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  1. A family member got taken in by them fuckwits, never gave them cash but was on the phone long enough for them to access computer. What would they have left on the computer and what do they need to do to identify/remove?
  2. Who would get sued if the dog bit someone, the owner or the landlord? I know you are talking about well behaved dogs but all it takes is someone unsteady on their feet to accidentally stand on dogs tail, bam, lawsuit
  3. Surely this will result in speculation and rumour, possibly false, which could damage/destroy a building company that has done nowt wrong
  4. Is that a Douglas development partnership initiative?
  5. HI just bought an ipad 2 Struggling to set up my manx.net mail account. On my PC is comes through outlook. Is there an idiot guide on how to do this Also, trying to get Sky go working without success. Does it work over here? Oooh one more. In picassa web, I cant select more than one photo at a time, for example to move 30 pics to a new folder from the drop box. On my PC I click the first picture, hold control, click the last photo and it selects them all. Is there an IPAD equivalent way to do this there maybe a few more daft questions as I get used to apple for the first time many thanks in advance guys.
  6. I drove past juniors school earlier and saw three car loads of r plated drivers eating macdonalds. Just drove past now and its a fuking disgrace, wrappers and shit everywhere. It was the same last week. Would old bill do anything if i buzzed them, i know its not crime of the century but lazy twats like this hack me right of or am i just getting old? Ps it was braddan in case u are one of the twats
  7. Aaah, can people stop multi quoting massive posts, it takes ages to read on a phone and is really irritating ..awaits multi quoted post..
  8. Irving is a spineless cunt, he could have done the right thing and regained some semblance of dignity.
  9. hopefully they were not working in the beer tent at the time
  10. I have had soooooooooooooo many bad meals in that place over the years. Location was the only reason I kept stupidly going back
  11. "obscene" is a tad harsh. i took junior £12 for the two of us, and were there 3 and a bit hours. Inside play area which is free (would cost a fiver on its own elsewhere) Ok I wouldnt go more than a couple of times a year but on the whole its a great place. plus, prices are published on the website, quick google would save you getting stung Re the volunteer bit, I havent done it but people appreciate the chance to do it, working in the great outdoors and all that.
  12. People are obviously not going to part with cash now to buy tickets Trim the line up, and fill the event with free tickets. The ones who have already paid wont grumble to much, probably happy that the event will go ahead. the organisers at least make some money on the concessions, bar, food, merchandising (if its free people will be there all weekend buying stuff) Have a donations bucket so those on free tickets can make contributions if they feel its worth it. A full house would make it a damn sight more attractive to the potential sponsors that the organisers are "speaking" with, rather than 20% full of people who are fucked of that the event has 10% of the advertised acts. At least go out on a high, with a bit of dignity and learn from the whole thing.
  13. Is Mr Pycroft accountable to demonstrate results? Would be very interesting to see tangible results produced by his department during his tenure?? anyone?
  14. nah, they had only just arrived and hadnt been told guess the boss tells them to be somewhere and they get told when they get here. Quite a good following in the states so may help on the tourist trail?
  15. spoke to these guys today, on Island filming www.syfy.com/ghosthuntersinternational Just thought I would share it with you
  16. www.shopiom.com for sale in this weeks courier (well, expressions of interest) what would that be worth ?
  17. outlook were the cheapest quote and very good
  18. Keys found near war memorial on the prom. one renault key, two house keys and a photo of a small child (little boy) I have handed into police headquarters, hope they can be reunited !
  19. usually see em at braddan church or by the grandstand come xmas time but didnt see any this year
  20. must have been a few hours since a dog shit thread, but walking around the quay (douglas) there is dog shit every few steps, horrible shitting creatures
  21. big fish in a small pond, quality
  22. roads are very icey in farmhill,
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