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  1. It is fascinating when people have what is known as a Damascene Conversion. I can remember alleged conflicts of interest in the past where school officials were alleged to be giving work to 'close' friends.
  2. We should never forget the institutional racism and corruption in the Met which led to the scum who killed Stephen Lawrence walking free for so long.
  3. I did some more research. If you look at this document Food Matters on page 19, you will see them nicking some data from North East England (study by New Economics Foundation in 2008) and applying it here as gospel.
  4. Annie Craine was remarkably vague in 2010 - see here - saying that there was no single multiplier. It came up again in 2018, and Baron Boot and his minions seemed certain to the penny - here. Mr Jelly is always cock-sure about everything, but I wonder if the constant repetition of some sort of myth has become fact in the minds of some...
  5. The planning changes under emergency powers must contain something objectionable, but if you look here it isn't clear what - unless changing planning law under emergency powers is itself dodgy. He must have been absolutely clear about collective responsibility though - it has been around for at least 200 years!
  6. Just went past Brussels. I wonder what the range of a Dash 8-400 is without passengers?
  7. Guernsey has had no new cases for 22 days, which gives their government more credible leeway when reducing restrictions.
  8. I find the thought of Two Planks and Rob the Gob in departmental meetings hilarious. The clashing of two egos the size of galaxies backed by intellects the size of quarks. Poor old Gary Roberts!
  9. Spuan thinks that he is really intelligent - he isn't. Thinks that he is powerful - he isn't. Thinks that he is important - he isn't. Thinks that he is respected - he isn't. Typical Manx politician really!
  10. Big Al, that hero of pink dogs everywhere, tried to sort it out when we were quids in by setting up the public sector pension reserve if memory serves me. The trouble was, it was a deeply unsexy thing for Tynwald to put money into, and so it was never built up to be equivalent to a funded pension scheme - contributions from members + income from the invested fund cover payments to pensioners. Eddie and Alf have been spending what is left of that reserve and it will soon be gone. At that point, a massive cash-flow problem hits the government current account.
  11. Because they aren't very poorly?
  12. Well Two Planks has appeared on the radio website this morning with comment about decommissioning the emergency sirens. It will save squillions of quid (£15k) to balance the squillions of quid (£££££) he will spend a new system which is still top secret. Back in classic bollox mode.
  13. And Chris Thomas is on Twitter this morning blaming Alf Cannan as the owner of policy on bank holidays as if CoMin doesn't exist. Toss pot.
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