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  1. Just start it from union mills station, no access road issue or QB rejigging. Loads of parking in that little industrial estate. We've just saved 30k on taxis, let's do it...
  2. Purely hypothetical, but how much to reinstate the Douglas - Peel train line. 100's 000 or into 7 figures. Would love to have been around to see it, back in the day.
  3. When they're out on the road trips etc, it's bearable, sometimes entertaining. The studio segments are just plain awkward and frankly a little embarrassing. The guest slots (David Tennant this week) is just cringe worthy. It is like watching a family member on stage in a shit play; i'm willing them to do well, but the outcome is that its still a shit play. I think i'll record and use the FF function through the studio bits.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-39003283 Interesting concept.
  5. Translates as "I was wrong,can't mummy fix it?" The short answer,yes you do suck it up buttercup Ha ha, fair point.
  6. I meant to say - Europcar sent me a bill for 36.00 today for passing my details to them! I take Tarne's point, 60 to draw a line under it and move on might be best.
  7. I was returning a hire car at Liverpool Airport and stopped on the road opposite the car hire compound. I had to ask a question about the car, so left the car for 2 minutes. It wasn't a main road, more a lay by and the hire car rep pointed out the van taking my picture. I've just received a 60 quid fine from vehicle control solutions. Browsing the web the general consensus is to tell them to stick it, but bravado aside, I don't want to end up with a ccj. Technically, I'm in the wrong, but do I suck it up, chalk it down to experience and cough up? If it was a council or police ticket, I'd pay without hesitation but the impression from what I've read is that these guys are just shysters. Thoughts appreciated!
  8. That's pretty much what I was thinking. That road has always had plenty of chicanes created by residents parked cars. This scheme is absurd. \that report of the speed recorder showing someone going through at 67mph must have been a real one-off. Probably at 4 in the morning or something. I defy anyone to be able to go over 25mph or so. It is too congested, and there is always something coming the other way This is a solution to a problem which does not exist, except in the mind of one or two people. I walked down the road last night 6.20 ish I think, and looked at the Speed recording thing, 27mph, 31mph and 34 mph. That's with the revised calming measures. By contrast, the last time I did it was pre-calming measures and the speeds were 31mph up to 48 mph (about a week ago). Granted the 67mph would be an extreme example. The speed recorder is still up. If you're inclined, pop along outside of the 'rush hour' and you will see the speeds, exceeding the limit, even with the new measures. The only time traffic naturally slowed each other was 8.30-9.00 and 5.15 - 5.45. Outwith those times, the speeds were ridiculous. The law is 20mph (that's what our powers that be decided) so the speed limit should be enforced. I do not like the new measures, but appearing to be accomplishing what they set out to achieve.
  9. Emergency services don't use the road. I think I've seen one or two emergency vehicles in the last 3/4 years. I suspect - but don't know - that they're encouraged to use Peel road.
  10. I live on Strang Road and am equally as interested to see how the new calming measures pan out. From my experience (I’m not looking for any sympathy here, I must stress) the speed on the road since it was resurfaced is, simply crazy. They had one of those speed detector things up recently, and I phoned Braddan Commissioners to understand what was happening with the data. The highest recorded figure was 67 mph (that was a few weeks ago as well) We’re not long term residents, but when we moved in there were speed cushions, which were only removed – I think – about 2 years ago when the road was resurfaced. I believe it was the intention to replace these speed bumps, but will happily be corrected on that front. A number of the residents have been in touch with the DOI and other people for a number of months. My personal preference was for the speed bumps to come back as traffic can flow. After all, that was the state of play when we made the decision to buy a house down there, so were essentially hoping for it to be restored to ‘as was’ If we'd moved in after the road was resurfaced, we'd have understood the speed and taken that decision and would need to live with it. We moved into a relatively quiet road, with controlled speed due to the cushions. Again, I expect no sympathy, nor am I asking for it For what it’s worth, I’ve seen email chains and spoke to a number of residents about this subject over the last 18 months or so, and I can promise you that Kate Beecroft has not been involved in these discussions. I’m sure she has her own thoughts on the road, but I suspect she deliberately distanced herself from the discussions, to avoid any claims of using her influence, which ironically, seems to have happened anyway.
  11. I must be a sucker for punishment. If you have younger ones in the family they may well enjoy! "848 AD in the land that would be known as Scotland. Two great forces - the Scotti and the Pict - enjoy a fragile truce which is threatened by the arrival of Ivor the Boneless and his marauding Vikings. The invasion would cause turmoil in the region, and shake the foundation of this land to its very core. Hamish McScabbard – son of a powerful clan leader, could be all that stood in the way of Viking domination. He’d have to stop a battle that would take a generation to recover from!" Sample below. https://read.amazon.co.uk/kp/embed?asin=B01MDKS0KM&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_ua..xbFG6CPVW
  12. Really enjoy Ray Donovan, and as Stu said, the subtle humour is great - loved the Karaoke scene. When he reaches into his boot and the bat comes out - shit's going down! Narcos has just entered my life now Ray is over - quality.
  13. Thanks Jack - appreciated. On a separate note, I’ve just gone through the process of making my books available in physical format as well as e-book. To try and do it right can be time consuming and expensive, proof reading/editing/formatting/cover design etc. If anybody is looking to self publish, I’d be more than happy to share my experiences in this regard. Just drop me a PM.
  14. A good few of you gave me some fantastic constructive feedback on my first book – a few threads down. It’s really easy to get feedback from sources that will be positive and overly gushing (friends, family etc.) but listening to the impartial, constructive feedback is the best way to improve (hopefully I have…) Anyway, I stuck at it and have just published my latest book on Kindle. This one is for the younger audience, 6 – 12 years, but good for parents to read to their children also. If you have younger children or friends with younger children, please do let them know, it’d be genuinely appreciated! “1939 and Britain is on the brink of War with Germany. A highly secretive agency formed in the last Great War could be the difference between success and defeat. The sudden arrival of a stranger in the sleepy town of Evesham was unusual; particularly one with seemingly magic powers. The mysterious Cabbage Von Dagel would throw Henry Maggin directly into the war effort and see them shipped to the Isle of Man where enemies of the state were housed. Traditional weapons wouldn’t win this war – the victor would have to think outside the box. Between them they could be the last line of defence to repel the German invasion – failure was simply not an option.” https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cabbage-Von-Dagel-J-Williams-ebook/dp/B01HWTNHAG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468148827&sr=8-1&keywords=cabbage+von+dagel
  15. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/news/lloyds-announces-525-job-losses-34843051.html
  16. Don't Axa own the building and adjacent land (so called town square.) I thought a Hedge fund ran by Axa rather than Axa themselves - but could be wrong
  17. TB The Gear S is a watch phone. It can either link to your existing phone via blue tooth, and link into the SIM you have in your phone. So if someone phones your mobile, your watch will also ring. Tne watch will also pick up texts and notifications, ie Facebook etc. The watch will also accept a SIM card in its own rights so will be a standalone phone. If you do this, it will be a separate phone number. One SIM cannot be on two devices. The gear is more friendly to android devices. Great for tracking fitness etc I'm selling mine if any interest. I bought it on impulse, it's great but just not for me. As you can see from the start of the thread I've had it for a couple of weeks and used twice, I'll knock 30 quid of the price I paid and show you how it works.
  18. There is a fantastic display about him at the museum at the airport - well worth a look
  19. I'm watching the Eiger Sanction and Clint has to be up there. Who else and why
  20. Hi, yes gear S, so want the sim to remain in my phone and the nano sim for the watch, so it work independently of the phone. Hoping MT can give me an extra sim which will go to the same phone number. Will pop in the shop to see what the options are and if it's possible.
  21. I've just bought a Samsung watch, mainly for cycling, monitoring fitness etc. I need a nano sim, anyone any previous experience? Do I just pop in Manx telecom, and will it keep the existing phone number? Ta muchly
  22. This woman rubbed a cream egg on a terminally ill hamster, what happened next had me in tears..... Then you click on link and it's shit Lolz
  23. another attempted robbery at Newbys last night. Shitbags
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