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  1. I thought some shitbags were dropping their rubbish at juniors school car park, but you're spot on, it was seagulls pulling out the contents of the bin and spreading all over. Not sure this is the case on Douglas head as I think they've replaced them up for them big gulping bins, or if they haven't, they should.
  2. No different to Thomas Cook advertising summer holidays now.
  3. Yeah, seen about 6 or 7 in convoy going through Qb onto the course, with go-pros stuck to the roof.
  4. Jesus, she's as thick as shit. What candidate standing in an election says that about an opponent. It's unduly aggressive and hateful for no real reason. Furthermore why does she always claim she is being bullied by people who respond to idiotic things she herself has done? "We are not in a school playground" ..... Oh the irony! Also please explain how are they up your "electorate"? You haven't been elected by anyone yet. "Doesn't live amongst us" lol. You'd think KB lived in Ramsey, she lives just over a mile from where Amy lives.
  5. Manor park Douglas was it not? Rather than Onchan
  6. We got some foam to stuff the seats from interior rehab in the tromode estate, near the bathroom place. Also, downstairs from IR also sell cushions, foam etc.
  7. Good opportunity for the old Nigerian Scambods. Dear Friend, your child didn't show up today. Send £15 by Western Union or I go to the papers.
  8. ETA, the revised book, taking into account the generous feedback given, is free to download on Kindle until Sunday. If you download, feedback left on Amazon would be greatly appreciated. The nicer the better
  9. Hi Wrighty, thank you for reading and like Declan and John, thank you for the useful, constructive feedback. I have really listened to the feedback and temporarily taken the book of/off (J) Kindle to correct some of the issues. The book took three months to do and I really wanted to get the book published by the end of last year which I shouldn’t have done. I had spent so long on it so rushing it at the last was stupid and things like proof reading suffered. As Declan pointed out, the opening scene weak and I wasn’t happy with it. I have deleted the whole chapter and re-written it.
  10. Hi John, Thank you for reading the book and like Declan the feedback is really valuable for me. I really enjoyed writing the book so hopefully it will be a catalyst to others and with the honest constructive feedback, I can only get better. Thank you also for your valuable time it is genuinely appreciated! ETA - I am going to take the book out of Kindle. I want to make some revisions using the great feedback received
  11. Hi Declan, thank you for reading and I really do appreciate the constructive feedback. You are pretty much on the nail with some of the initial concerns I had, particularly the backstory and the lack of detail such as place names. The place names was because I modelled it on places I knew in the IOM but didn’t want to use a real place in the UK I didn’t know well. I suppose this is a research issue or do you think there would have been any harm in making a place up but using more detail to describe it? The development areas you suggest are particularly useful and things that I will g
  12. Ha ha I did Ans. You will appreciate my pain when the ambulance crew incorrectly thought it was a dislocation and tried to manipulate my leg. Can I PM you about the recuperation process because that has been my biggest concern?
  13. Thanks Wrighty! Constructive comments would be appreciated either on here, or PM. If anyone buys and hated it, just let me know and I will stick the £2 in a charity bucket.
  14. At the end of September I was out with my son and his friends and while they were exploring I thought it a good idea to play on his scooter when nobody was looking. Everything was going fine until I decided to relive my childhood and complete a wheelie and show my son how cool his dad really is. As I was part way through the tricky manoeuvre I heard a loud snapping noise which I initially thought was the scooter, buckling under my weight. I landed on the floor struggling to breathe and screaming louder than I had done before. A steady stream of people looked after me until the ambulance fina
  15. It is ridiculously slow. I thought it was my ipad on the blink but other sites working fine
  16. 679738 canvas art studio. Type canvas into manx ads for full advert
  17. I don't get the whole hashtag thing that people put on facebook and here. Does it serve a purpose? ie show up on the users twitter feed or is it just done for comic effect? If the latter then I still dont get it.
  18. Some sort of pressure pad? No passenger no pressure, small light goes off to warn driver. They use a similar design for babies cots to detect movement
  19. Cunt fuck and bastard in a supermarket thread, sweet.
  20. My lungs were fooked years ago by the cloud of lynx breathed in after P.E lessons. 20 to 30 years time and lynx lung will be the new asbestosis
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