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  1. So why the fretting about Wigangate? Open Government Licences allow copying if the originator is cited. I also heard it on good authority that the Boy Vampire signed that document off too, so why didn't he have to go?
  2. They should be subject to this Chinese instruction not to conceal new virus cases or "be nailed on the pillar of shame for eternity". I like that!
  3. Lesley Keenan under David Killip, then Brian Deadman under Mark Charters.
  4. We all accept that the DHSC and its various arms, including Noble's, is doing good work for the benefit of our communities. There are glaring exceptions, but I think that most people will accept my generalisation. It is interesting to think about the DHSC (or other government departments) in the light of the economic theories of William Niskanen - essentially that bureaucracies always tend to grow in size and cost - often in ways that are at variance from the wishes of their political overseers or the needs of the people they serve. This is because in a public sector environment, the size of budgets and teams equates to power, influence and the bureaucrat's salary - and this analysis applies at any level - DHSC CEO or physiotherapy team leader. It would take a rare talent to crack through this mentality - which has been developed over generations in the Manx public sector - and deliver genuine value for money.
  5. The top is the boy vampire, who is totally out of his depth and only floating because of his ego. He is supported by four Tynwald members who are like the cast from a pantomime - Barber (Bettison), Corlett, Moorhouse and Sharpe. My guess is that the five of them haven't an idea between them about what needs to be done, other than asking for more money - again. The problem is that the Tynwald crowd are so thick that there aren't any good uns to put in the DHSC. Noble's is being run by the deputy head of the personnel office now apparently. Angela Murray is still ill. Ewart is moving to the Cabinet Office. Who else is there?
  6. I think that you are right and wrong at the same time Roger. You will have read the Government Code, which describes the relationships between senior civil servants and ministers. The minister does call the shots, and everything of significance (which I guess must be a judgement call) must always be run past them for awareness and/or approval. If you have a reasonably competent minister and a reasonably competent chief exec, this is probably OK (all we do is copy the Westminster model after all). But if you have a duff minister, a duff chief exec, or both, it becomes a dance of death - with either nothing getting done or things getting done badly. It is much more likely that you will have a minister in the Isle of Man who wants to micro-manage than a chief exec who wants to do everything off their own bat without reference upwards, IMO. There is a classic story that Two Planks Cregeen got himself a high-viz jacket with his name printed on it so that he could go and direct flood responses at the NSC etc. a couple of years ago. That is ridiculous. I agree with your analysis of Mr Toad completely. A wag once told me that even his money came from Lorraine, so he isn't a success on that front either!
  7. It's an odd, and if you're inclined to be, worrying role. The Chief Secretary is senior adviser to the Chief Minister, and sits at his right shoulder in every meeting of CoMin. He is also the senior adviser to the Lieutenant Governor, and has a private meeting with him every week. The third aspect is to be head of the public service, with all chief executives reporting to him.
  8. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/fake-news-on-social-media-a-big-concern/ I don't deny that fake news is becoming a global problem, but find it hard to give a flying f**k about whether (or not) Perky had his Twitter account cloned or what vast knowledge he gained in the bar at the CPA meeting. What fake things did "fake Perky" tweet??
  9. Aah, the teflon-coated Chief Secretary Will Greenhow. It's interesting that nobody ever questions his contribution to the never ending series of government cock-ups, isn't it?
  10. I sense that there is an over-reliance on a 'hero' here - who may turn out to be anything but. The following is pieced together from a number of conversations, and although I can't be certain that everything is spot on, it all has a ring of truth. Jonathan Michael was appointed personally by Alf Cannan (presumably rubber stamped by CoMin). There were no other candidates, no due diligence process and no interview. After a year of deep thinking, he proposed that the 2012 Lansley reforms (which many observers in England say were a waste of time and money) would be ideal for the Isle of Man. There was almost no mention of social care, because Michael was a hospital consultant during his medical career. Whatever your views of Couch and Morris's work at the DHSC, at this point they walk. Tynwald then shouts 'hurrah' unanimously, and Jonny is a hero. Transformation of the DHSC cannot be left with the DHSC, so a new team (most of Michael's old team) will be in the Cabinet Office, headed by a new director. Without any transparency at all, Michael stays on the payroll and gets closely involved in building the new teams needed to deliver his vision. I suspect that he was closely involved in the hiring of the part-time CEO and the transformation guy; and I'm pretty sure that he was part of the interviewing panel for the new medical director (a London GP??). Ashford, Cannan and the rest have fallen into the classic trap. The new recipe product is so much better than the old one. Or, marry in haste, repent at leisure. At the beginning of this year, the DHSC did have a direction and the self-interest groups were being tackled. It had budget problems without doubt, but not many European health systems don't. It now seems sunk in despair and chaos. This will be the legacy of this administration, and its hero.
  11. At least it was advertised, unlike the appointment of Jonathan Michael.
  12. Your wish is my command (I say that to all the boys) https://www.jobtrain.co.uk/iomgovjobs/displayjob.aspx?jobid=9398
  13. Look at Ann's manifesto - so much apparent promise! https://mm.aiircdn.com/147/57d699f81369f.pdf I would love the government internal audit service to have a look at the links between the "family catering business" and the government catering service.
  14. I sense that whatever led Couch to leave, his absence has led to a slow-motion car crash over the last six months. The current interim CEO isn't at work after a very serious health issue and isn't expected back for another month at least. The interim hospitals director was unceremoniously binned and marched out of Noble's. The people I know in the DHSC say that morale is falling quickly. A number of people who are known to be weak have been elevated to positions of great authority. As you say, the new interim CEO appears to have no commitment (and her colleagues will respond to her accordingly) - and I mentioned in another thread that she has no real experience in leading an integrated health and social care system. It's all very sad.
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