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  1. I've just published book number six - If you'd spread the word I'd be very grateful! (linky below)


    ”If you’re a fan of the Isle of Man TT races, you’ll love this book.”

    "Frank n’ Stan’s bucket list is wonderfully heart-warming, poignant, and gloriously funny. A proper laugh-out-loud read that will put a smile on your face."

    Frank’s had better days…

    The doctor gave him the news he didn't want and Frank's discovered the worst kept secret in Liverpool; that his wife’s fitness instructor is providing her services that extend beyond the gym.  

    With time a dwindling commodity, Frank decides it’s time to do something he wants to do. With a little encouragement from his oldest friend, Stan, the first destination for his ‘bucket-list’ is the Isle of Man TT Races. 

    They were content to just spectate, but fate had other ideas.




  2. Watching a pretty tedious programme about the theft of Van Gogh paintings, just now.  One of the only known photos of Mr Big was taken in the Isle of Man, where the commentator stated, "probably there to launder his drug money and place in offshore accounts" 

    They don't like us :rolleyes:

  3. I signed up to Equifax to protect myself from online fraud, etc.  I did think it a bit of an irony when I received a letter from Equifax today, telling me they'd given all of my personal information in a data breach in May.  Checked my statement and they've still been quick enough to charge me each month.

    Cheeky feckers 

    Reading the scale of the breach I'd be surprised if they come out of the other side of this one.  I suppose another irony is that more people will sign up for the services of this sort of company provides on the back of a problem which they created.



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  4. Interesting from Lord Gadhia, calling it fake and false news in the House of Lords: 


    Lord Gadhia is a former managing director of private equity firm Blackstone and a board member of UK Financial Investments and UK Government Investments.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-41879690?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=twitter&ns_campaign=bbc_live&ns_linkname=5a00b4e1e4b02d7b3a1c83ec%26'Fake and false news' - Lord Gadhia%26&ns_fee=0#post_5a00b4e1e4b02d7b3a1c83ec




  5. 10 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

    If I sign up for kindle unlimited and read your book on the 30 day free trial do you still get the same amount as if I bought your book outright? Sounds a bit tight I know, and probably would end up costing me thousands of pounds by the time I got round to remembering to cancel the account, rather like the netflix one that I haven't used or cancelled in 5 years, but in that momen it would be nice to feel good about doing good while someone else was paying. 

    Morning.  On KU the author gets paid per page read rather than a total amount. The amount differs each month.  If you like reading, KU is a great option.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, the stinking enigma said:

    I thought it was quite funny. Not in a cruel way. More like gentle banter. I would have laughed if I was  the person concerned. I would hope he would too

    Agreed, I chuckled too, not in a mean way. Can I just say, in case he wants royalties, any similarities to persons living or... you know the rest.

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  7. Forum friends - I've just published book number four and hoped you would help me spread the word.  It's a romantic comedy set in the Isle of Man.   




    When Helen walked out on Jack, she left him with three things: 

    1. The lease on a decrepit flat that fortunately only had a couple of months to run. 
    2. The lease on a failing coffee shop - that had ‘always been her dream’.
    3. Horace the cat. 

    The client base on the once thriving shop was now threadbare. 

    The salvation for Jack - and the shop - could be right in front of his very eyes; the beautiful and underappreciated shop assistant and friend, Emma. Her insistence that Jack cared about someone – other than himself – would bring him closer to those who were keeping his business alive; his elderly customers. 

    A disgraced, ex-BBC presenter and a world record attempt would also be a key ingredient in the success of the Isle of Man’s only dating and social club for the elderly – The Lonely Heart Attack Club. 




  8. 23 minutes ago, Bellefield said:

    I like intersport as Charlie, the owner, has always been helpful to customers.  I'll probably still continue to shop there, but I'm sure most will go to JD, so you are probably right about it closing.

    Intersport just needs to find a niche.  I'd imagine if it were a like for like then it would struggle, but there will be a place for the higher end stuff that I wouldn't go to SD for.  As an example- probably a shit one - TX Maxx sell branded products but I really like going to Esquires in town for some brand name stuff and good customer service.  If it finds it's niche, for example quality golf/cycling attire, I think there will still be a market for it's products and customer service.  

  9. 13 minutes ago, the stinking enigma said:

    13 policepeople win a bravery award for standing off 1 man with a samurai sword and a chainsaw with no petrol? Come on dilli

    The police run towards incidents like this.  Me, you and most would be running the other way.  I have no problem with them getting a well deserved pat on the back.  

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  10. Are there any suspension specialists on the IOM.  I've a lowered t5 that needs the suspension updated. I don't think what was put on originally was the greatest, so looking for someone that really knows what they're doing.

    Recomendations greatly appreciated.  

  11. 32 minutes ago, dilligaf said:

    It is ( afaik) the main route for ambulances and they really don't want to be jumping over sleeping policemen.

    But, yes Notwell, it has become the shortcut for Nobles' , more's the pity.( and all the fu**ers using Noble's car park as a "park and share" freebie.

    It's not, ambulances don't use. Bus company were one of the main considerations for  not using speed cushions, fuck knows why. 

  12. Bought a car in the UK last year which was subsequently written off when we had the floods. I handed the keys back to the insurance company and waved her off; great little car it was.


    Took the replacement car to the Lake District for her first UK outing this week. Parked up in Keswick and saw a car that looked like the previous one Parked about 4 spaces away. It was back on its UK plate (the same one as when we brought her over) but definately our car) Bizarre.


    Wonder if the new owner knew it was a flood write off? Presume they dry em' out and sell them as a Cat C?

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  13. Hi Albert,

    There's a couple of different price points that give different royalty values. I chose a cheap price point that comes with 30% royalties but if you choose a higher one you can get 70%. I reckoned that I'd struggle to sell any at the higher price point and I just wanted to get the book out there.


    The thing I didn't know is that you have to accumulate 100 worth of royalties in a currency before they pay it out, so I doubt I'll be seeing any cash any time soon. It's really gratifying though whenever I see that someone has bought one (they do a little chart where you can see your sales volumes - my sales axis goes no higher than 8 at the mo!), even if I know most of the purchases are by friends.

    Well done on the book. I think from memory the 100 is only if they pay you by cheque. If you set up bank transfer they pay you out each month even if it's significantly less than the 100. I never had a problem getting paid under a 100. Momentum is the biggest drain and trying to keep it going. I've tried all the different types of advertising but ultimately writing another one proved the most successful. People like one and then buy the next. A good cover and edited book were my early mistakes which I now pay more attention to. The little red graph is such a motivator!


    You may get dejected but just keep at it.

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  14. If it were to be done, it ought to be given to volunteers. If anyone has any doubts what volunteer projects can achieve, volunteers restoring the Ffestiniog Railway constructed 2.5 miles of completely new railway, including a 280 metre long tunnel, in order to bye-pass a reservoir and hydro-electric power station and bring the narrow gauge line back into Blaenau Ffestiniog. Obviously, the Island only has a limited pool of volunteer labour, but don't underestimate the zeal of the railway enthusiast. On the Ffestiniog project, work parties from all over Britain came and were prepared to endure primitive bunk-house accommodation near the route. Free off-peak tickets on the ferry might help, given the Steam Packet's stake in tourism.


    The route into Douglas hasn't been completely obliterated, and green field land adjoins the section used for the new TT access road. The thing to do would be to start with the easiest section, where an unobstructed track bed exists, as stud muffin suggests. A bus could link Douglas Railway Station to the start point.

    I watched that last night on BBC 3 (I think) great programme - that's what got me thinking about the Peel line. That was a proper labour of love for those volunteers. As you say, they had hundreds turn up to help.

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