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  1. thats 54 odd a day, what did you do with the carcasses?
  2. If they turn up at mine I will tell them I will listen to them while they mow my lawn, or wash my car etc In fact, I will be all ears if they paint my shed
  3. Honestly, bored to fucking tears of people slagging of the bay festival. its been going on for months. I look forward to some positive comments, please I`ll be honest I am not going, but in no way am I against it. They have not offended me in anyway, in fact I quite admire there persistence in the storm of a bunch of negative twats Yes they have overhyped it, of course they will. No one has bought tickets without knowing who the acts are. No one will turn up and go....JLS, well fuck me if I had known they would be here............. Please, please you boring, repet
  4. that noise is doing my fucking head in now muted the tele
  5. hats of to capones full english, toast and tea - fiver well worth it
  6. been listening to the fm coverage all week, very handy as I can get on my phones radio. first class coverage especially today. Chris and Charlie very good 10 outta 10
  7. Energy FM at 12.30 today reported that man had gone on a Shopping Spree Genius, Was changed to rampage at 1pm
  8. studmuffin


    ordered online, arrived bowt 40 minutes later. Had one of those meltdown revenge things and fooken hell they are hot not just a little bit, SERIOUSLY hot. Not bad though bit expensive though home run on a good stay ie when they are delivered hot not cold still give it a good run for its money
  9. Anyone know where I can buy some, not played it in years?
  10. They have to take them to check the colour of their pooh
  11. I spoke with MS and they were not to suprised. There was some teccie mumbo jumbo but the crux was that the product key is correct but my computer has stopped liking it and I have to phone back tomorrow where i am hopeful i will get another key. All numbers aquired from MS website not via any link. I would post a screen shot but if it aint clear by now my technical skills are the best. The reason we got norton is that we had no antivirus on the computer, which in turn might be a cause to it running slow. Salesmans dream me thinks Least I got lucky when that african prince ema
  12. this is a wierd one. Computer was slow and the virus stuff had expired so Mrs bought Norton and installed. Bowt the same a windows update ran on the computer. Now i get a message saying that my access key is invalid. Computer was bought from dell but we didnt register so they say they cant help and to try microsoft. Can still access the web but nothing else. If for what ever reason do I bite the bullet and pay £53ish for a new product key, will this mean I can get my old photos etc on the desk top. Or any other way to fix. Mate worked for a large IT firm and bo
  13. theft is theft the irish police not investigate theft?
  14. thats some trawling for business, impressive
  15. if i try to open outlook i get an error message telling me to run the repair tool scanpst.exe. i do not have scanpst.exe loaded and it says it maybe on the original disks but my computer was reloaded any ideas how to fix/get rid of error message? thanks in advance!
  16. about three years for me. Still when they do it might be worth waiting for
  17. My sofa is fine except that is could do with a bloody good cleaning, small child etc. Anyone tried any of the people that advertise in the paper? what sort of results? ie will it look sparkling new? also any idea of what i should be paying cause if its too much I may as well put toward a new one
  18. i ride a bike so doesnt matter to but for most a car is probably their second biggest expense, so why buy a nice motor then end up getting the bus. If i drove a car every day there is no chance I would park and ride to get on bus for the simple reason I fucking hate getting the bus, hence getting a car. make the schools start at 8am then the roads would be nice and quiter for me.
  19. as long as you dont mess with vinegar tits its ok apparently
  20. say I had some big old furniture that i wanted to auction, do people from the company come round, value (ie if its worth owt) and take from there? basically cannot be arsed shifting old oak wardrobes if they aint worth much
  21. Laser pointers for star gazing are normally of an infrared aluminium gallium arsenide source through a crystal which deepens the light and then it's put through all sorts of stuff to get it to frequency double from 1064nm, thats where the 532nm comes from Hey Rick, Sounds like you should keep shtum on the laser front. You're getting ripped to shreads here. Coming on here trying to be clever, its not done you any favours really. Lots of Love, :rolleyes: xxx why dont you just fuck of, two utterly useless posts
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