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  1. I have said before that our politicians get starry-eyed in the face of important/wealthy people. They also have a strong desire to seek glory, coupled with their narcissistic egos. The important/wealthy people on the other hand, know precisely what they want to achieve, and dealing with our politicians is usually like shooting fish in a barrel. We should never forget Mount Murray. The subject of this thread is a recent example. In between, rumours swirled about the sale of the Nunnery, the business dealings of the Hooded Ram geezer etc. In all cases, I am sure that one or more minist
  2. Churchill: "My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them."
  3. Group think - responsible for shite decisions in many circumstances.
  4. Come on, they're probably not all back from their hols yet!
  5. Monday, Wednesday, Friday cycle already announced
  6. This reminds me of the other thread with the comments about Cretiny and the planted newspaper articles. Is GC about to announce something?
  7. Our freezers at home operate at -20C, so I hope that this isn't trotted out as another lame government excuse for the lack of pace in our vaccination programme.
  8. The plan appears to be to have two chief executives - one for the DHSC and another for the 'arm's length' provider organisation that is Manx Care. Wasteful, inefficient, daft, won't turn out well etc.
  9. I have only seen the MR 'blog' so I'm not sure if this will be correct, but the Boy Vampire seems to be saying that his target is 1,141 jabs of Pfizer and - in due course - 700 of Oxford vaccine per week. Am I alone in thinking that this is pathetic?
  10. Or, analysed a different way, with a population of approx. 85,000, two doses needed and today's productivity we can immunise the whole population in 540 days! I am filled with such confidence...
  11. From what I can see, we have kept our relationship with EU as regards goods - so we should be able to export without tariffs. We never had access for services, so there is no change there. The Isle of Man will also continue to work against VAT fraud across the whole customs territory. The agreement gives a unique carve-out for the 'territorial sea adjacent to the Isle of Man' (which must be our 12 mile zone) meaning that fishing rights will only be granted to boats that have been fishing here during the last three years. Gibraltar and the Overseas Territories are excluded from the
  12. The agreement is here, if you want to have a skeet. If you search the term 'Isle of Man', there are plenty of hits - virtually all about fishing. I haven't been able to get my head round what is set out, and if I do, I'll let everyone know.
  13. Have a look at this Wiki article - it sums up the Isle of Man in all of its government guises. "The time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum [of money] involved." The Cosy Nook is a bike shed, and the Liverpool landing stage is an atomic reactor. How much debate will relate to each theme?
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