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  1. Well Mission, I kind of expected posters here to have the intelligence to spot humour. Has the Isle of Man lost it's wonderful sense of humour to such an extent that the natives need a hint that humour is implied?
  2. Guys! RELAX!!! It's a MUPPET! It's not real! Just mild humour!!! FFS!
  3. Well half Manx half Irish! http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2014/03/muppet-moi/
  4. Radio has changed dramatically the world over but, it seems, not at Manx Radio. Their competitors Three FM and Energy FM run pretty good services on a fraction of the budget and staff. Nowadays in local radio stations "Management" is very thin on the ground and in most cases Management also present (or at least produce) programmes. Manx Radio is living in the past. Their main remit now should be providing local News and scrutiny of Govt and music should be an after thought. Music radio is on the way out, thanks to Spotify etc. The future of Radio is speech focused with music as a filler. Contr
  5. Old Marge used be on the Mannin Line whingin' about all us comeovers takin' all the jobs yessir!
  6. So given that the word Manx can be hijacked and used by any questionable outfit - ref Air Crash report, is it now time for the IoM Government to patent or otherwise protect the good name of the isle of Man and the Manx brand so it can be licenced for use by only reputable businesses/organisations? Just a thought!
  7. Fair dues. All great publicity. I see Manx Cheese on sale in Dublin now too. All good news!
  8. So, I was just looking at the webcam section on the EnergyFM website and am curious to know what's on up on Snaefell that so many cars and vans are parked there for at this time on a dark wet Saturday night. Anyone know?
  9. Would that be the bosses in Douglas or Lisbon? Either or both. Makes no difference.
  10. The website looks unprofessional. The approach to starting the service ie. seeking out a Lawyer, CSP etc gratis and publicly is very unprofessional. The whole issue of ''floating'' (no pun intended) the idea the way they have with no proper plan/structure etc in place is very unprofessional. I wouldn't fancy travelling with such an unprofessional outfit. I'd say the SPCo Bosses won't be losing sleep any night soon over this one.
  11. Are the Manx Election Trust putting up a Candidate? Someone who will visit the lil ole ladies and take tea with them? *Sits back and opens popcorn*
  12. So, given that The EU are probably going to press the Cypriot Government to 'rape' their people's Bank Accounts tomorrow, it will create a very dangerous precedent for the EU in general. Will ordinary citizens be comfortable knowing their savings can be grabbed at the whim of their Governments if their Banks get into difficulty? Will people decide that banks in these jurisdictions are no longer a safe custodian of their hard earned? Will they look to The Isle of Man and Channel Islands as a safe home for their cash? Will the Banks in The Isle of Man receive a torrent of cash on deposit as this
  13. http://www.facebook.com/AstronautChrisHadfield https://twitter.com/Cmdr_Hadfield pic.twitter.com/chDCbHHUZp Taken by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station:
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