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    Bbq Hut

    There is one that does bespoke stuff that advertised on manx ads, think it alan or andy crellin
  2. Would require ecommerce and a bit of interaction, not a general webpage if that makes sense.
  3. Manx Gas also do interest free credit, or they did when we have radiators/boiler fitted a couple of years ago
  4. Just reading the comments on iomtt.com as well This is a fucking awful decision and needs reversing sharpish
  5. Awe fuck that. Charlie was an absolute legend and for me the voice of the TT. Tim and Chris are also excellent but as part of the overall team. Honestly gutted that Charlie is going
  6. The RAF Copter paid a couple of visits to Nobles this affy, nothing to serious I hope
  7. Roughly what would be a reasonable cost per door? Cheers
  8. Agreed and what annoys me and i have mentioned before, is turning all those space on Douglas head into disc zone. Not at the top, the next bit down, there are about 40 spaces with no more than two or three cars, presumably residents. I can understand it if it was in constant use but drive past and see how many people use. Total fecking wastes of spaces, open it up again so people can park gratis
  9. Petrol Pumps now stretch so regardless of which side your petrol cap is on, modern pump hoses stretch over to other sides. i was just in the milestone filling up with two women waiting patiently for the next available pump on their side. Do people not realise that they do not have to wait and can simply pull the hose round to the other side. Genuine question, are their people on forums land who wait paitently rather than hose extending?
  10. Very good. The copper in the second vid is a bit brave or stupid
  11. Just came along the prom and was in the cycle lane. There were lots of people walkong through the lane, no problem, we just moved out and safely passed. I then get a bloke screaming at me to get in the cycle lane. Damned if you do etc
  12. would it not be fairly easy for the govt to let the majority of people know by getting manx telecom and sure to text all mobile users? would cover a large amount of people
  13. nah, it was smoking in his hand and pretty sure those ecigs only smoke when exhaled.
  14. As it says, I was suprised to see a bus driver pulling away from Douglas bus depot puffing away on an empty bus. Fair do, it was empty, but could have been going to do a school pick up. Presumably not allowed even though empty??
  15. Legend, dont know why i bother looking at company websites, its quicker on here
  16. Do i need ID to get on the boat now? Couldnt see on the sp website
  17. They should have a mass dirty protest and smeer each other in shit
  18. One thing i would bet on is that spudgun works there
  19. Mmm never been that impressed tbh, certainly nowt special
  20. Does someone on your estate have a broken dividing wall and slam doors loudly?
  21. Four units on chrstals with rent from 30k up to 48k, plus service fees. Good luck with that one
  22. Anyone woken up by low flying helicopters about 4am. Near hospital area, or was I dreaming?
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