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  1. The Best Epoxy Resin I have ever known is JB Weld Epoxy Resin which is nick named 'Liquid Steel'. Used it at my New Job to repair some Steel Frame Chairs whose Welds had Broken. 3X3
  2. Just did a quick check and the Megalith Portal Website does not list the Ballaharra Stones for some reason. Maybe have to send a message to that Website to notify them that they should include the Ballaharra Stones. 3X3
  3. The Two Stones that were Damaged probably got Damaged during the Sand Pit Operations before the Sand Pit Operators could realize what they had Dug Up and had Damaged. When they realized, in 1971, they then set about Preserving what was left. 3X3
  4. Here is a Megalith Portal Link that is quite Fascinating: https://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=1132 MEAYLL Circle, pronounced "Mull" on the isle of Man, is found on the little road to Port Erin out of Cregneish museum-village, unsignposted but only just out of sight up the hill to the right. It is about 17 paces diameter circle on a flat area just off the brow of the hill, at the top of which is a neolithic hut-village. 3X3
  5. It is one of those Neolithic Structures that is so Old that it is now Unknown how the Stones got to where they are. Stonehenge is similarly Old and no one knows for certain how those Stones got to where they are too. 3X3
  6. Fastyr Mie to All: Actually, using that Megalith Portal Website, I was able to find the Story of the Chibbyr Undin Well with is located on a foot path that goes North of the Ballatrollag Farm: https://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=32318 I found the Well on Google Earth which is now a Small Pond: I am finding all sorts of great Neolithic Sites on IoM using this Megalith Finder website. 3X3
  7. When I posted this information onto the Social Dot Forums of the Druid Network, one of their Members posted a Link that shows all the Megaliths of the UK that is quite fascinating: https://www.megalithic.co.uk/asb_mapsquare.php It is from that which I learned of the Story of the Chibbyr Roney Well: https://www.megalithic.co.uk/asb_mapsquare.php When I did manage to find it, its location is no where near where the Drawn Map indicates. 3X3
  8. Found more information: https://www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk/memorial/222927 In 2010, they built a War Memorial to honor the Manxmen who were Killed in WW1, and WW2: 3X3
  9. When I was Googling for more information on the Stones, I came upon a Link of Tanya's Gardening Website about not only the Ballahara Stones but 11 others: https://lovelygreens.com/ancient-neolithic-sites-isle-of-man/ Looks like Tanya is not just an expert on IoM Allotment Gardening. 3X3
  10. Fastyr Mie to All: I was scanning across IoM on Google Earth. I was searching the road that goes from Peel to Douglas for a certain landmark I recall seeing from the Bus I was riding on when I came upon a site called 'The Ballaharra Stones'. I did a Google and found the following info URL on the Stones: https://www.iomguide.com/ballaharrastones.php Does anyone else have any further Fascinating Information about the Stones? It seemed to have been a Sand Pit Quarry that was doing their digging when they happened on the Stones. According to the Link I found, the Sandpit Company donated the site to the German Parish Commissioners. 3X3
  11. PM Lloyd George caught the 1918 Virus Flu and managed to pull through. So if History repeats itself, Boris should recover fine. 3X3
  12. Breaking News! PM Boris is now in the Hospital with the Virus! https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52177125 3X3
  13. When I made an Inquiry to Tanya about her mentioning 'No Dig Gardening', she put me onto this Bloke's Concept of No Dig Gardening: 3X3
  14. Tonya just posted a new Gardening YouTube: 3X3
  15. Here is Tanya showing how to Grow Garlic in your Allotment: I have a Big Garlic Patch growing in the Herbal Garden that I Grow for the Buddhist Temple Community Garden that I do Volunteer Gardening for. Garlic is one of the Best Herbs that you can use that will Strengthen the Immune System which helps to keep you from getting Sick from various Germs and Viruses which includes the present Covid 19 Virus. 3X3
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