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  1. Right now, I am watching the Cult Classic 'Waking Of Ned Devine' which was filmed on the IoM: 3X3
  2. Awens to All: While I was taught as a Youth that Loyalty is a Virtue that should always be Practiced and Honored. But I have known so much Disloyalty amongst the Ranks of Humanity that I now seriously wonder if Loyalty is Real or just a Fantasy made up by some to coerse others into certain Unnatural Behaviors. So for my 2020 Imbolc 3X3 Triad of Wisdom, I am Writing it on the Subject of 'Does Loyalty Actually Exist?'. It goes: Loyalty Exists In: - Realty, - Fantasies, - And In Ones Own Mind. Loyalty Does Not Exist In: - Plant Life, - Reptileans, - And In Micro Organisms. Loyalty Should Be: - Practiced, - Respected, - And Concidered Impermanent. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Loyalty Exists In The Sacred Elements Of: - Air, - Water, - And Fire. Fantasy Worlds Are Composed Of: - Fact, - Fiction, - And Fables. In Ones Own Mind Are Feelings Of: - Greed, - Desires, - As Well As Loyalty. ---------------------------------------------------------------- *Loyalty Should Be Shown To Those Who Create An Environment: - In Which Those Can Flourish At Home, - At Their Workplace, - And In Their Government. *The Virtues Of Loyalty Uphold: - Good Honour, - Justice, - And Fairness. Loyalty Is Based On: - Trust, - Confidence, - And Respect For The Other. TheDruid-3X3 * - Triads based on the Writings of the TDN Member Green Raven.
  3. Moghrey Mie: I decided that for Personal Legal Issues should I have to ever appear in Court or Swear a Solemn Oath, I looked up the Manx Gaelic for taking an Oath. For Promising or Making an Oath, One can simply say: 'Breearrey'. For Promised under Oath: 'Breearrit'. And I made one up that is an Oath to our Ancient Manx Ancestor's Spirits: 'My Shennayr Spyrrydn Ihiam'. So I found another word of English that comes directly from Gaelic. The word 'My' means that same in both English and Gaelic. 3X3
  4. It is now New Years Even and I am taking Requests for more New Years Tarot Spreads for how 2020 is likely to go for You. 3X3
  5. Rodders's New Years Reading has been done and the Fine Details PMed to him. Rodders is likely to have a Year of Good Achievements gaining the Respect of Others. He may come up with some New Good Ideas and Hobbies to enjoy after a Time of Apathy. Rodders may have loads of Love with Friends and Family. This Year will bring Happiness and Join for Him as He will have better Control over things than He have ever had before. 3X3
  6. Rodders has opted for the Reading being done with the Medieval Cat Tarot Deck. My Favorite Deck 2nd only to my Stonehenge Blessed & Consecrated Rider/Waite Deck. Here is the Box it comes in: The Reading will be done and the Results PMed to Rodders. 3X3
  7. Rodders has PMed to me that he was Very Satisfied with this New Years Reading and is requesting a New Reading for the Next Year. I will do that New Years Reading and PM to Rodders the results. Happiness is a Satisfied Customer! 3X3
  8. I spent 8 Years in the Canadian Army WILLING to Fight & Kill to Preserve Our Freedoms. But I never had to actually Fight or Kill anyone during that time. I actually got out of the Canadian Army just when the Gulf War in the early 1990s was going down. 3X3
  9. Awens to All: Once again, it is Halloween/Samhain upon us and once again I have made my Samhain 3X3 on the Subject on one of the Dark Issues of Life and for this one, I decided to make it on the Issue of Suicide. This is about the various Methods and Motivations for People to Commit Suicide. It Goes: 2019 3X3 Samhain Triad of Wisdom on Suicides: Motivations For Suicide: - Relieving Pain, - Avenging Honour, - And Losing Hope. Methods Of Suicide: - Hanging, - Shooting Yourself, - And Taking Poison. Suicides Achieve: - Revenge, - Retribution, - And Relief. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Types Of Pain: - Physical, - Mental, - And Philosophical. One Loses Honour Through Being: - Deceitful, - Disloyal, - And Disrespectful. When One Loses Hope: - In Humanity, - The Environment, - And Nature. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One Commits Suicide When One Is: - Ashamed, - Beyond Hope, - Or Having Been Betrayed. Things To Be Ashamed About: - World Destruction, - Contamination, - And Interference. And There Are: - Mass Suicides, - Double Suicides, - And Murder Suicides. TheDruid-3X3
  10. Here is a rather good Documentary Short on how the IoM gave Vital Aid towards the Evacuating Dunkirk during WW2: Tells the Story of one of the Four Manx Steam Packet Ships that were Lost during the Evacuation. 3X3
  11. Awens to All: I have posted my Historical Research Findings on a couple of other Message Forums and it turns out that the Story of King Orry is not too well known outside of IoM even by someone whose Parents had once lived in Douglas. Upon posting my Research onto The Social Dot Forum of The Druid Network, a fellow Druid 'Green Raven' posted this Link that I thought was rather Good: https://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=7844 Green Raven sends Healing Energies to those affected by the Laxey Flood. 3X3
  12. Due to some Comments made by a Moderator, I decided to do an I-Ching Coin Toss Divination on the Issue. Awens to All: With my dealings with a Manx Forums, I decided to do an I-Ching Coin Toss Divination. For my 6 Coin Tosses - I got: Higher Trigram --------------- -------X------- --------------- Lower Trigram ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- O ------ That relates to I-Ching #12: Standstill In periods of standstill or stagnation, confusion and disorder can prevail. Inferior forces are on the rise when the powers of clarity and creativity are on the decline. In such times, the wise take shelter in their own integrity and quietly remain faithful to their principles. It is wise to retreat from public activities and common exchanges until the times favor direct action. During periods of stagnation, inferior elements in your society come to the forefront. When the inmates are overrunning the asylum, you must summon up your fortitude, hide your worth and withdraw. Concentrate on personal affairs with a quiet dignity, even if that means letting go of some short-term rewards. Desiring to change such a situation too quickly creates extra conflict. By accepting some hardship, while striving to maintain integrity, you are preparing for future growth. Remember that a seed of prosperity is often hidden inside the husk of misfortune. For the Changing Line Interpretations: For Line #1 - Inferior forces are advancing, so it is best to reduce your visibility. Others of like mind may follow you into a temporary shelter from conflict; it is through this means that plans can be made for future action. For Line #5 - The moment of transition has arrived, and conditions are changing rapidly. But before you take action, ask yourself, “How could I fail? What could go wrong?” Danger threatens people who are too confident of their capacities. Remain alert and skeptical, and take care to see that your assets are well protected. Move cautiously but determinedly, like someone crossing a canyon on a tightrope. There is no going back and there is no safety net below. So I guess I should go on a Sabbatical away from Manx Forums for a while. 3X3
  13. Oh Dear Me - After Years of being a Member of this Message Forum, I have finally done something to Put Off one of the Moderators. 3X3
  14. There does not seem to any YouTubes on the History of King Orry. Maybe get Charles Guard out on that. 3X3
  15. Awens to All: When I did the Google for the Laxey Flood, I got a Map of Douglas that included a Pointer to the Monument Grave of King Orry. I had never heard of King Orry but in my Travels through Peel and the various Museums I went to, I did learn of Viking Arrivals in around the Time of King Arthur and his Round Table in Camelot. So I did a Google on the History of King Orry and found this Informative URL: https://www.visitisleofman.com/things-to-do/king-orrys-grave-p1314511 And there is a Wikipedia Listing about the Site of King Orry's Grave:\ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Orry's_Grave And found another rather good Website about King Orry: https://www.transceltic.com/isle-of-man/king-orrys-grave I wish I had known of this Site in 2006 when I came through. I would have Loved to stop by to have a Walk About of the Site. 3X3
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