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  1. Skelly is in???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( WTF were people thinking
  2. Can anyone suggest to me a reliable company / person to remove an old oil tank from my garage & replace it with a gas boiler. I need to the work doing soon as the oil tank is almost empty & I'm not refilling it! I am currently sat waiting, yet again, for a company who have said they will do the work but want to do a site visit. I think it will be another no show
  3. Maybe the applicant should resubmit for a bakery & cake shop, perhaps with a few seats and forget the play/smoking area. Apart from a few dented Kingsmill loaves in shoprite the only bread you can get is the awful Ramsey Bakery stuff. I would certainly buy bread from a decent local bakery
  4. The Railway station cafe in port erin is very good for gluten free stuff & very allergy aware so I'm sure that if you gave them a call in advance they would be able to help
  5. For what it's worth I've had this problem on android and just used the details from this site to setup a VPN to the UK, it worked a treat as apps became available only a few minutes after setting up the VPN. http://www.getukvpn.com/ If you've never set a VPN up before the site also has a good "how to" section
  6. No one lives there, Cowley Groves have been trying to sell them for the 5.5 years I have lived round the corner, I've no idea how long they have been for sale
  7. The 3 old attached houses on Bayview Rd have been set on fire it seems. The damage didnt seem too bad as I wandered past but lots of blue flashing lights etc... hopefully someone will buy them soon & do something with them, but I'm not holding my breath..
  8. another vote here for the Chimney Doctor
  9. I would just like to thank the Doomongering, whinging keyboard warriors for staying at home with their keyboards today whilst my family & I watched the Olympic flame in Castletown & then went on to the airport to see the Firefly plane (which was incidentally parked in the best spot for people to see it all day!) A lot of thought went into today & it was amazing for me and my family. the torchbearers waiting at the airport on the bus who all piled off to stand and pose with 10 torches for the kids, you are wonderful and I cannot thank you enough, to the torchbearers who let my 4 & 5 year olds hold a torch etc, thank you soo much, to the pilot & crew of firefly who saw my kids waving & came out of the cockpit onto the steps to wave back, for 5 minutes, you made my 4 year olds day. you lot can now all get back to whining about it, maybe next time something like this happens you should go and see it & enjoy it?? who knows, you might even have fun!!
  10. there is a map of the route here http://www.london2012.com/torch-relay/route/ it finishes at the junction of farrants way & arbory road and is due in castletown square at approx 3.40 pm
  11. I have managed to source some scaffolding & i need soffit boards tidying up and painting and all guttering replacing. I'm in the south of the island. Can anyone recommend a decent local firm, I need an excellent job doing as my house really catches the prevailling wind & rain. Thanks.
  12. tootiebootie - i went last year with a 3 year old and 4 year old and there was loads for them to do during the day, plus lots of grass for them to run round like mad things on! take a few toys for them, eg a blow up ball etc to play with on the grass
  13. i went with 2 small children last year and they loved it, they are already pestering me cos they want to go again!! ask the organisers for a free ticket seeing as you live next door to the site & go and enjoy yourself with your child! :)
  14. i flew easyjet last weekend for the 1st time - the plane out on friday afternoon was packed, probably about 5 empty seats and nearly as full coming back yesterday afternoon. the service and staff were fab & it was nearly £80 cheaper than flybe. if i ran flybe flights here i would be seriously worried about easyjet increasing their flights
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