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  1. Too bad there will never be a Women's Professional League established. Canadian Women's Hockey has had a lot of Publicity through their Wins in the Olympics and there has been some talk of establishing a Women's Professional League but it has never been established. 3X3
  2. Awens to All: This 3X3 Triad Poem is based on something I read in the Book "Buddhism Explained" by the British Buddhist Monk Bhikkhu Khantipalo. It was originally E-Published as my 2014 Samhain 3X3 Triad Poem. In the Book, he explains the Buddhist Word "Dukkha" which he says has no English Word associated with it and it is a bit hard to explain. So I decided to write a 3X3 Triad Poem for Samhain that explains the various meanings of this Buddhistic Concept. I had been working on this 3X3 Triad Poem for quite some time but finally got to it and wrote it out on the evening of Robin William's Death. It was on that date that I came up with the Triad about Bad Dukkha happening to those you are Rich and Famous as well as the Poor. It was on the day of Robin Williams Death that gave me the impotis to get this 3X3 Triad Written, so this 3X3 Triad is also dedicated to Robin Williams as well as the Book by Bhikkhu Khantipalo. So it goes- 3X3 Triad On Buddhistic Dukkha: Buddhistic Dukkha Is: - Distress, - Disappointment, - And Disatisfaction. Humanity's Dukkha Is Created By: - Evil Intention, - Careless Complacency, - And In Ones Imagination. *Dukka Is Pains Of: - Sickness, - Aging, - And Death. ------------------------------------------------ Distress Comes From: - Accidents, - Abandonment, - And Petty Admonishments. Disappointment Is Caused By: - Not Getting Hired, - Getting Fired, - And Not Getting Paid. Life's Disatisfactions: - Being Taken For Granted, - Ignored, - Or Unappreciated. ------------------------------------------------ Dukkha Happens To: - The Rich, - The Famous, - As Well As The Poor. Destructive Dukkha Is Hard To: - Temper, - Control, - And To Moderate. *Occasional Dukkha Brings: - Wisdom, - Awakenings, - And Enlightenment. 3X3 BTW: The Triads with the '*' before it are once taken from the Book, so I have to give credit for those one with Bhikkhu Khantipalo.
  3. Awens to All: Lughnasad is supposed to be the Celebration of the First Harvest. So the First Harvest of Green Peas is in: So I guess it is time to start Celebrating Lughnasad!
  4. Never mind just the UK - Most of Humanity Across The World is Finished. 3X3
  5. There was a Molson Indy Race in Vancouver but I have not heard much about it for some years now. So I think they do not have it anymore. 3X3
  6. Hoi Bhoy! I am sometimes interested in Military Memorabilia and today, I was coming out of the Recycling Depot when I found this on the ground of the Parking Lot: So I did a bit of research into it and found that it is the Plague for the US Navy Nurse Corps: Once I found a Cap Badge that was like this: Turned out to be the Old Cap Badge for the Royal Canadian Postal Corps. They did the Military Mail until Canada Post took if over in the early 1970s when the Military was Unified. And here is a Letson Shooting Trophy which may have been won by a Past British Columbia Regimental Regimental Honorary Colonel Harry Letson: 3X3
  7. Awens to All: Today I went to put on the BVS Society Booth this morning. This year, the BVS brought a few Sri Lankan Buddhism Pictures. So along with their Displays and mine, this is what we put together: Here is the Display for the BVS Food Fundraising: And here is the Celtic Buddhism Display I the BVS allows me to put up: Here is me with an nice fellow Volunteer Janet in the Booth: Did a Walkabout and found this Rinpoche Society Booth that I found Pleasing: Their Mantra looked very similar in design as Celtic Buddhism which I liked. So I snapped a Picture of their Man tra that Pleased Me: We sat at the Booth giving away Free Tea, Sold Herbs and Promoted the BVS Community Garden. Had a Great Day enjoying Buddhism. Dave TheDruid-3X3
  8. Today, I got to do the First Harvest from my Strawberry Patch in the Herb Garden that I built at the Buddhist Temple Community Garden. Here is the Strawberry Patch and the Strawberries: And here is a close up of the Strawberries: Nothing Tastes Better than Fresh Organically Grown Strawberries! 3X3
  9. Found! I found an Online Archive of Life Magazine back issues at: https://books.google.ca/books?id=3UEEAAAAMBAJ&source=gbs_all_issues_r&cad=1 I figured it would have been published between Jan 41 and Dec 42. So I started reading through each copy starting at Jan 41. March 17th 1941 Edition, Page #35 - Picture Of The Week! Goes with the following Paragraph: Frederick Harrison of London is only 6 years old but the strange conditions of his life have made almost a man of him. Tiny speck in the sky drop things whose explosions fill all Freddie‘s World. He was not dismayed when a bomb recently blew his how house to bit. He found himself covered by bricks and rubble but somewhat protected by a wardrobe that had fallen across his bed. He found next that he could move and pulled away the debris that pinned down his sisters, Winifred, 3, and the baby, Joybells. First he got Winifred out and then she helped get the baby. Then they all three found their injured mother. For this he got the congratulations of his father, a sergeant in the Royal Artillery, and the name of hero. ----------------------------------------------------------- Doing the Math, he would be 83 Years Old now. 3X3
  10. That is a Good Theory. I Like It Actually! 3X3
  11. Awens to All: Was browsing YouTube and found an Episode of 'The Nature Of Things' made by our CBC. It is an update on how Modern Technology methods of Archaeology has brought about New Discoveries about the History of Stonehenge and other nearby Neolithic Monuments. It is rather good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5x2TrzqqTw&t=180s 3X3
  12. I have been pointed to the British National Archives and I have messaged them. It would be an interesting Story to find out whatever became of this Boy Hero. He would be in his Late 70s or early 80s by now. 3X3
  13. Greetings to All: When I was in my Teens, I had a Book called 'The Best Of Life' which had in it the most Iconic Pictures taken and published in Life Magazine. There was one Photo that made a Big Impression on me. It was a Picture Titled 'British Aplomb' and shows a Boy who Heroically dug his Sister out of their Bombed Out House during the WW2 Bombing Blitz of London. Unfortunately, I lost track of the Book I had and had always wanted to find out more Historical Information about the Picture. I had always wondered if the Boy went on to become a Fireman or something like that. But last week, while I was working at a New Job being a Cooperative Housing Property Maintenance Man, I was going through their Amenity Building Little Library and found a copy of the Book that I once had. Quickly, I went through it and refound the Photo that made such an impression on me in the late 1980s. Here it is: Does anyone know of the Story about this Photo? I am tempted to Email Life Magazine for further background information about it but I am asking you guys if you know of the Story behind this Boy and his Heroic Deed and whatever became of him. He is by now Retired and maybe Passed On by now. But I am wanting to know more about his Story. 3X3
  14. Awens to All: My 2019 Beltane 3X3 Triad Poem is dedicated to Inventions and how they helped Humanity achieve Great Feats of Technology. It goes: 3X3 Triad On The Great Inventions Of Humanity - Three Great Inventions Of Humanity: - Harnessing Fire, - The Wheel, - And Writing. Creating Useful Inventions Takes: - Imagination, - Intuition, - And Intelligence. Most Inventions Are Created To: - Help With Food Production, - Engineer Building Structures, - And Winning Wars. ------------------------------------------------------------ By Harnessing Fire We Invented: - Metal Working, - Cooking, - And Creating Warmth. With The Wheel: - Transportation Became Easier, - Gears Turned Crankshafts, - And Cranes Lifting Cargo. Writing Was Followed By: - Paper, - The Printing Press, - And Technological Advances. ------------------------------------------------------------- Metal Working Created: - Ploughs, - Jewelry Craftsmanship, - And Weapons Of War. Transportation Inventions Became Possible Through: - Land, - Sea, - And Air. Inventions Of War: - Fire Arms, - Encryption Coding Devices, - And Food Preservation. TheDruid-3X3
  15. It is now 3 Weeks to Beltane. I have my 2019 3X3 Beltane Triad of Wisdom Poem ready to E-Publish. Is there any Plans to Celebrate Beltane on the IoM? 3X3
  16. Of course, the Curators of the House of Mannanin would have best knowledge on such things. 3X3
  17. The Vikings had their Paganistic Pantheon of Gods & Goddesses and paid Respects to the Changes of the Seasons just as the Celts did. But their Societies Worshiped Gods who embodied their Culture of Adventuring Out and Conquering others. 3X3
  18. The Ancient Norse had their Celtic Paganism of their own too. 3X3
  19. No - It was Leaf Erickson who succeeded in making the Trip across. 3X3
  20. Yes. Just refer to the Instructional Links I posted about I-Ching Coin Toss Divinations. 3X3
  21. Awens to All: When I got to the Community Garden, I put up the Mantra of Celtic Buddhism on my Garden Allotment: Then I went to visit TwoWhiteSock's Grave: And here are some Lavender Incense burning on TWS's Grave Pot: Today is the First Spring Equinox since TWS had to be Euthanized so I am visiting her Grave this afternoon. Soon, I will start Planting My Seeds. 3X3
  22. Today is Spring Equinox! Would anyone like a Spring Equinox Tarot Card Reading? Or maybe a I-Ching Coin Toss Divination? 3X3
  23. So far, my Favorite is Salsa Flavored Humus. One Can of Humus, 1/2 of a 375 mL Jar of Hot Spicy Salsa, Dashes of Ground Cayenne Pepper, Dashes of Ground Cumin, Dashes of Ground Garlic. Drain excess Liquid from Can of Garbanzo Beans pour Ingredients into a Food Processor and then Food Process until Nice and Creamy. It has been my Favorite Dip for a while now. 3X3
  24. Today Is Saint Patricks Day! Is there anything being done in Peel to Celebrate since they have a Castle built on Saint Patricks Isle? 3X3
  25. Greetings to All: There is an old Military Prank that I have only seen done once and that was when I was with the Army Cadets. A Brand New Recruit is coerced by his Peers into thinking that he is in need of his 'M1 Papers' along with his other Comrades who have already gotten theirs. So the Recruit then goes to the Sergeant and puts in for a copy of his 'M1 Papers'. On the next Parade, the Recruit is called forward to get his Masturbation First Class Papers. I saw this done when I was in the Army Cadets in about 1979. 3X3
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