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  1. Boo Gay'n

    The next MMR?

    I would hazard a guess on two points. First come across as reasonably educated and well spoken. Second, classical propaganda technique - surely there is no smoke without fire (even when there is no smoke)?
  2. Boo Gay'n

    The next MMR?

    Heard that the fabulous Courtney Headcase caused a walkout of GPs last week. A foolish organiser assumed that if he was meant to be talking about cholesterol and statins at their education get-together he would stick to the script but no, he wanted to spout his anti-vaccer shite. People with brains find it hard to cope with outer fringe conspiracy loons.
  3. It's so hard being t'mayor, don'tcha know!
  4. Bad pennies never go away, and like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Hufftown is back in all his thick, inarticulate glory. I almost crashed the car this morning hearing his voice talking about his new calling. From the MR website “A new charity is aiming to raise money to purchase and run the hyperbaric chamber on the Island The facility is used to treat divers with decompression sickness, as well as patients recovering from surgery or other injuries where a high dose of oxygen is beneficial. However, the old chamber closed last June due to various problems and hasn't been open since. The new charity, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Isle of Man - or HBOT IOM - has been formed by a group of supporters of hyperbaric medicine. Vice-chairman of HBOT is former MHK John Houghton - he says the old equipment is now obsolete and the new charity is aiming to raise the funds to both purchase and run a new facility. It's hoped the new chamber will be running before the end of the year.” In my world, there is another meaning for phoenixism – dodgy liquidation to evade creditors followed by resurrection as exactly the same business with the same owners but a slightly different name. So what has happened to the Kevin Gray Memorial Trust and its assets? Hufftown said that even though the hyperbaric chambers have been knackered since last summer, its faithful attendants sit in the office every day waiting for us to call and pledge our dosh to the new charity. Do they take wages, and if so, from which bank account? There is something seriously out of whack in all this.
  5. Which part of his CV shows shipping experience?
  6. You still haven't told us what the actual reality is
  7. Robertshaw thinks that anyone who doesn't agree with him is flawed in some way - i.e. everyone else in Tynwald. Robertshaw appears to have a particular interest in shipping, but never mentions Mark, his son, who works in my sector. Is that a conflict of interest?
  8. It isn't my world - is it yours? What is the actual reality then? Dr K has gone, a member mentioned Dr C rumoured to be out earlier in this topic, who knows what else is being planned.
  9. Joke like being a spam boy?
  10. Not much knowledge there newbie. Think Charters, Deadman, Harrington, Mahajan, Radcliffe, Kewley, Mansfield, Craig, Hayhow - and now some of the big beasts in the consultant jungle appear to be being culled. I doubt that anyone up at the DHSC would see estates as equivalent to hospital manager - certainly not a promotion.
  11. No doubt when you were still full time every place that you worked had no rotten apples or dead wood at all - probably due to you being so awesome as a manager and sorting things out in 5 minutes Even in the private sector it is difficult to get rid of problem people without causing nightmares of tribunals and court cases, so I shudder to think what the IOM public sector is like
  12. It's all on public record from the court case last October, so we can talk about it on the forums. Deemster said suspension had to be lifted, not the disciplinary investigation into - "1.Your current Job Plan does not reflect catual activity and may have resulted in overpayment; 2.You did not always pay the agreed room rate when consulting in private at Nobles Hospital which has resulted in financial cost to the organisation; 3.Asking administration staff to do work in their DHSC time in support of private practice; 4.Inappropriately writing prescriptions for private patients on Nobles Hospital prescription forms; 5.Use of public laboratory tests for private patients; 6.Use of public radiology tests for private patients; 7.Using public air ambulance service to transfer private patient to private UK facility; 8.Attempted coercion of administrative staff to alter diagnosis on insurance form to enable payment of claim; 9.Encouraging staff grade(s) to resign with the intention of carrying on working her (sic) at an enhanced rate with a resultant financial loss to the organisation; 10.Requesting your personal secretary to delete transfer private patient files to yourself and delete them from your computer which could constitute an attempt to hinder the investigation; 11.Utilising the NHS hours of administrative staff in relation to your private practice."
  13. An email to hospital staff told them he had gone. I wonder why that hasn't been leaked to the newspaper?
  14. We'll have to see what Jonny Michael says in May
  15. Private patients closed its doors at the beginning of January - I have a relly who works up there. Dr Khan - he of the court case - has now been given the heave ho. Everyone assumes more to follow.
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