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  1. No, I'm stating that every government department has an annual budget and if the Police spunks theirs up the wall by paying out on unlawful arrests, questions would be asked why, particularly as they had the last annual budget reduced by 600k. I don't think the Police are beyond reproach, like in any organisation, you will get the occasional muppet who needs high fived, in the face, with a chair. However the listening device that you are referring to is from the late eighties and early nineties and much has changed since then.
  2. I can hear the coversation now. Builder; Hello officer, I would like to make a complaint please. Plod; I see Sir, and what is the nature of your complaint? Builder; A politician that I work for is a liar and a cheat! Plod; A politician who's economical with the truth you say, well, take a ticket from the dispensing machine thats labelled "I've been lied to by a politician" and join the end of that very long queue that consists of the entire populace!
  3. Yes, but the police did their job and a conviction was obtained. Next spurious allegation?
  4. True. In the UK or anywhere else in the civilised Western world. This is the Isle of Man where things happen that simply wouldn't be entertained anywhere else. The Isle of Man authorities have powers which the likes of Robert Mugabe can only dream of. I think you're to much of a conspiracy theorist and not being rational in the slightest, you bang on about how unjust the police are but do not come up with any fact.
  5. I think the limiting factor would be a financial one, there certainly isn't alot of money in the government coffers at the moment and to constantly keep paying out for unlawful arrests would indicate that there was an issue that needs addressing, most government departments would budget for such eventualities and if that budget was gone in the first quarter with no further monies to go in the pot then I would suggest that unlawfull arrests would stop instantly via extensive training in the Police Powers and Procedures Act.
  6. Thank heaven for good eggs like yourself who stand up to authorities who clearly act outside the law. These abuses will only get worse if the Home Affairs Minister gets his way with the new arrest powers. Why does he want them? I doubt that Custody Sergeants would allow unlawful arrests to get through the door without giving a very good reason for detention, as people in this day and age would sue for unlawful detention and rightfully get compensation, I would suggest that there is more accountability than just locking someone up on a whim.
  7. You're missing my point. The role of the prison in arresting and investigating into the burglar is not the proof of some overarching role as a protector of society. As I have just said, any protection that an arrest offers for potential future victims is an incidental result of their role. I must have missed your point because what you say does not make sense. The prison does not arrest or investigate committed offences, the role of the prison is detain, re-educate convicted offenders and intergrate them back into society. The police try and protect society by anticipating acts of crime via pro-active operations or reactive policing which would reduce further acts of crime. If you have no-intention of committing any crimes then the new legislation will not affect you, simples.
  8. Nobody said they are there conspire to oppress it. As said, there is no conspiracy. And refering to conspiracies simply because others hold a non-liberal view of the role of the State is silly indeed. But the police do not exist to protect society. That isn't seen in practice, as dealing with society's 'fallout' by arresting law-breakers does not mean society is being protected. The police are nothing more than a form of shitty brush for sweeping under the carpet the people who result from the society we have, a society that the State works to maintain. And they also exist to cap the level of law-breaking that would naturally result from having a society like ours. They can and do protect people individuals as an incidental result of their role but their existence doesn't arise out of some societal need for protection of the populace. Pompous, detached from reality waffle. If society's 'fallout' break into your house to commit burglary or aggravated burglary, I would expect you to pop the kettle on for them and help lift their bounty into the stolen transit on your drive. I on the other hand would want an over zealous investigation to arrest and question the suspected offender(s.)
  9. You will care very much if your ever unfortunate enough to be the subject of over zealous policing or mistaken identity. How often have you been the subject of overzealous policing or mistaken identity? I'm not trying to provoke an argument, just keen to know.
  10. It's about time something was done about these gangs of pensioners running amok on the streets of Douglas!
  11. http://isleofman.isle-news.com/archives/iris-scheme-improves-water-quality-at-manx-beaches/6851/ IRIS SCHEME IMPROVES WATER QUALITY AT MANX BEACHES authorOctober 11, 2010 · No comments The Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority is delighted with the Bathing Water Quality results for the current year, which shows that those areas which are exclusively served by IRIS (Douglas, Onchan, Castletown, Derbyhaven, Port St Mary and Port Erin) have achieved a quality of good or above for 99% of the sea water samples analysed during the summer. Tim Crookall, Chairman of the Authority, commented that: “Those areas which are connected to the existing IRIS network are showing the level of bathing water quality which we have been striving for and which we will deliver throughout the Island as the Regional Sewage Treatment strategy progresses.” Government departments would never lie! *Grabs bathing suit, hails a cab and makes haste to the nearest beach for impromptu swim*
  12. I'm appalled by the governments stance on reducing the amount of head teachers! My wife is a terrible gobbler and needs all the assistance she can get! If anyone can point me in the direction of an available Headteacher, I would be very much obliged!
  13. It proves that he is human, down to earth, honest and man enough to own up to a minor lack of judgement.
  14. I think your right in some respects AT but the cost and time of having an inquiry into the frivolous misgiving of our current government to try and establish who is accountable for over bloated CS and unnecessary capital projects would be alot of time wasted for very little reward. No one is going to admit to blowing vast sums of money with without the collective authority of their colleagues, I think your right to learn from this government's mistakes but I think Mr Robertshaw's opinion of lets just sort the matter out and mop up the spilt milk without crying makes alot of sense.
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