45am to 11:50am Bus Vannin service 21B (Lord Street to Pulrose) from 12:05pm to 12:12pm EVF Brown Bobby Filling Station, Peel Road, Douglas from 4:00pm to 4:10pm Sunday 21 February 2021 Bus Vannin service 5 (Qu
  18. Lockdown 1 they text all mobiles Also there is the option to sign up for this https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/departments/home-affairs/emergency-planning-unit/
  19. "Low level " is not a phrase I would use during a pandemic
  20. Inward investment is not always welcome
  21. Douglas does look like a shithole but its partly due to the council. Lake Road ex corpy site. There's also places such as Chester St and Lord St that are absolute dumps.
  22. snowman

    Manx Care

    If you are reliably informed, why are you uncertain if it's correct ? Anyway, I dont give a shit where they are based so long as they improve things
  23. Who knew there were so many epidemiologists on the island. Experts everywhere
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