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  1. I have made Apple Ciders with Cinnamon Sticks, Brown Sugar and Vanilla to make what I called 'Apple Pie Cider'. 3X3
  2. Yes - Home Brewing is a form of Culinary Art. 3X3
  3. But that was not the Topic of this Thread. Are there any Supply Stores on IoM that cater to the Beer & Wine Home Brew Artist? 3X3
  4. Lets see a Picture of Your Kitchen then.
  5. The Batch is now Fizzing Away with the Yeast turning the Sugars into Alcohol. 3X3
  6. Are there any Home Brew Beer Kits sold anywhere on IoM? 3X3
  7. Awens to All: For the first time in several years, I got fed up with paying Off Sales Prices for Beer and Ciders and got out my Home Brewing Equipment and have started up my Home Brewing again. All the Equipment you need is a Food Grade Bucket, Two 20L Water Jugs, a Syphon Hose and a Hydrometer. The Canadian Superstore sells Home Brew Kits and I picked up one of their Australian Style Pilsener Home Brew Kits. I also picked up a 4L Bag of Sugar.\ First, you put the Beer Kit Can in Hot Water in order to loosen up its contents Then you Boil the contents of the Beer Kit in a Big Pot: You set the Timer for 20 Minutes and let the Beer Batch Boil. While the Beer Batch is Boiling, you clean out the Primary Fermenter Bucket and have it standing by with some Cold Water in it: After the Beer has Boiled for 20 Minutes, you pour the Beer Batch into the Primary Fermenter and put it in the Closet: You sprinkle in the Yeast and let stand for about 6 to 7 Days. After about 6 Hours, I checked the Batch: Looks like the Yeast is Active and I will be enjoying a Nice Batch of Home Made Beer shortly. 3X3
  8. Never heard of Windows 8 but had to get Windows 10 with a New Computer in November 2017 when my Old Windows XP Computer's Hard Drive konked out. I concur on Windows 10. When I am Typing a Message or Playing a Computer Game, my Windows 10 Machine suddenly starts doing all kinds of Weird Things such as Opening Weird Windows that you never clicked on, Control Panel Window suddenly Opening asking what it can Help You with, or the spontaneously Screen Scrolling Up & Down. And when I actually try to make those things happen on purpose to see what is Triggering Them, it will not happen. So Annoying!!! Windows XP was so User Friendly. 3X3
  9. Since getting those Messages, Chrome seems to be Slow and doing Minor Malfunctions. And every time I Boot Up, it prompts me to Click on an Icon to Disable Flash Player. So some reason, those Assholes are Trying Hard to get rid of Flash Player. 3X3
  10. I Love my Freedom of Speech and was once in the Army willing to Fight, Suffer and make some other Poor Bastard Die to Protect the My Freedom of Speech, My Family's Freedom of Speech and All Other Peoples Freedom of Speech! So for my 2019 Lughnasad Triad of Wisdom, I have made it on the subject of Freedom of Speech. It Goes: Freedom Of Speech: - Fosters Great Ideas, - Addresses Injustices, - And Creates Social Contracts. Those Who Oppress Freedom Of Speech The Most: - Religious Organizations, - Political Parties, - And Employers. Freedom Of Speech Must Always Be: - Defended, - Protected, - And Respected. ------------------------------------------------------------- Great Ideas Are Best Transmitted By: - Print, - Radio, - And Television. Terrible Injustices Are Being: - Wrongly Convicted, - Wrongly Accused, - And Wrongly Dismissed. Social Contracts Regulate: - Rules Of Society, - The Economy, - And How The Government Works. ------------------------------------------------------------- Those Most Likely To Oppress Freedom Of Speech: - Criminals, - Corporations, - And Government Officials. Freedom Of Speech Is Expressed In: - Songs, - Stories, - And The Arts. The Arts Include: - Painting, - Sculpting, - And Decorating. 3X3
  11. And suddenly after getting that Message, I have to Double Click Everything to get Anything to Work. What the Fuck is up with Chrome?! 3X3
  12. This is the Message I got: Today, Adobe announced its plans to stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020. For 20 years, Flash has helped shape the way that you play games, watch videos and run applications on the web. But over the last few years, Flash has become less common. Three years ago, 80 percent of desktop Chrome users visited a site with Flash each day. Today usage is only 17 percent and continues to decline. This trend reveals that sites are migrating to open web technologies, which are faster and more power-efficient than Flash. They’re also more secure, so you can be safer while shopping, banking, or reading sensitive documents. They also work on both mobile and desktop, so you can visit your favorite site anywhere. These open web technologies became the default experience for Chrome late last year when sites started needing to ask your permission to run Flash. Chrome will continue phasing out Flash over the next few years, first by asking for your permission to run Flash in more situations, and eventually disabling it by default. We will remove Flash completely from Chrome toward the end of 2020. If you regularly visit a site that uses Flash today, you may be wondering how this affects you. If the site migrates to open web standards, you shouldn’t notice much difference except that you'll no longer see prompts to run Flash on that site. If the site continues to use Flash, and you give the site permission to run Flash, it will work through the end of 2020. It’s taken a lot of close work with Adobe, other browsers, and major publishers to make sure the web is ready to be Flash-free. We’re supportive of Adobe’s announcement today, and we look forward to working with everyone to make the web even better. POSTED IN: CHROME
  13. I just got a Message that Flash Player will be getting Phased Out from Chrome. Says that at the end of 2020, we will not be able to Play Arcade Games after Flash Player is Phased Out and from now on until then, we have to click an Icon in order to Enable Flash Player. I had been wondering what was up as for the past 8 months or so, I would have to Click On Enable Flash Reader every time I wanted to Play the Flash Games. I originally thought that I had some Virus or an outdated Internet Access Program. So from what I read, they are not putting into place anything to replace Flash Player. What is the Scam here?! Are they going to make us Pay $$$ to get the New Utility that replaces Flash Player?! I bet that is what those Money Grubbing Assholes are doing! 3X3
  14. Rushen Castle used to be a Prison. That could be the Best Little Prison in England. 3X3
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