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  1. As mentioned, Mr Bell has done a fair job, with what was always going to be a difficult budget. We all knew we were going to have to pay somewhere down the line for recent UK Government policies. I think it's not a full budget, but something half way between with a 'wait and see' policy to see what happens with UK Government and the high chance of a election looming on the horizon and the Conservatives getting in. Whether, they can undo what has been done remains to be seen. Shame jobs have got to go (eventually) and pay freezes too in the Government jobs, but they are getting a taste of what the rest of us have been through in the past 18 months or so in the private sector. Although, I wonder what are we are getting for the £2 Million being spent on the Snaefell railway? Surely, the recent snow hasn't caused that much damage? Or are they going to buy a huge fan to put on the summit to blow all the clouds away so the visitor can enjoy clear views of the island? Regards Slightly poorer than I was this time yesterday - thank you Mr Browns - both of you !
  2. AAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breathes* AHAAAHAAAAHAAA - what a bunch of muppets! Even Yes Minister couldn't come up with a daft plot like this. A guaranteed one way ticket to loose you seat in the next election, if loosing the health agreement wasn't enough. What's next? Can they shuffle and re-name the TT? Or perhaps ban all tourists and fill the island with roundabouts and bendy-buses? Totally unbelievable... Where is my lifejacket, the call to abandon ship can't be far away!
  3. Always felt like a right tit sitting with those stupid 3D glasses on in anycase! Coming to a screen near than you think very soon. ... and you thought Jaws 3 was scary. The idea of some fella's hairy arse going up and down in full 3D is not my idea of entertainment.
  4. I love my 13in Macbook Pro and and it ideal size and weight will all the features i want. The more I look at the Ipad, the less and less I want one. I am sure it will be a success, simply because its an Apple, but nothing on the scale of the ipod or phone. Probably wait until the series 2 Ipad comes out.
  5. Ipad - the movie just added to the site. http://www.apple.com/ipad/ipad-video/#small
  6. Being a newbie, i hope this is the right section: Apple unveils iPad tablet device after months, or dare i say years of speculation. iPad - a wireless device with no keyboard. http://www.apple.com/ipad/features/ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8483654.stm http://www.pc-site.co.uk/breaking-news-app...CFcIB4wod8VLHMg Going to sell in the US for about £310, with UK price to be announced. I am not sure if I would buy one or not. I like a proper laptop (Macbook Pro) personally. What do others think? Is it going to be a success like the ipod & phone? Would you buy one?
  7. You still can't beat good old fish and chips wrapped (open or closed) in newspapers. Worse thing they ever did was ban newspapers, they have never been the same since in those paper/plastic containers. Forget the health issues, I am sure nobody died from chips off a newspaper. I am still here and sure many others on here have 'survived' after enjoying chips wrapped in newspapers. Nanny state!
  8. Ice Rink! My bum bone is still bloody bruised and sore three weeks later! Seriously, too much of a good thing soon gets boring. Perhaps bring it back in a couple of years (when my injuries have finally healed). We have a habit of milking something to death. An artificial ski slope could be fun for a change.
  9. Ramsey flat lined decades ago. A decent burial is the best thing. Suitable gravestone epitaph: 'Pier lies Ramsey RIP'
  10. I don't know fella, but I am sure they will be willing to 'bend' the rules for you a bit!
  11. The word on the street is that Jobsie is going to retire this year from the big Apple and come on live on the Isle of Man. We are getting an Apple Store, so Jobsie can do a bit of work on Saturday mornings...
  12. Lots & lots of pointless roundabouts = bendy buses. Seems quite logical to me. Although, not sure about then negotiating the Lhen Bridge or I don't fancy meeting one on that really long narrow section of road just outside Maughold village.
  13. God the world ended for some people on Saturday. No papers rage was very evident in WH Smiths with one old fella demanding a public enquiry and MHKs sacked. Personally, newspapers have had their day and only real good for spud peelings and putting paint tins on. Although, I can still remember old man Steptoe wiping the horse's arrse with newspaper before Harold took out the rag&bone cart. Classic use of newspaper and all most are good for! Today's news is tomorrow's chip wrappers as they say.
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