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    You are always hinting that you have deep knowledge of the DHSC dilli. You must either work there, or be closely associated with it in some way. This post is along the lines of 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' - with your hatred for DHSC senior management, but still accepting that Saint Kate was/is useless (and a thoroughly nasty piece of work imo). So much of the DHSC and government - maybe even our gem of God's earth as a whole - works on the basis that we don't like change and we don't like what we have now. But even after nuclear war, its is said that cockroaches might survive and inherit the planet. Following Jonny Michael's report, massive change is to be imposed on the DHSC. Keep your head down cockroach! On the broader point, it strikes me as a bit rich that being advised by the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary in a private meeting that your job may be on the line because of your many failings amounts to bullying.
  2. I think that Courtney has always been a fantasist. Some years ago he was hired by Shimbo at DED as a freelance business development consultant and had no success (bit like the post office bod across). The health link is his own dream - it's easy enough to have business cards printed. Doctors that I know see him as dangerous (the anti vaccine conspiracy theories), and after his recent incarceration it looks as though he is buying into all of the current conspiracy fads. Unwell or plain loopy - who knows?
  3. Thanks for pointing that out Rob, we don't need to read the report now.
  4. Thanks Graham, good to hear your side of it!
  5. Two Planks resorts to patronising when under challenge. It is weird how frequently ministers take this approach with anyone else in Tynwald. Presumably because they are so wise and knowledgeable! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/just-read-the-report-says-the-education-minister/
  6. I don't know if titles of threads can be edited, but it could help if the OP did that. Standing committees are almost always used to describe the very important (in their own eyes) groups of Tynwald members who scrutinise the IOMG - example - Public Accounts Committee chaired by the incomparable genius in military uniform that is Spuan Juan. Then there are the select committees - very important (in their own eyes) groups of Tynwald members who look into particular topics - one of those will shortly fix everything about homelessness. Beyond that, there are so many other committees, boards and what not that you can get lost in the mess. A former bish (Graeme Knowles) made a farewell speech in which he said that the Isle of Man is 'grossly over-governed'. Yes. At the heart of the problem that the OP may have experienced is the shadowy Appointments Commission, which finds people to sit on the multiple bodies which are all over the place. It is chaired by an ex-civil servant of course, and she no doubt looks after old mates as much as she can. I also understand that many people in public positions are simply given the job. I have heard that there was no recruitment process for the health service review - Sir Jonathan Michael was just a good type recommended by one of the government directors (old mates), and Alfredo and the Boy Vampire liked the cut of his jib. We aren't served well by any of these processes, and it must be true that masses of experience and talent are simply ignored to allow the old girls and boys network to roll on.
  7. No room for complacency says Alfred
  8. I almost pity the poor IOMG civil servants who have to go into negotiations with Peel Group. Eat them up and spit the bones out comes to mind. Then all the English contractors who will build the terminal. We'll get shafted.
  9. I see that Saint Kate has been blathering on again (with 'Three Cameras' Moulton on MTV) about how the evil Will Greenhow is running the show and how he did her in as a minister. There was a lovely story that I heard from the early days of Uncle Tone's government, where one of the old yessirs went in and said, I presume I'll be in your Council of Ministers Tone? The answer was no, and the reason - nobody will work with you. Saint Kate may have the odd supporter on Face Book, but surely she is loathed by the vast majority of folk?
  10. “One particular problem in healthcare is not just the capacity to learn from mistakes, but also that even when mistakes are detected, the learning opportunities do not flow through the system” Matthew Syed It strikes me that a group of senior doctors in the Isle of Man - over a good few years - have run things for themselves, and have become so immune to management direction that 'anything goes'. Obscene salaries based on job plans and appraisals signed off by each other, unknown quality of care (think bowel surgery, endoscopy, breasts etc) and absent moral compasses have led to many of the problems we have had and still face. A combination of public sector 'terms and conditions' and a ferociously protective union - the BMA (also run locally by the same group of senior doctors) - have stalled any attempts at improvement. It is correct to say that we shouldn't jump to conclusions about the Byrne case, but it would be truly appalling to try to disregard the complainant because she was under psychiatric care - even though I am sure that this is exactly what Dr Byrne's defence team will try to do. All the Michael reforms will do - at great expense - is rearrange the deckchairs. What is needed is a clear out of the bad and a reboot.
  11. Let's turn this on its head then, and see where we get. I posit that around the world there is rampant kleptocracy, bribery/corruption, tax avoidance and tax evasion. Don't jump on me because heading three isn't illegal, btw. There have to be entities, structures, advisers and jurisdictions which knowingly (maybe very occasionally unknowingly) facilitate such behaviour. There are officials of various types who want to get the dirty money, or an appropriate percentage of it, where it should rightfully be. Question - what is the best approach to improving the situation?
  12. You accused me in another thread of not reading things. Have you read the 'light blue book' yet? Page 9 shows very healthy reserves of £1.5 billion in total.
  13. I used to play Sim City when I was a pink pup, and you always had to put in the community infrastructure before starting the community. We always get the blah blah that Iris was built for a much bigger population, but it doesn't serve the whole island. It strikes me that every other type or piece of infrastructure is falling to bits, although we will soon have our brand new, very expensive Douglas prom to showcase the island to all of our new prospective residents.
  14. Thanks Chris, I didn't know about that site, and will watch for developments. It shows the problem that government has in keeping the citizens it serves informed. How would we know that the information had been uploaded? How would my nan, who isn't a silver surfer, ever know about it? I see that Jonny Michael has been quietly rehired. What governance was used during that process, as rumours I have heard say that his original appointment had almost none? No doubt you will also have quietly rehired the very expensive consultants who worked with him. That is always the plan with consultants - generate 'annuity business' so that the money keeps rolling in! The project plan, such that it is, could have been done by a year 11 school pupil. How will you inform the public about what is being achieved/completed over time, and will you be honest when the unions slow down or block what doesn't suit them?
  15. Weirdly, MR has deleted the news post and sound clip (sorry I didn't add a link earlier), but Thomas said that the senior civil servant in charge of healthcare transformation was the Chief Secretary. There is no CSO now btw, only the growing empire of the Cabinet Office.
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