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  1. Politicians are egotistical oafs, but they are also ultra-competitive. Do you remember when Big Al got a UK TV interview and disclosed that he was a Friend of Dorothy (which no one knew!!)? This was after his departure. So now Mr Toad has an interview before his departure to tell us nothing much at all. He has done one better than Big Al - result.
  2. Boo Gay'n

    Manx Care

    It didn't take long, did it? Five weeks in and out comes the begging bowl.
  3. Do you not worry though that the Boy Vampire and Mr Toad fell into the politician’s fallacy? 1. We must do something. 2. This is something. 3. Therefore, we must do this. In other words, people may have moved, or been moved on for trying to block what they could see, based on their knowledge and experience, was the wrong ‘something’ to do? I and other forum members have said a number of times that Jonny Michael is simply selling reheated Lansley 2012 reforms – which proved not to improve the English NHS much at all and are now being dismantled.
  4. Perhaps news like this will show that the Salisbury Street deal was based on good foresight.
  5. Of course I can. Have you never heard about analogy (a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification)? Are you implying that our government is a paragon of virtue?
  6. This is a slight tangent, but here is part of what Johnny Mercer said in an interview after being fired by BoJo: This is the most distrustful, awful environment I’ve ever worked in, in government. Almost nobody tells the truth is what I’ve worked out over the last 36 hours. And, you know, so so I don’t think anyone really can get on their high horse about trust and ethics and all the rest of it in politics, because as far as I’m concerned, most of it is a bit of a cesspit, I think we do have a clear commitment to follow through on our promises and do right by those who serve. He is
  7. We could add that the methodology is mentioned in the reports - in other words, it is clear what has been assessed when producing the index.
  8. If you come on the forums, surely you have access to Mr Google's interweb library of knowledge? https://www.gov.im/media/1347647/vision2020-leaflet.pdf
  9. 'Internal only' also implies that they think there is a government candidate with those skills and experience. Ha ha.
  10. I heard once (and it has a ring of truth) that IOMG capital projects assumed that various costs would be a percentage of the overall expenditure. The architects, engineers, QSs etc. knew about this and 'bingo!' the percentages were achieved.
  11. Mr Toad is a typical politician who is more concerned about his ego than making mistakes. In that he is similar to BoJo, Trump etc. In the case of the new Liverpool terminal, the lil ol' IOMG is dealing with Peel Group - think vampire squid on steroids, bristling with lawyers and destroying everything in its path like a juggernaut (sorry for the gleeful use of too much metaphor and simile). Here is my version of the events, which I humbly opine to be the truth. Ring, ring on Mr Toad's desk. "Hi, Mr Toad, this is one of John Whittaker's boys". Mr Toad kneels. "The Racket's le
  12. Hope is fine, and I respect your stance, of course. I am cynical, and think that as soon as Teri Cope does something that causes any social media ripples - remember little Finley's medicine - the arm's length principle will be ripped up and the DHSC will tell her what to do (even if that is never made public).
  13. "Dealing with"? What sort of job do you have - removal firm, psychotherapist (shicklaagagh for the Manxies leaving the gem of God's earth) or ... member of Tynwald?
  14. Boo Gay'n

    Manx Care

    Just doing some trawling after my last post and found this list of people. Then I found this, which I think gives us the faces behind the masks that I couldn't recognise.
  15. Boo Gay'n

    Manx Care

    I wonder where Josem scraped the photo from? He isn't the hand behind the camera, surely? Noble's boardroom methinks. Dramatis personae, L-R ? ? Oliver Radford Richard Wild ? Barbara Scott Cath Quilliam Teresa Cope Not sure where the medical representation is (interim medical director post advertised in January, Dr Ros Ranson MIA) or anyone from social care - adult or child. As per previous posts, at least four of the old guard there.
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