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  1. Boo Gay'n

    Manx Care

    Yes, but one of our main problems here (which I suspect you know very well) is that the concept of 'political will' is almost non-existent. Manx politicians have the decision-making skills of amoebae. A sensation that something is good news or positive for their reputation means that they slide towards that something. Conversely, if the sensation is that something is difficult, bad news or damaging to their reputation, they slide away from it rather more quickly! As a consequence, so many things have been kicked into the long grass in the Isle of Man that you could build a new Snaefell with them.
  2. Boo Gay'n

    Manx Care

    There is no doubt at all that the medical consultants have been ripping us off for years. You can't necessarily blame individual doctors, as most of them reap the benefits of super-sweet deals fixed up by their BMA union reps over the years. You end up with a system where the cost:productivity ratio is skewed totally in the wrong direction. There are factors to consider like the difficulty of recruiting to a professional backwater (which often means that we get duffers), but the income received by some consultants is eye-watering in comparison to across. Your example though highlights efficiency and effectiveness issues. Are the 'professional' people that we employ any good at what they are supposed to be doing? Secondly, is the system designed to give the best possible service to the 'consumer' or, even, those working in it? Sadly, the answer to both questions is probably no. As with the many discussions that MF members have had about our politicians, we have this long tradition of accepting mediocrity at best and shit-awful at worst as acceptable in the Isle of Man. Complain, make your opinion about piss-poor service known. If enough of us do that, the oil tanker will change course!
  3. Boo Gay'n

    Manx Care

    On the Tinwell question, I just had a skeet at Hansard, page 67. You see the classical problem when politicians have small brains with slow processors - they flounder as soon as they are off script. Look at this classic when the Boy Vampire is asked about 'a culture of bullying and managing out'. In relation to the point in relation to culture, speaking personally, if I may, I do think there have been issues with culture. I think there have been some severe issues with culture. I have got to be honest that some of the things that I have read in relation to this I most certainly am not happy with, (A Member: Hear, hear.) and I do not believe it was appropriate behaviours whatsoever and it should not be appropriate or condoned in any organisation. (A Member: Hear, hear.) In relation to disciplinary matters, of course that is a staffing matter. A lot of the individuals that were referred to have now departed the Department, in one way or another, but I think that now what we need to do is ensure that we address any cultural issues. There have been cultural pieces ongoing certainly for the whole time that I have been Minister, which is now getting on for nearly four years, to try and address some of the issues. But most definitely I do not shy away from the fact that there are culture and behavioural issues that were long rooted in the Department that were completely unacceptable. Does anyone know what that blather means?
  4. Someone told me that the council of ministers use Telegram, or a similar encrypted messaging system, to coordinate their actions during sittings of the Keys and Tynwald. Presumably there will be no public record of those communications.
  5. In our case, and the UK across, it's often neither want nor need because the politicians see it as a career, not a service. Increasingly, they react based on social media comment and furore, rather than thinking through good policies that will benefit people. Plus, they are often nasty people. Hancock was protected after being found to have broken the ministerial code and sacked for shagging his assistant. I know which one I think is more serious.
  6. Who - the subject of this discussion or someone else?
  7. https://covid19.gov.im/vaccination/vaccination-certificate-for-travel-faqs/#Separate%20healthcare
  8. I’m not surprised by this news, and there will probably be a few people in Noble’s and the wider health service who would say the same. This also links to the odd contributions from David Killip on the ‘Abbotswood Covid19’ thread that has now been locked by the mods. Many members will remember the turbulent time that the health department had in 2014, with virtually the whole ‘corridor of power’ in Crookall House cleared out in a few months. It was rumoured that they had been fired for piss-poor performance across the board, but I guess that settlement agreements with confidentiality clauses were flying around like confetti at a wedding so we will never know the truth. One of the casualties other than Killip was the chief nurse, Bev Critchlow. David Killip was replaced to a fanfare from Mr Toad (then health minister) and screeching of Harley Davidson tyres by one Mark Charters. Charters was a disaster, and achieved the rare distinction of being hated by absolutely everyone in his department. One of his more bizarre acts was to appoint Linda Radcliffe as the replacement for Ms Critchlow. My family and friends who work down at Noble’s were stunned and appalled by the announcement, as her reputation was so awful (small clique of cronies, super-aggressive and completely detached from the clinical ‘coal face’). Morale suffered very badly. She didn’t last very long and left in mysterious circumstances during the Couch era. Blow me down, but Radcliffe then pops up as clerk of Onchan Commissioners! Current stories about bullying and incompetence are, as I said, not surprising.
  9. There is a very funny Twitter feed called Angry People in Local Newspapers. Today, Two Planks has brought us fame - see here
  10. Boo Gay'n


    Yes - this classic sprung to mind
  11. You've nailed it really. How 'convertible' are these passports? At present, I assume not at all. They might smooth travel wrinkles between the island and the UK, but beyond that...?
  12. Boo Gay'n


    So Nick Crowe's post on his Facebook page is the only source for this whole thread...?
  13. Like a fool, I accepted the 'it's almost fixed' propaganda from MT for a good while. However, after six days with no emails, I did some digging and found this advice page. My emails on my laptop were configured through Outlook, and I realised that MT had changed every single server setting. I am not aware that they told anyone that. Unless you were logging in directly through your browser (and even the address for that had been changed) your emails would never have come back to your email client. I am moderately tech savvy, but I can't imagine what many customers would have managed. This is worse than pisspoor customer service. Perhaps they don't want us to use the service!
  14. I should say though that if it does come to pass, there really would be no reason for international business to remain in the Isle of Man.
  15. We have been here before a number of times. These big shindigs always to have to tell the media that they have produced a plan to save the world. The full communiqué of this one is here, and the meat of it is below. As previous posters have said, it will take ages to bring in (if it happens), will mutate as the planning proceeds and so what see now is unlikely to be what we will get. During the meeting, Finance Ministers agreed the principles of an ambitious two Pillar global solution to tackle the tax challenges arising from an increasingly globalised and digital global economy. Under Pillar One of this historic agreement, the largest and most profitable multinationals will be required to pay tax in the countries where they operate – and not just where they have their headquarters. The rules would apply to global firms with at least a 10% profit margin – and would see 20% of any profit above the 10% margin reallocated and then subjected to tax in the countries they operate. The fairer system will mean the UK will raise more tax revenue from large multinationals and help pay for public services here in the UK. Under Pillar Two, the G7 also agreed to the principle of at least 15% global minimum corporation tax operated on a country by country basis, creating a more level playing field for UK firms and cracking down on tax avoidance. Discussions on the two Pillars have been ongoing for many years – with the Chancellor making securing a global agreement a key priority of the UK’s G7 Presidency. The agreement will now be discussed in further detail at the G20 Financial Ministers & Central Bank Governors meeting in July. Improving climate disclosures: Finance Ministers also accelerated action on environmental issues, following in the UK’s footsteps by committing for the first time to properly embed climate change and biodiversity loss considerations into economic and financial decision-making.
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