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  1. Tekhan world cup, well done thats been torturing me
  2. If anyones bored enough or sad enough I throw out the challenge to download chuckie egg, I just googled to find it Im up to level 21 Cmon its a classic
  3. Classics from the crescent leisure centre. Space Harrier Italia 90???? the one with the ball you had to spin as fast as you can Superpunch out.... kid quuuuuickkkk Mr Sandman ace oooh Track and field, you`d walk out of the crescent with blisters trying to get a record at the 100 meters
  4. Just dowloaded chuckie egg (remember that?) and have been playing non stop for two days. Forget Xbox etc etc, the old classics, manic miner, jet set willy etc etc On the amiga had to be speedball two Wonderboy and paperboy, ace Awe, im having a nostalgia moment oooh Streetfighter 2, that was ace !
  5. Last christmas I order 90% of my stuff from Amazon on the internet. Ordered on 25th November with Guranteed delivery in time for christmas. Christmas Eve arrives, no effing presents. Went onto internet to cancel my order so i could do some last minute panick buying, they would not let me cancel my order. Presents arrived on 29th December. It was a very merry christmas, all my family thinking I was a tight bastard who had not bought them anything. Local shops for me from now on.
  6. Ive got fury dice and a nodding churchill dog ? can I be on the site ?
  7. GasMann Ltd, 853300, just got the number of a sticker on the front of my boiler which is now purring like a little kitten !! God bless, im going to toast with yet another glass of vino, Christ its warm in here now
  8. Boring Topic but.... heating wasnt working in the house. I waited for two days freezing my ass off anticpating that is would miraculously fix itself.... it didnt. Only option was to phone a plumber, after hours as I kept forgetting to phone during the day I armed myself with a glass of wine and phoned expecting the worst, (minum call out £40 etc etc) Guess what, the nice man talked me through on the phone, how to fix it when he could have easily blagged an expensive visit. It only took a minute but for a DIY freak like me I had no chance. I toast to this mans helpfullness in not ripping me off like many other tradesman would have ! Any one out there met nice tradesman ?
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